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Currently, it is popular the world cup!

Japan beat Cameroon and Denmark,
Lost to the Netherlands!

The world is talking about as he has been Japan's national team.

[Japan - the world's reaction against Denmark 1;

■ TV ■ live in Spain
- Honda praised. Nakata become the next star in Europe, "Asia" is a player (mushrooms and Park position w)
- Monster is a kid, Nagatomo
The physical and Brazil - but it remains quite Aruzentina, Japan has a brain
- Did not expect that everyone wins, everyone would understand that but if you look in this game
- Ball, pitch, weather, players are to blame Bubusera Kawashima's look at the play today and immediately Honda
- Had been lost in the ever Okada ← British bookmaker also because it was acting to guard (∀ Roh `) ww
Quickly pass the ball - will be world's second largest after Matsui ★ after Spain, Abe, Tanaka rolled praise around here
★ Spain is now rooting for Japan Su ー! (By the way, here are anti-Korean ★ often much unusually pro)
Look at this kids ★, Do you know that it is born Captain Tsubasa Japon?

■ BBC ■ England and
- (Japanese play) was quite impressive. Ronaldo is like as if Honda was also great to play outstanding Kawashima GK!
- Not at all what a wonderful. Everybody has been impressed

France and Rekippu ■ ■
- Japan, Ippon wins (Judo terminology) - Japan's victory was a team strength than the fully Denmark
- Solid defense, the attack was attractive. This is the victory of good fortune never
- Japanese team is in the power of the same level of top countries in Europe. The French, of course could win in Germany.
- The Honda and Endo "Super Free Kick" is indeed a world-class

■ ZDF ■ Germany and
- Japan is really strong. The two fantastic free kick in particular.
Nagatomo Kawashima - and is currently in a different position is perhaps the world's best player ★
The weakness in Denmark - which upset. He does not even talk about defense, especially in poor

Commercial television, such as Globo, Brazil ■ ■
- Take the high quality of the Japanese national team. Certainly has evolved. Japan became a world model of a free kick

■ TV2 ■ Denmark and
- We have been hit with a blue samurai ninja force. Denmark is out of the question, too stupid. I passed the European qualifying No. 1

■ CNN ■ United States and
Denmark on the way than the Japanese actor ★, playing a resolute and technical expertise they have shown so far in the fight against Japan
Demonstrate in this game, beat people out of Denmark.

Croatian state television ■ ■
PK is given to Denmark, "misjudgment" It
Danish players that I was blown away momentum from the dressing room (PK Daro w'll mean no diving)
Bravo! Fantastic! Japan, Japanese people will be a great success and this would have been celebrating the night right!
★ Danish children is "Land of the Rising sun" nor Korea, not China, let alone that the Japanese will learn

■ ■ China and net trade
The Japanese team in Asian football glory, for May and build Danish team was totally beaten
Kaka, Real Madrid Haya Honda C · than Ronaldo shone
I was about the differences in abilities between football and the Straits of Japan and China today, it really is away from the Cape to the Great Wall
It showed me

Japan is good country!
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The Honda stock has already soared by deciding the final bullet by the game against Cameroon the 14th at 39 the first half minutes and having become the key mover of 1?0 victory in European market.

It has shone to the man-of-the-match, and Honda's market value zooms.
The person who had the possession right related to CSKA Moscow emphasized though two or more worldwide clubs such as Seville, Valencia in Spain, and Chelsea of Premier League had already shown interest in acquisition, "There is will being not to put it out if the hefty sum was not piled up".

It soars in the game-winning goal of the World Cup first match though Honda's transfering the register money is assumed to be 20 million Euro (about 2.2 billion yen) now at a dash. The game against the Netherlands that a deputy all over the world concentrates is called power to which the mark of three billion yen comes into view if it scores according to information on the deputy muscle.


Japan is good country!
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The representation from Japan to obtain historical victory with the final bullet of keisuke MF Honda [**] of (24) = CSKA Moscow = in the game against Cameroon moved to George in the base campground on the 15th that dawned at night, and began the adjustment for the game against (Durban on the 19th) the Netherlands.

Supervisor Takeshi Okada (53) was enthusiastic, "The final whistle was a whistle that the game against the following Netherlands starts", and switched to the first league breakthrough at two rallies. World..rank..Japan..45th place..veteran..defeat..Okazaki..Shinji..forerunner..appointment..including..member..replace..front..press..revival..feint operation..Venus..deprive..take.

Tactician's head doesn't stop rotating. Interview immediately after Cameroon ..game against...
Supervisor Okada told it to deny reverberations of the World Cup first victory by away.
「The whistle of today's end is a whistle that the game against the following Netherlands starts. The player often worked hard. However, in the place where the game against the Netherlands floated at once」。In commander's brain, it was changeable to the game against the Netherlands.

The game against Cameroon was thoroughly pulled, and the plan brought in to a slow pace fitted in. How different from the first match to fight is notified of, However, up it is not necessary not to go out for the attack ..supervisor Okada.. .."Moreover, if you do not advance one step ... ... a little more" beforehand. 「The ball with considerably high accuracy comes when the Netherlands freely puts out passing from the DF line. It is necessary to go as how to fight and a player who can correspond to it. 」The press from the front is thought to be a revival.

The comeback of FW Okazaki to one top surfaces along with it. The venue of the game against the Netherlands should be able to put out the peculiar characteristic enough only to Durban of the altitude 0 meters though Okazaki was delayed with DF Uchida and GK Narazaki because of the high ground adjustment. Honda who had served as one top by the game against Cameroon became thick appointment as MF on a right side.
Four series of defeatss in the friendly match immediately before. The strategy change came in succession, and the autonomy budded while the sense of crisis rose.
The commander who had told player's intention also conceded repeating the meeting only by the player through game captain Hasebe et al.. MF Endo「It was not before two and a half years starts of the system of supervisor Okada. Good communication was able to be done. 」This flow is connected with the game against the Netherlands though it spoke.

Not only the starting member but also the bench member such as staff united its shoulder and it sang the national anthem ahead of the game against Cameroon.
"Could you do the bench together?" and it directly petitions the commander through the conception of Tulio et al., and Hasebe.
Supervisor Okada cooperated with "It is pleased".

The society is guiding the vertical it immovable listening to national anthem of Japan, and the measures that can be called an exception is a symbol of unity.
As for the samurai who became one, the game against the Netherlands of E strongest class causes the surprise.

Japan is good country!
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Honda was a pilot in the port.

?What the harvest of the point of the victory of the game against Cameroon and the goodness do you think?
As for the harvest, I want you to judge it from you. I think it to be important that the soccer fan in Japan catches this result very. Of course, today's result was a positive result for the entire soccer field of Japan. As for being able to show that there is soccer also in Japan in the stage of the World Cup (World Cup), the invitation activity in 2022 might be added, too.
Hereafter, it will be necessary to do a good game though it just started still so that soccer of Japan may appeal more. It is thought that it only has to gain momentum by this victory because the 2nd game and the 3rd game still remains.

?Japan thinks that there were up to now a lot of reversal defeats. It was appreciable to defend by the game against Cameroon and to have cut or was able to maintain the concentration. One did not repeat the mistake that was the game against England in Graz by the game against Cameroon. It might be a sign to which the Japanese varsity advanced.
However, it also worries also about a similar scene's to the own goal in the last stage of the game of the game against England game against Cameroon. The final line had fallen on the vicinity of the goal line at the end. There was only five-meter room. One point's not having been put in Cameroon then is lucky Japan and ..[takara].. passes.
As for today's result of past games, it is sure not to think the tie to be amusing for Cameroon.
I think that I should occasionally learn what should be done the lesson of dusting it today. It should be made a base, and it exist including construction. Players in Japan did the steady play today. The player who did not participate so that it is continued thinks that it wants you to learn it.

