MF Yamada naokiの最近のブログ記事

The soccer Japan representative moved the training camp ground from Osaka to Tokyo aiming at the Giraffa camelopardalis cup and the Belgium war (national on the 31st) on the 28th, and MF Shunsuke Nakamura also joined lodgings in Tokyo also cell tick (30) == of the conning tower. naoki MF Yamada (18) who accomplished the representative debut by Chile war (4-0) on the 27th the day before = Urawa = is nominated for "Expanding type" and the successor candidate. It meets together with "2 generations in Toshisuke" first by the practice on the 29th.

I felt an infinite expansion furnace in height one-meter 66 small soldier.
Toshisuke speaks very highly of the play of a minimus representative and Yamada of 18 years old. It began to talk about the impression of the Chile war that joined lodgings, and watched the television.
「It is wonderful at the time of the lingua at ..representation.. beginning 18 years old. It is seen, and I think the comment to be an expanding type modest and objectively. 」
The conning tower in Japan arranged the successor nomination and the language that was able to be received. Yamada debuted the representative young in the fourth successive place of 18 years old every 39 first half minutes 327 days, and decided assistance that gave birth to the fourth point to the game near the end. Precocity more than oneself who debuted at age of 21.
Advice was added because it grew up to "2 generations in Toshisuke".
"(Yamada :) It is thought that the more it hits the wall, the more it has the ability to absorb. "

Diatheses are the fault none. It is necessary to experience. There is a mountain and it is on the road where it walked the valley though it is Toshisuke who is called "Genius" at the people. It defeats though the use promotion cannot be accomplished from the junior use of Yokohama M in the junior high school age, and the Japan-Korea World Cup this rally member was considered highly probable for 02 years regrettably.
When such a hardship brought up an indispensable "Modesty" and "Objectivity" to the team event, it is Iu.

It is Yamada and the first meeting in the practice on the 29th. After it plays a game of the day before, 18 years old switches feelings. 「Challenging even if it is not possible to do is important. There want to have been a lot of parts not good, and improve it. 」It commented admirably solving. If the posture exists, the uptake ability like the sponge is sure to be shown.
The Okada supervision also suggests appointment by the Belgium war , saying that "It is possible to do enough". Direct guidance of Fantagesta presses a further leap.

The source is Yamadanao . that strives by the Chile war on the 27 day. Http:// that receives "Successor nomination" from Toshisuke


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