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FC Gelsenkirchen-Schalke 04 e.V.3-1 Stuttgart
1-0 Joel Matip(three first half minutes)
- First half..Benedict..injury..turnover..fractured zygoma..withdrawal..Papadopoulos..latter half..Draksler..latter half..Okazaki..Shinshi..latter half.

Playing a game about paragraph 18 on a local time the 21st six was done to the Germany Bun des leaguer, and 3rd place Schalke by which Atsuhito Uchida belonged won a sweeping victory to 8th place Stuttgart where Okazaki Shinshi and the Sakai eminent virtue belonged by 3:1, and queued up with head position Bayern and win point 37.
Restitution lingua Okazaki stood in the pitch for 62 minutes, and enumerated one goal from the injury owed while training camping. Reuter is reporting.

Matip succeeds in the preemptive attack the start driving it in as for Schalke to receive Stuttgart in the home by the hit dawning winter first match at the end because of Changsu of CK at three minutes.
Papadopouros seizes CK at 57 minutes and the second pushing point in the head is seized.
Draksler shakes the net and the decision puts the game for 80 minutes in addition at this ..times small feeling Yoi passing cervine.. in one-touch ends.

The sunday punch is so much though Stuttgart where it wanted to repay the tactical victory pushes driving back the shot of a high null for 87 minutes to the post by Okazaki, and enumerated the goal eyes of oneself of this season 4.
Schalke of which it wins a sweeping victory queues up with head position Bayern and the win point, and has surfaced to the second tentative place in the winning margin.
Uchida accomplishes the full appearance, and Sakai of Shincairi is managing to enter the bench.

Havedes captain Schalke, the fractured zygoma, and http://headlines.yahoo.co.jp/hl? to withdrawal by two weeks. a=20120122-00000021-ism-socc

Japan is good country!
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About details concerning player Shinji Okazaki Stuttgart transfering the register

I say the clarification to Shimizu S-Pulse details concerning transfering the register of the Germany Bun des leaguer of player Shinshi of Okazaki (Dated January 31, 2011 and agreement termination) who is on the register to Stuttgart as follows.

The announcement of player Shinshi of Okazaki and the agreement lingua was done from Germany Bun des leaguer's Stuttgart on last January 30. Stuttgart the announcement of player Shinji Okazaki transfering the register was perplexed and S-PULSE was perplexed without mutual agreement with S-PULSE because it had gone one-sidedly though it was thought it was very joyous with the calositas of the high appraisal receiving of player Shinshi of Okazaki from the distinguished family club of Germany.  S-PULSE

It is necessary not to limit to player Shinshi of Okazaki and to do all of players' transfering the register according to the rule of the agreement and FIFA. It thinks correspondence concerning transfering the register of player Shinshi of Okazaki in Stuttgart for the breach of the FIFA rule to exist in the point of two important horns.

To begin with, Stuttgart is a point to do the contract negotiation without doing the prior notification to S-PULSE before beginning the contract negotiation with player Shinshi of Okazaki according to "Player's position and rule concerning transfering the register"18-third item of FIFA at all as player Shinshi of Okazaki.

The proficiency does until January 31, 2011, and Stuttgart makes January 31, 2011 a contract start date and does the agreement though is doing to The Second of the agreement of S-PULSE and player Shinshi of Okazaki as player Shinshi of Okazaki. If neither Stuttgart nor S-PULSE agree on the penalty to terminate player Shinji Okazaki agreement with S-PULSE before expiration of a period according to 18-5"Player's position and rule concerning transfering the register" nuchas of FIFA when such an agreement is done, the point that the player's transfering the register is not perceived.

S-PULSE is being supported by a lot of people such as the shareholder, fan supporter, the sponsor, players, and staff, and it is thought that it is an abdication of responsibility to such everybody to perceive a transfering the register procedure this time when it doesn't follow the FIFA rule, and is not possible to do.

The standpoint of S-PULSE has already been requested and I want to request the occasion to request the application of a correct rule from FIFA from Stuttgart and (foundation)Football Association of Japan clearly in the clarification Shite descending and the future.

The problem concerning this transfering the register procedure is eliminated as soon as possible, and S-PULSE thinks that it wants player Shinshi of Okazaki to take an active part by the pitch of Germany. It makes an effort by one's best for the problem solving for that.

Source: Shimizu S-Pulse official site February 13, 2011 http://www.s-pulse.co.jp/news/20110213-3092.html

Japan is good country!
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Okazaki in which it had introduced oneself to a new ace by the Chile war completely won ace's seat by the Belgium war that had been faced on a day the third grade of junior high-school.
15 minutes in the latter half faced by 2―0. Right cross that Tamotsu Ohisa raised. Okazaki where uniform number 9 was applied jumps into Niasaid from the head without the hesitation.
Diving head of good. It is in the vicinity of a left shoulder (Public Record is a heading) desire Kiya and to hit.
" "Though it might have been pleasant if neatly hitting. Mud's this stinking brought the 3 on eyes of Japan though the person in question laughed embarrassed.
Two scores are marked by the Chile war on May 27. The representative war continues 11 game six scores and marvelous mass production in the goal of the day of two game serial and the bird clapper.
Supervision..May..representative..member..announce..J League..participation..game..half..point..take..gon..Iwata..plateau..Iwata..Urawa..representative..ace..name..enumerate..score..Kotono..accident..Shisa..speak.
However, it is necessary to have cut the name of the third person to the mind. Tanaka (Urawa) et al. are lacked in the pain in Hidariftoshitai, and Tamada is far to the normal key in the pain in the right ankle.
And, Tamotsu Ohisa also hurt my left knee and it fell voluntarily on the bench on this day. FW formation of horse deficiency. The existence of Okazaki is too large.
The person in question also feels the nominal size of pump of the expectation. There is consciousness with "The standpoint has changed even into Shimizu fast though it is so", too.
Every day not put from Sasiiri of 05 years in the bench continued long.
It was said that it was not possible to score in a top team to do every game goal in the practice game of the satellite.
In the last season, the opening game in Shimizu is a bench. However, it is an ace in Japan from there the Olympics representative, the representation from Japan, and at a dash who earns six scores of single top Japan Okada now as for the stairs.  runStill, Okazaki was laughed at, "There is no lost one".
"It takes in a preliminary contest of the World Cup or an important point and .... trow" and Okazaki though the World Cup participation at the velocity of the world hangs.  the Uzbekistan war on the sixth
A new ace takes Japan to the World Cup with three game serial bullet.



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