I think that I accept my unprofessional role with courage, and digested the role especially given on the strategy side splendidly of Kei Honda [**] though it is not originally a player of FW. In a word, bravery was to have played without having the complex. And, I think that I was born in that goal as the reward of the courage.
In that case, Honda thinks that it is pleased though supervisor Takeshi Okada might tell it to do a central backing to Honda in the next game possibly. Be important, and play any scene at what position clever. Honda's role of today was very delicate and difficult. Because today's Honda took charge of role in port like pilotIt showed what kind of ball was necessary in the whole team by Honda position and position similarly to doing various guides according to the size of the ship.
It was steadily executed. Because Honda enumerated the score, it doesn't praise it. He functioned in the team. Players were able to take the day off at time that he kept and was doing the ball up front. I think that other players also understood it as Honda's role.

It is dangerous in the future of Japan if all one sides becomes Honda.
?Do you think that what influence was given to the game though Cameroon was doing a conservative fight?
Cameroon is sending off 100 excellent players or more every 20 years from these 15 years. Therefore, Cameroon thinks that it had been caught in the mental tea of individual play by them. The individual will be played to do good play personally, and it repeat bad development as a result. It was an individual for Cameroon though ..collective.. play was necessary because soccer was a team event. Cameroon was not so though a famous player who was reaching the legend removed, and tended to arrange the player playable in the group in other World Cup participation countries.
There was only Samuel Eto'o who was playing in Intel in Cameroon as a player who became an axis in former Barcelona now. However, only Eto'o plays and Cameroon can not win. Eto'o also has the limit.
If only Eto'o was held in check, Cameroon of today was a team ..putting away.. for Japan.

It was a composition that Cameroon played giant Goliath's role, and Japan played the role of diminutive David.
The worrying one is whether it misunderstands it like Honda's flying up and becoming Goliath therefore.
Want Honda to say, and when you alone one were not played, and ten people hurt in addition.
If it cannot be recalled, it might be not good for the future of the representation from Japan. Honda

If only today's game was said, Honda splendidly did, and decided the goal as a reward with a delicate role.
However, this only starts his career and exists. I want everybody of media not to lift Honda in a goal of today alone when everybody is a hero either. It is dangerous in the future of Japan if all tomorrow's one sides becomes Honda. The hero is not one person but all members. All can become heroes if the kick that the trap technology skillfully floats the ball on GK can be done if it assumes it if having become a hero in the place where Honda reached.
However, it is not so. The hero is a person that offers my life and my life and defends something.

The representation from Japan is a normal team regardless of today's victory and it wants it. It never gets depressed even if defeated because of the next game. First of all, it learns from today's game. Because a lot of mistakes went out.
Especially, I want you to write the article by considering athlete and staff's feelings as for [minasan] of media. I want you to write in assisted feelings. The role of media is to help, and to support it so that the team may unite in a normal direction. I do not think that I ruin the atmosphere of the team. The pressman in Cameroon might be writing the article that cannot restore by the team and becomes it this time. Japan alone doesn't do, and it wants you to become calm because it is asking.
The defense formation in Japan was especially good today. I think that young players on the side worked hard.

?Does Japan think that they do what fight by the game against the Netherlands?
Naturally, the Netherlands is sure to be looking at this game. First of all, the Netherlands is begin making a vigorous attack from the last beginning of 15 minutes of the game against Cameroon. The first game of the rally in such a meaning is difficult.
I do not think that the player in the Netherlands and Denmark changes so much in ability compared with one a player of Cameroon.
On the other hand, the Netherlands and Denmark might watch Japan systematically and patiently playable. Therefore, either has the complex in the other party. Because Japan was able to win Cameroon where it has the individual competence, it need not have the complex in the game against the Netherlands.

?The message to Japan Okada aiming at the game against the Netherlands
Do not enter the state of intoxication if you tell it in a single phrase. Do not fly up. First of all, to cool off and to become calm. And, I want you to analyze it looking back on today's game. Can repeat be a good part simultaneously with be a good part by firmly analyzing be a bad part in the next game. Do not repeat the part with the mistake about a more important thing.
It was to have advanced if the mistake was able not to be repeated.

The source is http://southafrica2010.yahoo.co.jp/news/cdetail/201006150004-spnavi.

Japan is good country!
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A representation from Japan and a real sale operation of keisuke Honda [**] of (24) = CSKA Moscow = that suddenly became man of the moment are rapidly advanced in the dramatic final goal of the game against the soccer World Cup South African rally and Cameroon. It is throbbing Avex that takes charge of PR as for now.

Game against the Netherlands of favorite who fights aiming at the first league breakthrough on the 19th.
It is said that CM contract fee improves up to 100 million yen each if it catches lightning in a bottle again in Japan.
Where does the commercial value of "Honda in the world" go up?

Goal of game against Cameroon on midnight of the 14th. The name of "Honda" that brought the World Cup victory after an interval of eight years sounded in Japan in Japan after the rally of Japan-South Korea in 2002 and it extended.
Media including the variety show of the television unite the feature in a body.
The big project progresses at a dash even if the ace in Japan that became major is marketed.

It is "Avex. " that Honda is making the business collaboration agreement though it is a soccer player.
It is that major entertainment company that belongs the popular hight group and EXILE, etc. to sing soccer Japan representative's assistance song. Honda entrusts them with the activities other than soccer besides the belonging office and it entrusts PR of the media correspondence etc. to Avex.

This is the same technique as star and Nippon Meat Packers and [darubisshu] having pitcher (23) of the professional baseball field.
It expects of Honda of prospect [pikaichi], and, recently, a popular singer also in Avex.
"Honda project" was begun to stardom centering on the person in charge of [noshiageta], and it was start-up, and the activity began in full scale beginning Hamasaki progress (31).

A former representation from Japan and Hidetoshi Nakata (33) talks for the first time with Honda by the special show of TV Asahi-affiliated before the World Cup begins.
Meeting together of the individuality sect of the soccer field became a big topic as Mr. Nakata explained It became impossible "To play me when thinking about the team or thinking for the team" and "[Susume] of my style".
This was the one by this person in charge's beginning.

The game against Cameroon is made remarks, "I (The fate) am not ..possession.." in a dignified manner by the interview.
It is a wristwatch and a peculiar fashion sense in the fair hair and both hands in addition to a big inborn mouse.
Honda paid attention to as soccer player at dawning era. The offer of CM is to pour in by having secured the seat of soccer Japan representative's "Leading part" in the future.

Being performing now ..only CM1 of sports drink "Aquarius" of Coca-Cola Japan.. :.
CM fee : for about 30 million yen each according to parties concerned of an advertising industry before the World Cup.
It improves to 50 million yen by the activity of the game against Cameroon.

In addition, this parties concerned declare, "In addition, contract money goes up if it takes an active part by the game against the Netherlands".
The commercial value is supposed to jump up to 100 million yen of the summit level not only the sporting world but also including the spectacle society.

Of course, it doesn't stay only in CM. Value as the soccer player is zooming.
All of Honda's grading the game against Cameroon are the highest points in overseas media. The [gazetta] paper of Italy「Where did the lion (Cameroon) say?Honda rooted it out. 」With the highest praise.
The voice "Honda exceeded HONDA (auto manufacturer)" has already gone up in Europe, too.

