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Tokyo FW Hirayama Sohta(23) changes mentally and physically, and two game of the league game of Sehats serial starting lineup is accomplished now.
Hirayama who changed into whole hair at the beginning of the week and showed the sense of crisis dared 40 staying behind shot practices or more in Tokyo and the Odaira ground on the 13th. Gentle FW is transformed to the play attitude by coming out of the voice with "The look changed" of the team mate. The practice game with U-17 (17 years old or less) representation from Japan on the same day was exempted as a main force class, and the forerunner participation in the Yokohama war became thick on the 16th.

There was Hirayama of whole appearance in the center of the shot practice that had started naturally after the team practice had ended.
The cross was put out to Tokunaga and Nagatomo's both side reservoir formations, and Hirayama repeated the header one after another by a refreshing head. The number of shots lightly exceeded 40.
An inside, big sweat of the heat that exceeded the temperature 26 degrees was patted "(In case of whole) Where of the head the ball hit was understood well" and the head that had been beautifully cut short were patted though the sink.

Hirayama surprised the team mate and the Jofuku supervision by whole sudden hair on the 12th that became a practice restart.
It silently works on training without getting on even the banter of" "Because of not cutting by play and surroundings. The transfiguration of the attitude is transmitted to another player though gentle type, and "It is fiddled and post" in the team. Japanese representative decayed and filled Nagatomo who kicked a left cross to Hirayama also : on this day. 「Might the sense of crisis. The look has changed. That approach is 'It is. '」It welcomed it.  

The practice game with the U-17 Japanese representative who had been done on the afternoon of the same day was exempted Hirayama from participation as a starting lineup class. FW : only by two people (Akamine and Hirayama) by 14 exempted field player philtrums.
The return of FW Cabore withdrawing by the left knee bruise is thick the forerunner participation of the Yokohama war because it is opaque on the 16th.
The Jofuku supervision also「(Hirayama :. )Change in some frames of mind. It receives it when determining it it is necessary to do somehow. If it extrapolates the results because anything is good, even short kinky perm :. 」With a big expectation.
The tone that Hirayama to whom the hair style and the attitude change completely seems to accomplish the transformation by the pitch greatly.

The source is Tokyo Hirayama who transforms to whole http://www.nikkansports.com/soccer/news/p-sc-tp0-20090514-494132.html appearances.
FW Hirayama sota(23) of F Tokyo was other party FW Chima Watanabe for Yokohama M war (the 16th and Nissan S)"Disregard" on the 15th (22) that was the junior of the height of Kunimi for one year, and burnt the fighting spirit the confrontation named Japanese representative decayed and filled Yuji Nakazawa (31).

Watanabe's having been showing confront the volition : Hirayama. 「It is separately unrelated. Hitting might be also few.  ..FW..」Parry..do..glad..appeal.After acquisition of membership, the confrontation with Nakazawa is a division one victory 1 one defeat (one score) in F Tokyo 06 on the way in year.
It can be said the highest for deprive of the Sehats goal now other party.

The serial defeat none in league game to start in advance.  seven warsThe victory mark at three games is gripped in the goal from the leading figure of "I want to win as a team".

NAGATOMO YUTO(22) of Japanese representative decayed and filled Nagatomo in FC Tokyo was nominated to "Clouser" that concluded the winning formula on the 14th. In the match-practice for the Yokohama war (Nissan S) on the 16th, the secret plan reshuffled to a right side of the second row from the left side reservoir of the main vocation for the first time in Sue now was tested. Nagatomo「It is happy. The latter half if it does. Gangan lives in offense and defense. 」It spoke.  

After it practices, the Jofuku supervision :. 「It wants it later as Clouser (The ball). The player who can move at the time zone in the last stage is limited. 」With the clarification.
The amount is bad in the last stage if becoming a height match in Yokohama and the goalmouth that has Nakazawa and money.
The strategy that is sent decayed and filled Fujiyama to the second left row, and thoroughly seals off the cross supply from the both side, and avoids the height match similarly.

Nagatomo watches Wasedadaigac (4―1) of the alma mater and Meiji University on the 12th and is "Stimulation was received. "
It is known as an expert of the assistance drum, and the game of the junior is an instinctive participation participation lingua in the school days.
The skill「Caztatszumi was done for a long time. The African Triplochiton scleroxylon now. The offer was received from the supporter of Kashima in the school days. 」..unpicking.. .「Please see and give to me. Rhythmical movement. 」。
The attention at C Rosa.  Nagatomo's sea weed sea weed

The source is http://www.sponichi.co.jp/soccer/news/2009/05/15/07.html. 


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