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Tatsuya Tanaka (26) three Asian final preliminary contest of South African World Cup games' missing it for ten years of June became definite the 15th representation from Japan FW of Urawa under rehabilitation ..the hurt of the left thigh back tendon...
The adjustment at the running center still though one month passed from the injury turnover of the Nagoya war on April 12.
Volker Finke supervision (61) denied the return at the early stage , saying that "No stage in which it was able to play a game at once".

The ace of the glass cried again because of the failure. The left thigh back tendon is hurt in the Nagoya war on April 12, and one month is a lapse. The Finke supervision of Urawa opened a heavy mouth for the first time about FW Tanaka's et al. restitution situations.
「As you see, Tatsuya is not running by the cracking pace. Only the endurance is sustained, and the superquick system doesn't practice. No level that can play a game at once. 」
The return at the early stage was clearly denied.
Another menu adjustment at the jog center still, and the red signal is lighting to the participation of three Asian final preliminary contest of the World Cup games in June. It faces it in the South African ticket win, and "Another victory" and Japan Okada that approaches start training camping on the 25th in Osaka, digest two games in the Giraffa camelopardalis cup, and face the decisive battle.
However, Tanaka's et al. failures are definite in the member announcement on the 21st.

Dark clouds drifted as the easy victory mood to the World Cup changed radically, and the failure person followed. Long-run withdrawal of keeping from decayed and filled Terada (Kawasaki) on the 13th by left round parting. The absence of inside and ace FW from whom Toshi MF Nakamura (cell tick) in the conning tower also holds the failure in the right foot introvert muscle becomes a big matter of concern.
There are a restitution situation and a means to do an additional call, too. However, the Finke supervision expressed disapproval , saying that "Neither the person in question, the club nor the representative were benefited even if it returned early and it injured again". There is a possibility of losing Sue now, too and Urawa in which it aims at three Sue yellowtail's league title accompanies the risk if overworking.

For this person in question, this day is the expert lingua as for the silence. It is inarticulate recently no matter what it is asked , saying that "Do not understand". The German World Cup owed severely injuring of the right ankle dislocation fracture at the previous year, and drank tears for 06 last years. The god of soccer keeps giving the trial with one goal in four international A match participation games this year though it was good.

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After it is defeated at Bahrain because of the third preliminary contest away, the player who embodies his soccer is mainly chosen March 26,'08 though the Okada supervision valued the player who draws Mr. Oshim's flow at first.

The..probably because a game.
Individual player's ability might be a low in the certainty comparing the member at 06 year German World Cup.
It is obedient, and not an individuality sect overall. However, I think that the percentage of completion as the team far has a team today.

The player is playing earnestly so that may understand the concept of the supervision, and may exert his play by 100% by he or she.
It doesn't depend on one person, and sensorium "My team" is terrible and strong one by one.
There is not a player who complains, and either it is terribly settled as the team.
Zba has come off this respect in Troussier, Gaco, and Oshim that I have experienced.

This team thinks of "It is ..strong.." though the won catarrhus war was good in 3-0 in the away in November, '08
It is at least stronger than the team at the German World Cup. It can speak with assurance though there is a person of "It is not interesting" who criticizes, too.
No simple sports that it is possible to win because soccer gathered 11 good players. ・・・ It becomes the supplementation with each other any more each other, and important playable in the team and Iu feelings though the talent the ability is important.
In the Okada supervision, it is good at the steer. Communications are often taken with the player, and it concentrates on the clarification Shite exerting also of the player power taking confidence Shite and the ship because it grows dark.

It is very good raising player's motivation. ・・・ It is made to do, and it has the language piled up in the player Osono nature.
It knows scary of the preliminary contest of the World Cup, and the language sounds directly in the breast because the interpreter is unnecessary. I feel strength of a team today from such a point of an environmental making and player's sensorium.

I think that I can surely go to South Africa in case of this team.
Football Association of Japan announced 24 call members of the Bahrain war of the World Cup (World Cup) Asian final preliminary contest (March 28/Saitama stadium 2002) in 2010 the 19th.

Toshi Nakamura (cell tick) and four Matsui (St. Etienne) were chosen by the foreign countries class, and Inamoto (Frankfurt an der Oder) came off. Kawaguchi (Iwata) leaked from the member though Narazaki (Nagoya) returned in GK. Moreover, Kanasaki of 20 years old (Oita) is a lingua of ..representation.. beginning.
The foreign countries class is scheduled to be done on the 24th, and to join from the first day to the training camp, too.

The Okada supervision that attends the interview「I want to think the win at home, and to handle risk and to go to take the point. It doesn't think excluding winning. 」It solved and it talked about eagerness.

World place..apply.
 It holds a play-off between 3rd place, and, in addition, it ..intercontinental playoff with the first place in Oceania district.. fights.



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