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Serb vs. Ghana on June 13. Ghana sent the pitch one FW at the injury time received by one point lead. It is and is a player of the temporization alternation if it says to the body.

In the back of the player who entered the pitch, it is on uniform number 20 with "OWUSU‐ABEYIE".
There might be a soccer fan in Japan that memorizes it if it is a first name of "QUINCY" though it is a too strange name, too.

Quincy [ousuabeie]. It is former and representative Netherlands's of U-20 fast wing.

The world youth ..'.. championship (present and U-20 the World Cup) opened in the Netherlands in 05.
In the first league first match, Japan was defeated at the local Netherlands by couple 2. The content of the game is an adult and a child though only the score was a little difference. It was too hard. [nakabamadeha] in the first half especially

Then, it is not the difference of the team power. Even if a Japanese player bunched literally and it took, the dribbler only of one was not able to be stopped at all.

FW with the speed of the different dimension was Quincy.

Naturally, surroundings expected the bright future at play when the expression "Monster" was suitable.
However, there were a lot of topics outside the pitch though it belonged to Arsenal at that time, too. became a problem defective behaviorFive clubs of Europe are assumed rolling starting with [suparutaku] Moscow, and afterwards, it doesn't last long where, and the census register is put on Al Sadd with catarrh now.

The played road is selected as representative Ghana before who is parents' hometowns at the same time Quincy in which it aimed at representative the Netherlands. It ..'.. came to accomplish international A match debut with [afurikane-shonzukappu] for 08 years.
The World Cup that reached it at last at the end of twist and turn. However, the role that had come round was a temporization that did not change went out by whoever. Does the retrospective taste pass the ...... idea like solving drawing out of the game the attack of single-engined each other? should exactly development because of coming of [udo] [tsu] each other it for Quincy

It is not possible even to touch [sura] [mi] did not have it with the waste matter the glimpse ..his potential.. now the ball in the alternation participation of only one minute though you might say.

I did not imagine that I met "That" Quincy again in such shape surely. The world youth final in the same year and the re-war of Argentina vs. Nigeria had been done on the day before such former and monster's World Cup debuted.

Argentina is led in the good in the world in U-20 five years ago, and even oneself has grown to have already played the leading part of the World Cup in Lionel [messhi] that acquires rally MVP and the top scorer.
UEFA champions league is controlled in Barcelona, and Ballon d'Or was acquired last year.
It need not now introduce the gone walking here.

Following..this..day..Argentina..ahead..yield..Nigeria..Nigeria..representative..center..John..Obi..Mikel..appearance..see..regrettable..that time..change..position..play..style..pitch..from.
The foot hangs it momentarily at the time of shot a dynamic middle shot also that is his pronoun, and it is around straight alternatively, and seemed be indeed [taiuo;].

Japan is good country!
PLEASE come here!
FW Morimoto Takayuki (21) of Catarnya is a interview that makes the bologna war of league Final Race (away on the 31st) and a setting lingua in the norm of year of Serie A fourth on the 28th , saying that "The shot mistake is lost, the decision rate is raised, and reach a goal more at the next season" as for exceed of the Sue totaling now by six scores.

It participates in Sue 22 game now, and the full kick in the result of 6 scores , saying that "It is large to be able to acquire the experience by fully taking part in the game even if it keeps taking part in the game and it becomes accustomed to the calositas and knocking against each other".
It was spoken of the representation from Japan, "Because I did not have results still, it is not thought that ability was put more".

The source is http://hochi.yomiuri.co.jp/soccer/world/news/20090530-OHT1T00014.htm. 


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