Transfering the register money when transfering the register from VVV Venlo in off last and Netherlands to Moscow is nine million Euro (about 1.2 billion yen).
Becoming for about three billion yen, and parties concerned are looking at transfering the register money though it is told that distinguished family Intel in Italy has already put out a feeler.

If the world is surprised, even the game against the adopted home and the Netherlands that fights on the 19th : ....
Honda stock's of purchase evaluation is sure to become sky-rocketing now.

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Honda is a game against the manifesto and the Netherlands. "It is not possible to win surely as it stands. "

Representation from Japan that lowers "Male of Africa" Cameroon in play soccer World Cup (World Cup) South African rally. 24 years old and Kei Honda [**] player with the fair hair brought "The world is surprised" victory that had continued saying of supervisor Takeshi Okada.
It ran up to the bench slowly after it sank a shot, and it jumped into backup role's circle. 「It cannot be helped because the world of the going out [naiha] match that takes part in the game. However, I wanted to show that I fought all. 」。The desire to the team was being added by the usual big mouse.

It started losing sight of the peculiar characteristic.
Reinforced game with England immediately before the World Cup. The middle shot of good disappeared, and the confrontation of couple 1 with the other party was avoided unconsciously though the team fought well.
"Furnace as soon as being able to do more. "
Oneself was asked after the game had ended. "There even if the ball is taken attacking it that something happens always. "It is my peculiar characteristic to begin the overall breakthrough bullishly.
Feelings that "It went out and [nanbo]" experienced in the Netherlands in the transfer destination that became the chance of the leap is strong revived just before a large stage.

After this year ..the game against Bahrain of March... Supervisor Okada had a meal with the acquaintance in Yokohama, and told it. 「Something that awakes the team is necessary for reaching to best 4 that aims at last. It is thought that being able to become it so now since there is no Nakata is him. 」
Hidetoshi Nakata who invited the representative long was mentioned, and a hot expectation for player Honda was shown. When score power shortage becomes serious, it selects it for the front of the attack. Only a word before it played a game , saying that "..point.. take it" multiplied and sent off the voice.
It was the supervisor Okada and player Honda that lined up in the interview place after it had played a game as a representative of the winning team. "Being possible to defend by believing power was large. "Player Honda showed appreciation for the defensive forces earlier than it looked back on an own score.
However, [hondasetsu] is also alive and well. 「The Netherlands is not such sweet. If the accuracy of play is not improved, it is not possible to win surely as it stands. 」。The game against the Netherlands of the second game is the 19th.
To dare to change me and surroundings, harsh words are said. The end was tightened with the big mouse. "Still, there is no impossibility if the team grows up. "

A Japanese supporter got drunk on victory and the be known. Masahiro Morishima (42) who rushed from Aichi Prefecture Ichinomiya City : to player Honda's goal. 「It is already highest. More than it thought of the supporter of Japan though overwhelmed to the assistance of Cameroon. However, ..can never the win..」With the excitement. The man who was driving a taxi around the stadium「It is a big surprise. All Africa people thinks so. 」It was surprised.

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Veteran Seville's in Spain starting the acquisition of Kei Japanese representative MF Honda [**] (24= CSKA Moscow) has understood the 14th. The investigation like transfering the register money etc. had already begun, and parties concerned testified, "There is a possibility of would put out the offer in a few days, too".

It is defeated by the first final tournament round though Seville exceeded the first league in the UEFA Champions League of the last season. It is Honda to have decided the goal where the other party at that time can decide the game in the second game in CSKA Moscow on March 16. It is said that play that decided no rotation FK at ten minutes of the latter half of 1?1 makes a deep impression to the person related to Seville, and the name was added to the acquisition list.

Honda's transfering the register money is called more than 20 million Euro (about 2.2 billion yen). However, Lewes [fabia-no] representative Brazil FW that cuts the contract with Seville next June suggests transfering the register after the World Cup, and the capital near for three billion yen enters for the club if transfering the register is achieved. Then, the Honda acquisition capital can be secured.

Chelsea etc. of Fiorentina in Lyons in Valencia in same Spain and France and Italy and premieres proceed with the investigation about Honda, and there is a possibility of developing into the fierce scramble depending on the activity of the World Cup, too.

The source is Japanese representative MF Honda \undf\ who surfaces the http://www.sponichi.co.jp/soccer/news/2010/06/15/02.html Seville transfering the register.

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It attended the symposium of shopping site "[Guramu-ruse-rusumenzu]" that positively assisted in the man "..growth.. [men]" to participate to the child care done in Tokyo on the 15th talent and [haruna] [ai].

Television watching of game against DF soccer Japan representative Yuji Nakazawa, [harunaha] of e-pal, and Cameroon the 14th at home. To keisuke MF Honda [**] that sinks a shot「I want Mr./Ms. Honda to sink a shot. 、To me. A representation from Japan alone. [N] and the heart will send full. 」It knew that Honda was a married person and the material had been exploded under [shi] [razuka] ..a bite...


Talent's [haruna] [ai] (37) talked about "33 24-hour TV program love saved the earth" charity marathon [heni] of Nippon Television Network Corporation of the turned training on the 15th.
It is said that the distance of two kilos or more is divided into several-time in the practice, and there is a degree run eight kilometers a day though it will run about 100 kilos in the real thing. It was revealed to have a hard time in running that did not become accustomed , saying that "The hospital came out from the knee water when going though it ran three kilos the other day".

The man that it wants you to wait in the goal is soccer Japan representative Honda , saying that "Only giving up : though doesn't think becoming empty when doing" though a timid remark spilt, too. ..turning over.. declaration [shiteita] ..the enumeration of the game-winning goal in the game against Cameroon.. ..connecting.. ..the snorting.. ..roughness.. , saying that "It also wants me to reach a goal and to decide it".

It is http://www.sponichi.co.jp/entertainment/flash/KFullFlash20100615082.html smile and ..waving.. [ruharuna] [ai].
[Haruna] [ai] (this side) to take stroller of http://www.sponichi.co.jp/entertainment/flash/images/KFullFlash20100615082_l.jpg "[Guramu-ruse-rusu]" and Sugiura sun http://www2. daily.co.jp/newsflash/2010/06/15/Images/03094794.jpg http://www2.daily.co.jp/newsflash/2010/06/15/Images/03094793.jpg

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SKE48 put by the younger sister amount of AKB48 based on the Nagoya City honor
Seven selection members who sang new song "I'm sorry SUMMER" (sale on July 7) were announced.

Member..rear rank..left..front rank..left..Takayanagi.

The sing enthusiastically of seven people on the 15th while the fan watches it in Sunshine Theater in Nagoya City.
It is "W Matsui. " of [****] and [tamakotowari] [**] to manage to enter the selection of AKB48 previously done and to decide SKE and a double selectionThey are two people who emphasized it as for "I want to put out powerful ..seeming SKE in SKE it... " , "SKE wants to appeal more", and "Nagoya power" severally.

Because Kei Honda [**] that sank a shot in the World Cup belonged to local and NAGOYA Grampus「I want you to come to the theater to see. We also aim at the world. 」It solved and it swore it with a smile.

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It is the veteran successive victories in Japanese representative training camp (South Africa and George on the 15th) Honda top system.

In the game against (Bloemfontein) Cameroon the 14th that enumerated the World Cup victory after an interval of eight years with the final bullet of Kei MF Honda [**] of (24) = CSKA Moscow =, the image of the arrow in three attack formations where [kaneookami] was made an axis has hardened. A new ace who rapidly improved reliance in the team notified of two goal seizure beforehand by the game against (Durban) the Netherlands the 19th.

