vissel kobeの最近のブログ記事

Kobeshi that shakes by a new influenza practices (J1) Kobe of one J League in the hometown in the Kobeshi internal ground on the 18th.

Captain Tsuneyasu Miyamoto said "Because there was a person who was the layoff, too it was able to know Kobe won by the newspaper and news and it to be energetic" and eagerness.

Players threw the sweat with a smile though the alternating current with the fan like the signature etc. had been discontinued and the visitor was sparse.

The turnover of Miyamoto on the way.  feel odd in the left introvert muscle by the Niigata war on the 17th
Though the Kyoto war of the Nabisco cup the 20th is an absence schedule
「It is tomorrow that the inspection result goes out. It is not bad as next day's state. 」It was positive aiming at the return at the early stage.  solved


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