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The attitude to the Juventus war was instructed to capital (24) Intel Milano Nagatomo Yuto by decayed and filled Materazzi of 37 years old on the next fought the 13th.
Materazzi for one war of the tradition that was called "Italian darby" put out to the goal instruction, and stressed the meaning to Nagatomo , saying that "Anyway, if the goal was not decided, strike Toba will be done".
As for the local paper, the bench start is expected.

The source is

Japan is good country!
PLEASE come here!
(22) =F Tokyo ='s having secretly introduced the original training method the capital of Tasuku Japanese representative decayed and filled Nagatomo for the velocity World Cup participation decision in the Uzbekistan war on the sixth has understood the fourth.
It pays attention to "Body power theory" used by the martial arts field etc. , and physical strength is improved further.
I will suppress a left side.

To depress it to expert's region to reach South Africa at last, Nagatomo had started the body remodeling under utmost secrecy. 「That training is done every day. The body is losing temper of losing one's temper. 」Deep confidence was drifted with a smile.
'That training' about which Nagatomo talked was "Body power. "Peculiar training method that martial artist and Noboru Ito who had died at age of 55 in 02 advocated. Nagatomo paid attention to this book and perused it.
It is described, "If the body cannot be mastered well, moving ability of hands and feet etc. cannot be maximum used". Man's fuselage station is Iu when limited to three operation "It rounds and curve", "It extends and shorten it", and "Twist it". This operation is continued and a peculiar sensorium lingua training has been continued clearly for three weeks besides the team practice. The appliance is not needed, and "Before it sleeps before it practices after it gets up in the morning and", three degrees a day, and about three minutes of this operation that can be done alone. Was the yield of forging or playing a big roll of one score one assistance was shown in the Giraffa camelopardalis cup Belgium war on May 31.

It turns ahead , saying that "That is not the highest" , saying that "Is the performance of the highest life put out here and very do it do?" though it was praised by the joke by Toshi Nakamura who holds in high esteem.
As for the impregnable defenses body that runs one game 15 kilo that becomes highest Japan Okada, I feel the response depressed to a new dimension.

The enrichment is announced as the highspeed cross is fired in rapid succession from a sharp shooting out by the shot practice even on the fourth.
It is absent due to initial symptom of the locked bowel ..the Giraffa camelopardalis cup Chile war on May 27... Movement that antibiotic is taken, and predicament that keeps the pain down doesn't feel it in not a bit. New Nagatomo will decide the World Cup velocity participation in the enemy's territory decisive battle on the sixth due to the large explosion more than the Belgium war.

The source is Nagatomo who exchanges GK Kawashima by the shot practice jumping. 
Nagatomo yuto who had withdrawn temporarily due to initial symptom of Giraffa camelopardalis cup 2009(Tokyo and National Stadium on Japanese 4-0 Belgium and 31) locked bowel showed 1 goal 1 assistance and a sense of existence.

In the aspect that has been dispersed with the medicine according to the person in question「Safe. Toward good direction. 」Clearly.
A left side was announced, and it ran many times, and abundant momenta of inborn was announced.
To the first score that became the second score in representative「(Nakamura)Mr. Kentsyoshi's passing was good, and there was thinking time. It aimed at Nia (near side). 」The smile.

- Player of capital of Tasuku Nagatomo (F Tokyo):
「The goal is feelings in complete. It is unrelated though might be morbus though might be what. When Hashiri is defeated, I do not have the meaning that comes out. It went for the shot because GK was seen for center of gravity to move reading it though it tried to raise the cross. It boldly aimed at Nia. It is also large that Mr. Kentsyoshi's (Nakamura) passing is good, and there was room that firmly sees GK.
(The activity of player Imano of the first war :. )It terribly became stimulation. I thought that I put out my good part though there was a part that saw on the television and served as a reference, too.
(The locked bowel :. )The anxiety should be lacked and be erased on the done inside. It prepares it without relaxing one's guard. Meal refrains from. The ball neatly comes to a reverse-side because only the person to whom the former player can turn the ball has a broad outlook as for this team. The quality is being required even of the representative more. It is necessary to give the cross of Don Pixia more more though it was possible to assist. It is not thought that satisfy it with the current state. 」
Decayed and filled Nagatomo (right) is Nori decision MF Nakamura and high touch in the first half as for the preemptive attack goal. 


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