The surprise that surprises the world is the past, too. Eyes of Honda who brought historical victory by hitting 1000 value money had already caught the following catch.

「The problem was seen there though it was perfect when it was able to get the second point. The Netherlands is not such sweet. 」

The norm of two scores is not [wake] that hangs only by power.
The game against Cameroon doesn't miss the one chance in the top at 39 the first half minutes and be a final bullet of one of the acting without rehearsal.
It ran 11.09 kilos of the second team place in 90 minutes completely, and the companion's trust was won.
Shape to confront the Netherlands defense formation has been seen by one game that shows off FW Honda's significance of existence.

Up to now, Tamotsu FW Ohisa who entered right and left aggressive MF and MF Matsui had drawn shape to urge the collapsing post from the trust both wings on the goal in the Lefty of the fair hair. However, Tamotsu Ohisa who jumped into Matsui's right cross became a decoy, and Honda killed the score scene.

Tamotsu Ohisa looks back on the improvisation cooperation play , saying that "Kei [**] was seen for two person mark to attach to me and to become empty", and Matsui finds how to make the best use of , saying that "The vital area became vacant if I went out back and Honda became empty".
One is top and it is ..Honda and right.. Tamotsu Ohisa in Matsui and the left. The attack formation of three people where the triangle is formed doesn't stick to the role and goodness each other is drawn out each other. It names and "Honda top system. "

Honda the top. Of course, it is used as an abbreviation to express the mind of respect in Honda by writing on the Internet though the triangle for Tamotsu Ohisa and Matsui to build Honda in the top.
[Sankakke] [sankakkei] Honda → Honda ?Is it ..→ Honda of Mr./Ms... nifty?..saying.. Division.

The centripetal force in the team zooms for such the noteworthy having remark execution maverick.
The promise with [**] MF Nakamura before it played a game was kept, and it dove in backup role's circle after it had reached a goal.
MF captain Hasebe is "It was thought that no guy who may have the mind of the soft heart and sympathy ..[aitsu] it... "
Uniform number 18 is not a naked king any longer.

"It is not ..one.. ..win.. ..[shita] alone.. significant though a good start cut in case of two another series of defeats. "

[Kaneookami] admitted an ace is a soapberry in the favorite from the triangular top as for the fang.

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Serb vs. Ghana on June 13. Ghana sent the pitch one FW at the injury time received by one point lead. It is and is a player of the temporization alternation if it says to the body.

In the back of the player who entered the pitch, it is on uniform number 20 with "OWUSU‐ABEYIE".
There might be a soccer fan in Japan that memorizes it if it is a first name of "QUINCY" though it is a too strange name, too.

Quincy [ousuabeie]. It is former and representative Netherlands's of U-20 fast wing.

The world youth ..'.. championship (present and U-20 the World Cup) opened in the Netherlands in 05.
In the first league first match, Japan was defeated at the local Netherlands by couple 2. The content of the game is an adult and a child though only the score was a little difference. It was too hard. [nakabamadeha] in the first half especially

Then, it is not the difference of the team power. Even if a Japanese player bunched literally and it took, the dribbler only of one was not able to be stopped at all.

FW with the speed of the different dimension was Quincy.

Naturally, surroundings expected the bright future at play when the expression "Monster" was suitable.
However, there were a lot of topics outside the pitch though it belonged to Arsenal at that time, too. became a problem defective behaviorFive clubs of Europe are assumed rolling starting with [suparutaku] Moscow, and afterwards, it doesn't last long where, and the census register is put on Al Sadd with catarrh now.

The played road is selected as representative Ghana before who is parents' hometowns at the same time Quincy in which it aimed at representative the Netherlands. It ..'.. came to accomplish international A match debut with [afurikane-shonzukappu] for 08 years.
The World Cup that reached it at last at the end of twist and turn. However, the role that had come round was a temporization that did not change went out by whoever. Does the retrospective taste pass the ...... idea like solving drawing out of the game the attack of single-engined each other? should exactly development because of coming of [udo] [tsu] each other it for Quincy

It is not possible even to touch [sura] [mi] did not have it with the waste matter the glimpse ..his potential.. now the ball in the alternation participation of only one minute though you might say.

I did not imagine that I met "That" Quincy again in such shape surely. The world youth final in the same year and the re-war of Argentina vs. Nigeria had been done on the day before such former and monster's World Cup debuted.

Argentina is led in the good in the world in U-20 five years ago, and even oneself has grown to have already played the leading part of the World Cup in Lionel [messhi] that acquires rally MVP and the top scorer.
UEFA champions league is controlled in Barcelona, and Ballon d'Or was acquired last year.
It need not now introduce the gone walking here.

Following..this..day..Argentina..ahead..yield..Nigeria..Nigeria..representative..center..John..Obi..Mikel..appearance..see..regrettable..that time..change..position..play..style..pitch..from.
The foot hangs it momentarily at the time of shot a dynamic middle shot also that is his pronoun, and it is around straight alternatively, and seemed be indeed [taiuo;].

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Troussier proposes it. "If it is me, it is top Morimoto 1, and Honda shadow. "

Thus, deprive of win point 3. Former representation from Japan supervisor Philip Troussier (55= FC Ryukyu total supervisor) pointed out the beginning to victory for Japan Okada that received the game against Cameroon of the fate on the 14th.
It is a situation in which even the real thing of the World Cup starts counting down for supervisor Takeshi Okada, the practice match with lower-rank Zimbabwe is 0?0 as for Kei MF Honda [**] though a new line where one was appointed in the top was adopted. Troussier had proposed the way that made the best use of Honda to its maximum immediately before the real thing.

An effective attack dared not to be seen as for the game against Zimbabwe that had tried to apply confidence either. However, the other party had the defense chased 80 percent of the game in a word by about 80% as for the ball possession of Japan if it thought about power relationship. Space is difficult and it is also difficult to score in the nil. fall self-indulgence ..DF line.. [] it
The space that can be freely used oppositely on the back side of other party DF is born though the ball possession of Japan falls if becoming a game against Cameroon.
It only has to pierce there. Because it is 0 points in a Zimbabwe other party, ..[i].. Cameroon is not necessarily 0 ..taking.. points.

Supervisor Okada seems to think about one top of Honda as long as the first half of the game against Zimbabwe is seen. However, Honda is [posutopure-ya-] that falls on middle and receives the ball.
Space in the back of DF cannot be pierced by one top of Honda though it seems as the influence of Europe soccer to put [posutopure-ya-] in the top one.
Originally, it is necessary to leave the striker of a type different of another person at a position near Honda. For instance, can do the attack of the back, and the game against England is FW like FW Okazaki Shinji who showed the consideration of length.

If Yoshito Okubo entered the left of the second row MF, the role to pierce space in the back should be able to be played. The consideration of length is strong, and there is a speed, too.
On the other hand, receiving in one's fall feet middle originally is a favorite type in MF Daisuke Matsui appointed to right MF. Middle is made compact, and a switch from the defense to the attack and a sharp swift attack are the points when fighting against the powerful enemy like Cameroon. If the consideration of length like Okazaki and movement to use space in the back increase, Honda ..one.. top is sure to live in Matsui.

By the way, the best balance that I think about is a line where the FW Morimoto your product is made top one, and Honda is left at shadow striker's position. In that case, you may appoint MF Shunsuke Nakamura who can handle it by receiving the ball middle in the front. If Honda is assumed, one top [**gou] MF Nakamura that can be the attack of the back of DF by getting on light-footed Keiji FW Tamada and the speed from Matsui will think that Honda sees each other in the right of the second row.

The defense was steady though only the chance of activity was few if it was said the harvest of the game against Zimbabwe. Not having been defeated should have become motivation with the plus material though very the content.
It worked effectively still in the World Cup though it was not able to win the practice match with the university student who went immediately before in the World Cup of 02 years. As for a reinforced game and the real thing, the shade of meaning is still different. I want you to analyze deliberately and to face it.

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Honda is making major entertainment company "Avex" and the business collaboration agreement.
The popular hight group and EXILE to sing soccer Japan representative's assistance song belong, and Honda has been entrusting support of the activities other than soccer and PR of the media correspondence etc. to Avex besides the belonging office.

This is the same technique as star and Nippon Meat Packers and [darubisshu] having pitcher (23) of the professional baseball field.
It expected of Honda of a rich prospect also in Avex, popular singer's Hamasaki progress (31) was started up, and "Honda project" ..stardom.. was started up centering on the person in charge of [noshiageta].

A former representation from Japan and Hidetoshi Nakata (33) talks for the first time with Honda by the special show of TV Asahi-affiliated before the World Cup begins.
Meeting together of the individuality sect of the soccer field became a big topic as Mr. Nakata explained It became impossible "To play me when thinking about the team or thinking for the team" and "[Susume] of my style".
This was the one by this person in charge's beginning.

Being performing now ..only CM1 of sports drink "Aquarius" of Coca-Cola Japan.. :.
CM fee : for about 30 million yen each according to parties concerned of an advertising industry before the World Cup. It improves to 50 million yen by the activity of the game against Cameroon. This parties concerned declare, "In addition, contract money goes up if it takes an active part by the game against the Netherlands". The commercial value is said that there is not only the sporting world but also a possibility of jumping up to 100 million yen of the summit level including the spectacle society.

Value as the soccer player is zooming. All of Honda's grading the game against Cameroon are the highest points in overseas media. The [gazetta] paper of Italy「Where did the lion (Cameroon) say?Honda rooted it out. 」With the highest praise. The voice "Honda exceeded HONDA (auto manufacturer)" has already gone up in Europe, too.

Transfering the register money when transfering the register from VVV [fenro-] of off last and Netherlands to Moscow is nine million Euro (about 1.2 billion yen).
Parties concerned are looking become about three billion yen it transfering the register money though it is told that distinguished family Intel in Italy has already put out a feeler.

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"Japan Okada that won".

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"Japan Okada that won".

In played soccer World Cup (World Cup) South African rally, the representation from Japan took down veteran Cameroon on the 14th (local time), and snatched win point 3.

The stand buried in Samurai blue shook like the wave in the [furi-sute-to] stadium momentarily of victory. "Often did" and "It is really glad. "Supporters have raised male [takebi] of rejoicing to dramatic victory.

Injury time was felt long in the supporter of the assistance seat for four minutes by me. longThe stand where Japanese cheerleaders took up one's position was wrapped in the shout of joy like rumbling of the earth momentarily at the time of having rung the whistle of victory.

To embrace each other, and to explode pleasure, "[Bubuzera]" is played. The flag of the rising-sun flag was lively shaken.

Company employee [takahashimakoto] (38) who came to assist in four families「The whole team had concentrated terribly. It often did. 」It shouted. Eldest son [kana] size (11) of Mr./Ms. Takahashi who had been assisting in Kei Honda [**] player who had taken the winning point (there) called repeatedly hero's name by the smile of "[Honda] and [honda]" and whole faces.

At the moment when player Honda won a goal, Yohei company employee Tanioka (28) who had come from Chiba Prefecture Urayasu City jumped with joy. 「I am really glad to do activity the same as the expectation. He is absolutely necessary for Japan's playing soccer. 」The face was flushed and spoken.


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(24) = CSKA Moscow = became keisuke MF Honda [**] where the final bullet of 1000 value money was sunk by the game against Cameroon both nominally and virtually with the center of Japan Okada on the 16th. "Honda faction" that started making the best use of Honda's peculiar characteristic to its maximum centering on DF Nagatomo, MF Endo, and [**] MF Nakamura stood up though it was "Lone wolf" up to now. Public television NOS of the Netherlands also visits the practice on this day coverage, and the monster Lefty thorough is marked. The expectation of two continuous games for 1000 value [kanehi] rises.

Running on the 16th practicing opening. It was a new king that ran at the head.
MF Honda had them admit teaming. Uniform number 18 that tended to be isolated because result doesn't adhere to big mouse. DF Nagatomo, [**] MF Nakamura, and it chats through the adjustment in lodgings the 15th on this day of which the game against Cameroon went out to the pitch for the first time. The person began to gather in surroundings of Honda who decided 1000 value [kanehi].

It plays golf by Nagatomo and two people on a complete, off day of the 11th. There is association from the Beijing Olympics with Honda for 08 years also though Nagatomo was a first on the list of "Parents and sect of [**] Nakamura". 「It naturally becomes the story of soccer while playing golf. Demanded each other good relation」It speaks. FW Morimoto ..exchanging.. piled up [zari] and the place to the blessing dance of the Africa type by the hotel employee on Honda's birthday of the 13th.

Moreover, the best friend and MF Endo of [**] Nakamura are the approaching rapidlys in original and the monster Lefty of the outline "Honda is made the best use of". The shadow of apart from others is weakening.
The reaction among the inside and players who removed [**] MF Nakamura by supervisor Okada and decided the heart with Honda was one now.
In the Netherlands expedition in September last year, the other party of speaking whom MF Hashimoto is only near. A certain main force is at that time. 「The representative is the one like extracurricular activities of the physical education association. Off the fly, none of guys who entered newly consent. as only the attitude or exist by it」It is this time shape to consent by one left leg.

There was a compromise of Honda, too. It ran to the bench immediately after having sunk a shot by the game against Cameroon.
The promise was kept though it was said, "It was ..coming.. [yo] when sinking a shot" from [**] Nakamura.
MF game captain Hasebe「He also has the soft heart. The team became one in that. 」It speaks.

Public broadcasting "NOS" of the other party and the Netherlands of the next war appears in the training field of this day, too. It looked for height of a noteworthy level in a Japanese journalist as it asked around , saying that "Is ..Honda.. striker fit?".
Two is played in a top corner in the formation practice of the attack. The expectation's as the point removing shop increasing.
The game against the Netherlands accomplishes the heavy responsibility, and makes "Political power base" the one of [bankoku].

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They were 1000 value money exactly.
One point that soccer Japan representative and Kei Honda [**] of [hoshiryou] high coming from had enumerated in the game against World Cup Cameroon became a historical goal that remained in the history of soccer of Japan.
The weight and a noteworthy level might equal heroic deeds to which Hideki Matsui of Major League acquired World Series MVP.
I think that it gets vigour and courage from South Africa ..inside where the encouraging news is a little.. far.

There are not so a lot of Japanese players who shine in the rally that decides "Most in the world" of soccer and baseball.
The nose is high though it might be laughed that "Country boast" passes as the person who lives in Hokuriku.
Two preliminaries remainder games are similar Cameroon, and the surprises of second will not be dreams if there is working of Honda's lion [furu**] even though the other party in the case.
I want to send the yell to further activity of [wakamusha] of just turning 24 years old.

According to the [matsuiban] journalist of the this paper Los Angeles branch, Matsui : about the activity of the junior.
It is said that it was said, "He has something". Even if it has splendid talents, it is possible not to necessarily show one's true ability. by this first
In the world of a severe match, Matsui who lived might have experienced the power of the loved plus sometting the goddess of victory at first hand.

Mischievous Honda looks by the verbosity of Matsui of the honor student type of "Work before talk execution" and "Having remark execution" like an opposite character.
Is the real face of Honda who plows one's own furrow straight though the hair is dyed to the fair hair, and it is ridiculed with the big mouse (Big is beaten) externals really street?

It was in reserve players' circles that Honda ran up to first after the goal by the game against Cameroon.
「It cannot be helped because the world of the going out [naiha] match that takes part in the game. However, I wanted to show that I fought all. 」。
The work of 100 point full marks was able to be done by receiving backup role's chagrin by that [arebakoso] , phase strong determination and the sense of responsibility of fighting.
In a type quite different from Matsui, Honda might be player who had something special, too.

It wins the following Netherlands or the second-round berth since the Japan-South Korea rally comes into view in 2002 if it draws.
Honda's goal is the re-necessary to make the dream a true dream.

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The activity of player Honda who had shone to the man-of-the-match by the game against Cameroon the 14th was cordially reported also in Russia that player Honda played.

"The player in CSKA Moscow brought the representation from Japan victory. " ([shivo-donya] [ru]).

"Representative Cameroon received the judgment of the defeat from the player in CSKA Moscow. " ([gajie-ta] [ru]).

"The goal of Honda in CSKA Moscow called in victory to Samurai, and the history of soccer of Japan was rewritten. " ([sobietsuki-] [suporuto]).

Russia is defeated the varsity in the preliminary contest, and is not participating in this rally. Therefore, the concern for the World Cup of the soccer fan in Russia has been shifted to the play of the player of the representative of each country who belongs to the home country league.

Is player Honda has already recognized by "Blurring ball free kick" as a member in distinguished family CSKA Moscow of a Russian league, and Japanese?The result of past games of the game against Cameroon appropriated the focus to player Honda's activity, and was reported.

Not only the sports daily but also the general newspaper is reporting on "Honda", and a governmental Russian newspaper : besides telling, "In the World Cup South African rally, the belonging player of a Russian league shone for the first time".

The financial newspaper Kommersant also exchanges player Honda's photograph, and it explains, "The player in CSKA Moscow gripped the baton of the game".

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The representation from Japan trained aiming at the first game against (Durban on the 19th) the second league game Netherlands on the 16th.
The family tour sees the appearance of the practice on this day, and MF Endo begins the inside and the practice of a mood peaceful wave to the voice of eldest son and Mr. [kaedejin]'s "Papa". The ball turning was done after running and the stretch, and the strategy practice to stare at the Netherlands started afterwards.
The shape of 4‐5‐1 of the game against Cameroon is changed in the shot practice from the assembly of the final line, and the attack by two tops is practiced by 4‐4‐2. Honda played continuously at the position of FW. Supervisor Okada spoke the game against the Netherlands, "I wanted to put pressure on the final line with the press", and was suggesting the change of the system.

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TAKUYA(38) of former JUDY AND MARY known by the soccer expert of a top class takes charge and the rally also takes charge of the witness's account of the soccer World Cup by sports information also in the spectacle society now. The representation from Japan is analyzed while making the best use of friendship with the member of the representative ..Junichi MF Inamoto and Kei MF Honda [**].. by an original aspect.

It might be honest of times how many. Even if victory is obtained, it is feeling finally. The best result is [hama] [rimashitane] in the [kuso] importance though there is a game, too until coming here. Because there was only here if it gets win point 3.
It is feeling returned to manage to go to best 16 at five minutes.
When eating with Mr. Honda, "Three points can be taken" was sent off last month. The hit was felt when it was important and I felt the closed aura. The person in question : though "Is there such [gen]?" seemed to be mysterious.
The decision of two at a dash here because of the attention of the world as for the game against the following Netherlands and transfering the register to Premier League colorfully are the scenarios of the ideal.

FW is . ..the criticism.. if it doesn't defend. JapanAnd, if the point cannot be taken, it is complete and a war crime treatment.
However, I think that only the guy who can extrapolate the results by shouldering it can become a first class. When FW uses physical strength to defend, power to shoot in an essential goalmouth is lost. The scene of the score was at that position because Honda had thought only about the attack, too and it was decided calmly. I think that I turn in the character top.

It watched it with the club of Tokyo in the convenience of the schedule this time though the stadium was watched by three continuous rallies it in the past. Cameroon was not better at all than it thought. Eto'o arrived at the place like volante, and the system did not function for a moment the day before. There is not a settlement of the team that wins absolutely either.
The high ground measures seem not to have been done, and it feels it. from there was a difference of the preparationWas there "Effect of Nakatsue-mura" because it had been made easily by the Japanese, too?It was lucky that Cameroon was not too good rather than goodness in Japan.

It is likely to come as follows to win because the Netherlands wants to decide the 1st place street early. If a long ball is thrown in like Japan Denmark because it bends forward, the chance is certain though it is thought that it ..dingdong.. invades.

The source is http://hochi.yomiuri.co.jp/entertainment/news/20100616-OHT1T00026.htm.

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Honda who had sunk a shot by the game against Cameroon ran on the bench because it had been said by Nakamura, "When it got the point, it is ..coming.. [yo]".

Honda is talking about the reason that began to start after it sinks a shot aiming at the bench like this.

"It would recall in about five seconds because it began to be pleased that come and the story named [yo] was done from [**gou], and turnabout. "

As for the game against Cameroon, it is [**gou] Nakamura on which it looks back , saying that "Fighting by all members is important" and "The bench also fought". It talks about Honda's run-up to the bench as follows.

「Is it before how many days of the game?The thing 'When it got the point, it is ..coming.. [yo]' was said. Isn't there such picture in the upsurge of the quite a team though said to the guy who seems to take the point by some?All team that go up in the World Cup of successive are [aanaru]. (omission)Because it is the World Cup, is it good with pleasure only by an inside player to take the point?Such an oneness is terrible. 」


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Tokyo Olympics canoe representative

It is great-uncle sized Saburo Honda (75) to keisuke Japanese representative MF Honda [**] activity of (24) = CSKA Moscow = to which the game-winning goal of 1000 value money is decided by the game against Cameroon to narrow eyes.
What are Honda's strength that [moieru] [daisaburou] points out Honda's master by the canoe representative of the Tokyo Olympics in 1964 and the problem for the game against the Netherlands the 19th?。

[Daisaburou] is managing the canoe school by Honda's grandfather and the younger brother of full (78) in Miura-kaigan in Kanagawa Prefecture now.
It is the most familiar, for Honda top athlete, and it has advised on the practice method etc. in the elementary school age.
It is a person who receives a big influence Honda aims at the world by soccer.

「(game against Cameroon)You should have settled down very much keisuke [**]. It won a goal to there was in overcrowdedness only there though it was nervous before it sank a shot if it was not offside. Elder brother uncivilized sake is surely drunk. 」

[Daisaburou] that watched the game against Cameroon at home nodded greatly to the goal of Honda who had answered the expectation.
However, it is said to Olympics participation experience [noaru] [daisaburou] that a big problem to the game against the Netherlands was noticeable, too.

「The play of keisuke [**] is seen and it is not a type that felt most in the level of the world piercingly and with the agility. How does keisuke [**] cover this?Hereafter, I will think the world to be related how it is possible to take an active part top-level though rally of course now, too. 」
[Daisaburou] is always completely watched by severe eyes for Honda who became a national hero.
[Daisaburou] has been being guided to make the self-analysis of the practice note every day putting it for Honda a daily work.
Honda's cousin Olympics three-degree is pro wrestler, and multi [ki] Honda of participation.
It is said that strength of the body axis is lineage.

「There seemed to be strength of the hit. Honda family's body axis is strong though it is thought that it is lineage. There is strength when tangling, too. There is stickiness that puts out the foot even if falling down though it is thought that the upbringing does so. 」

Honda was brought up by full married couple until entering junior high by family matters for two years in the elementary school.
In life away with parents, the person level acquired the shifting endurance. It is said that physical strength is [daisaburou] heirloom.

「Whether it is possible to finish fighting to the last minute by strength of the body of inborn of that or not?Especially, how much muscular power does have with the body twisted in knocking against with the speed each other?Do you forge?Can you go without breaking down?(Run short. )If the strength is had instead of the agility, keisuke [**] will be able still to be taken an active part. 」

The victory mark to Japan again ....
[Daisaburou] believes Honda's activity by the game against the Netherlands.


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  World Cup Japanese representative MF Honda Keisuke[**] (24= CSKA Moscow) became the eyeball of European market.
The important person deputy of the Russian who has CSKA Moscow and a fat pipe testifies, "[Atorechiko] Madrid put out the motion for the Honda acquisition" on the 16th. The distinguished family club to open the stronghold in Madrid was a motion for the Honda acquisition and the kite was clarified.

Valencia and Seville have already shown interest to Honda in Spain. And, [atorechiko] Madrid newly entered the war by the activity of the game against Cameroon.
It is shape that the competition with three veteran clubs of Spain breaks out. In addition, two or more worldwide clubs such as Chelsea of Premier League, Fiorentina of Serie A, and Lyons of the France league show interest in acquisition.
The person who has the possession right related to CSKA Moscow speaks, "There is will being not to put it out if the hefty sum is not piled up", and the intention that doesn't compromise in the transfering the register money negotiation is shown. It changes greatly by the activity of the World Cup though Honda's transfering the register money is assumed to be 20 million Euro (about 2.2 billion yen) now.

The veteran club of a lot of Europe is sure to send Honda the heat glance. The game against the Netherlands it becomes a touchstone. Where it playable? the veteran other party where the talent in top-level Europe becomes complete
The market price of transfering the register money changes depending on it is possible to do of that, too. There is a possibility that the big club moves, and might be a club that breaks off the investigation oppositely.

Movement with cutting was shown in the entire practice that restarted on the 16th and the good condition was shown though the 15th was adjusted in lodgings.
Honda rages by the game against the Netherlands to achieve the Spain transfering the register after which oneself aspires and it turns.

The source introduces oneself to the competition http://www.sponichi.co.jp/soccer/news/2010/06/17/01.html A Madrid. It is activity of the game against Cameroon and it is Honda http://www.sponichi.co.jp/soccer/news/2010/06/17/images/KFullNormal20100617078_l.jpg of popular.

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The website of major sports channel ESPN told the victory of the representation from Japan under the heading "Powered By Honda".

Having received 24-year-old birthday on the 13th in the day before it plays a game : Kei Honda [**] to which a valuable game-winning goal is decided by the game against Cameroon.

I hear the comment after it plays a game, "It was not thought that have something because it was a birthday in yesterday".

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A group of 4 SHOCK EYE of music group "Shonan [**] style" (shock eye and 33) sent the yell to Kei soccer Japan representative MF Honda [**] (24) on friendly terms.
It exists in relations where it meets three years ago, and it goes to eat in Japan, that is, "'Younger brother' it friend who can get stimulation".
It reveals it when there is a strong desire to "The 1st" on the back side of the big mouse. 「It gets excited. I want to see the goal of the no rotation shot. 」It expected it.

Meeting : three years ago. It ate both from the fan of Shonan [**] style Honda in Tokyo.
Honda says on the day that it remembered sake.
「It drinks until 5 AM. Kei [**] had worried in the future before an overseas transfering the register. When painful time is got over, and I take up the first Oricon place for the first time, we (Shonan [**] style) :. Does the sense that takes the top ..'.. : Kei [**]?' It had a terrible interest. I『It becomes a braggart (long-nosed goblin). It is important with the target. 』[Tte]. " Honda ran with the Netherlands, the Beijing Olympics, and Russia and went up while holding the desire to "The 1st".
It doesn't lack and it eats both when returning home to Japan.
「'Younger brother' it Friend who can get stimulation. ..[ikeike].. [uta] is sung like 'Gold spirit' of 'Shonan [**] style' in karaoke. It is the same as [henno] 24 years old around there. the family recalling」
Nine-years old difference. It is said that the common feature is found to zeal and hot, and it secured of success.
「Do not you go?Posture to soccer is stoic though it is called a big mouse. It makes an effort in the place in which it doesn't see, it researches, and it self-analyzes it calmly. It gets excited because it sees. 」
The game against England the 30th of last month called the encouragement.
「Isn't it an ace in Japan any longer?It is a surprise. When you say terrible [teruzotte] to Kei [**]『[Desu] at all. It comes unskillfully. 』[Tte]. 『It your is feelings, and posture that expects. As today in bullishness』It was said. "

The game against Cameroon the 14th is the World Cup debut game for Honda. "The first expectation" is shouldered in the representative.
「He a certain is meaning, and challenger. It says ..[tte].. always [damessune] at all. Not to settle down. It is young. 」
The yell was sent from the standpoint of "One fan" at the end.
「Victory first of all. Kei [**] is always said, 'It is not significant when not winning'. I want to see to say nothing of the goal. I do not want must ..keeper movement [kenai].. to see in the inside and the no rotation shot of the flow. 」
The source is SHOCK EYE http://hochi.yomiuri.co.jp/photo/20100613-789677-1-L.jpg Shonan [**] style official site http://www.134r.com of "Shonan [**] style" to send the yell to representation from Japan and Kei Honda [**] by http://hochi.yomiuri.co.jp/entertainment/news/20100614-OHT1T00013.htm "The 1st" pose/

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Supervisor Takeshi Okada (53) paved the line named top Honda 1 for the first time in a large stage of World Cup.
Troussier saw through the commander's elaborate plan if failing though it was a strategy that was sure to be exposed to the criticism.
And, it proposed new "Unusual plan" in the game against the next war Netherlands.

Honda is not originally an attacker. 4?3?2?1 of the game against Cameroon was an experimental line.
Then, what did supervisor Okada try to do?How was a Cameroonian other party able to work effectively the representation from Japan, and after power relationship with the other party had been considered, the member was united.

I want you to look back on a reinforced game. The advantage of DF Tulio's opening goal was not able to be made the best use of to the last minute by game against (*1?2) England May 30 that had fought well.

On the other hand, game against (*0?2) Cote d'Ivoire on June 4 lacked the severity of the defense.
Having learnt from a reinforced game is importance of the defense. Then, supervisor Okada selected the road where the player of the attack was lowered to one person and the bench based on the game against England where the content was good.
FW Okazaki Shinji was lowered, and it became shape put out from sending and middle of Matsui ahead Honda.
Middle was made defensive more, and win point 3 was won and captured.

Well, the next war fights against the Netherlands on the 19th. First of all, it where the league cannot be exceeded by the first win point only 3 might have to be considered. And, the Netherlands is from Japan far the experience, and is existence like Everest. The winning percentage is 20%, and the probability of the draw is 40%.
Moreover, if putting forth the power of 100% or more completely is necessary, and such how to fight is done to win, mind and body's stamina will not have even the third game that becomes important.

If it is me, Matsui who becomes a keyman, Tamotsu Ohisa, Hasebe, and four Honda are made to take a rest, and Inamoto, Tamada, [**] Nakamura, and Okazaki are appointed.

And, it fights like the game against Cameroon defending. As for the DF line, they were not fortunately made to run too much in the game against Cameroon. Because even Abe doesn't feel tiredness, either it is good as it is.
The rotation should be able to be united well. It wins the Netherlands or the Netherlands where the first league breakthrough becomes definite comes to win whenever it wins Japan though the first league breakthrough approaches greatly if it draws.

It is necessary to lay everything on the line on the game against Denmark the 24th if it thinks about the balance.

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The final bullet in the game against Cameroon that MF Honda had decided derived the effect of the sponsor of 150 million yen.

The display of the advertisement that encloses the pitch displays FIFA official partner's "SONY" momentarily of the goal.
Afterwards, the "SONY" exposure by live telecast extends to 43 programs and 603 times, and is said that it corresponds to 150 million yen or more in CM spot fee conversion according to the Japan monitor.

Moreover, it is said that there is a possibility that 26.3 billion viewers saw the character of SONY in the world in the FIFA expectation.


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FW Honda who had deprived of the game-winning goal in the game against (the 14th) Cameroon was nominated for "Keyman" on the 17th ..supervisor Takeshi Okada (53) of the representation from Japan.. ..the game against (the 19th) the second game Netherlands.. ..continued...

Honda vouched well after the player for whom the recovery was late because of the game against Cameroon that had been done in Bloemfontein of the altitude about 1400 meters had revealed there was more than half the number after the practice on the 17th.

The possibility of the top and facing one after all has risen though the change of the system was suggested after the first match.
A man who becomes a key is still uniform number 18. 「The body moves well. It is not bad. 」
The commander put and spoke the expectation.

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Event of summer of Fuji Television Network「Does [**] come for Bay that laughs at Odaiba United States of America 2010?」The production announcement interview of (? August 31 July 17,) was held in this bureau in Tokyo and Daiba on the 14th, and girl Anna who took charge of announcing to public attended. 11 people arranged his face in "Girl [anairebun]" as if while holding the World Cup.

Soccer is announcer Tomoko Honda who is associating with Japanese representative MF Hasebe makoto (26) (26).
Still, South Africa where the lover exists seems to be anxious. The game of the representative of each country done until Japanese in time doesn't lack the check though it is a caster of sportscast "[Suporuto]" either. 「Sleeping because it is the World Cup period is 5:30 in the morning. The jet lag is done while it is in Japan. 」It smiled wryly.

On the other hand, Hitomi Nakamura senior Anna (31) is a comedy combination to whom the reunion association was told. 「[Samaa;]?[Zu]」The act that drinks and hints Kazuki Otake (42) and the catastrophe also. Anna (30) of Minako Nakano who married four senior-year-old doctor in March is enviously watched, and it is declared, "Synchronous Anna Nakano married, and [****] wants to do over the power spot in the whole country in the summer of this year" [****]. When Anna Nakano thrust it, it continued , saying that "I do not come round" , saying that "I want to live by praying for God's help so that it was not put by Anna Nakano".

Ikuno proton Anna (26) whom Anna Nakano spoke, "(In the summer of this year) I want to climb Mt. Fuji" was started .."I" and the body.., and the smile was floated probably because of , saying that "Because I also spoke with a local accent by the body, and had become loose also the spirit, I want to try to forge" ..feeling relieved because of the marriage...

The source is Fuji Television Network and announcer Tomoko Honda http://www.sponichi.co.jp/entertainment/news/2010/06/15/images/KFullNormal20100615151_l.jpg who ascends the platform with a smile in http://www.sponichi.co.jp/entertainment/news/2010/06/15/01.html "Odaiba United States of America 2010" production announcement.

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It is Fuji and Tomoko Honda Anna of "Soccer expert who finishes girl Anna" and famous that the victory of Japan was pleased most with girl Anna (26).

Honda who is serving as the caster by "[Suporuto]" is a lover of Japanese representative captain's Hasebe makoto (26).
Association is from university days, the date site is obtained for the mass communication many times, and the long-distance love is continued with Hasebe who transfered the register to [borufusuburuku] of Germany Bundesliga for 08 years through URAWA REDS.

「Hasebe's defensive skill is not compared unfavorably even if it is in physical, superior Bundesliga.
08?09 year's league the first victory is Hasebe's contribution size, and he is very few Japanese players who pass at the world level. There was a transfering the register story to veteran's Manchester United before, too and activity by the league and the World Cup is called one of the She's A Having A Baby with Honda. 」(person related to soccer)

It is Hasebe's very activity and Honda's stock is [ri] on the eel.
「The story of the representation from Japan is happily spoken to Honda and Shoji Miyake Anna is multiplying though Honda never talks about the topic by Hasebe in the program. It is welcomed as a bright topic by girl Anna also in the bureau. 」(person related to television)

Honda : in the other day's event. 「Sleeping because it is the World Cup period is the morning 5:30. The time difference grows senile while it is in Japan. 」
It talked. Honda is saving for Fuji where the game against Japan is not broadcast.

The source
The http://gendai.net/articles/view/geino/124626 image

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The Internet media of China told Japan to have won Cameroon by the group league first match in soccer FIFA World Cup holding it in South Africa before dawn of the 15th one after another. Especially, Keisuke Honda [**] player who had scored at 39 the first half minutes attracted attention.

Soccer is most popular sports in China, and reader's understanding level is also high.
Therefore, there were a lot of articles that introduced activity in the inside and outside of the content of the game and the player of Japan in detail.

"It is in Japan that laughed by the game against Cameroon at the end" and, first, it introduces it to [****] physical education of sports information.
It is "A valuable goal of Kei Honda [**] became a birth present for oneself. " also because the 13th was player Honda's birthday. 「It turned 24 years old. Member in CSKA Moscow in Russia.
(To the morrow on the birthday in own victory of the goal and the team. )It is correct that it was the happiest this day person. 」
With the commentary.

It doesn't only reach a goal about player Honda. 「What had to be paid attention made all of the 11 times of passing that had been drawn out in the first half succeed. Moreover, there were a lot of very beautiful passing. 」Do..distinguished..organization..ability..parade..express..praise.

[****] physical education expressed player Honda, "New the heavenly king of Japan" and "The person when taking an active part in Europe appears in the stage where the treasures of Japan gathered", etc.

When 1:0 and it is finished to lead, Japan publishes the article in other media one after another in the first half.
Finding such as "It was Keisuke Honda [**], and breakthrough in calm to the goal decision and the game" queued up.


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It yells Akiko Wada Japanese representative slight. "Let's stop an excessive expectation. "

Singer Akiko Wada (60) appeared in the image character assumption second generation of pachinko hall major "[Maruhan]" in Tokyo interview on the 17th, and the yell was sent to the soccer World Cup Japanese representative who faced the game against the Netherlands on the 19th.

Wada where brand No. "7" of [maruhan] wore the uniform of MF Endo of uniform number 7 disregarding it「. ..no treatment.. everyone when it is an after of the game against the Netherlands. greatlyYou may win. 」The winning representation from Japan is blest to the game against first match Cameroon. When "Tragedy in Doha" that missed the World Cup participation for 93 years was in real time seen, it revealed, and the game against the large best Netherlands where the second-round berth hung was spoken by shock calmly , saying that "It was not possible to sleep for three days", "Let's stop an excessive expectation". Still, to Japan Okada that fights with African soil far「So as not to regret, we will also assist. [Ha]. 」It solved and the yell was sent.

Image: Strong Karate kick?Then, it is not and it is Akiko Wada who delivers to South Africa and showed the gesture shot as if.


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