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It yells Akiko Wada Japanese representative slight. "Let's stop an excessive expectation. "

Singer Akiko Wada (60) appeared in the image character assumption second generation of pachinko hall major "[Maruhan]" in Tokyo interview on the 17th, and the yell was sent to the soccer World Cup Japanese representative who faced the game against the Netherlands on the 19th.

Wada where brand No. "7" of [maruhan] wore the uniform of MF Endo of uniform number 7 disregarding it「. treatment.. everyone when it is an after of the game against the Netherlands. greatlyYou may win. 」The winning representation from Japan is blest to the game against first match Cameroon. When "Tragedy in Doha" that missed the World Cup participation for 93 years was in real time seen, it revealed, and the game against the large best Netherlands where the second-round berth hung was spoken by shock calmly , saying that "It was not possible to sleep for three days", "Let's stop an excessive expectation". Still, to Japan Okada that fights with African soil far「So as not to regret, we will also assist. [Ha]. 」It solved and the yell was sent.

Image: Strong Karate kick?Then, it is not and it is Akiko Wada who delivers to South Africa and showed the gesture shot as if.

Japan is good country!
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Takuya FW Yokoyama (24) who belongs to Urawa etc. by Yasuhiro Motoshimizu MF Yoshida (40), Hiroyuki MF Ishida (29), Tomoyuki MF Sakai (30) of a former representation from Japan, and coming from the Shizuoka educational institution et al. are acquisition of membership in new. Toshihide Saito (36) of the player and the head coach「We wish to express our gratitude for a wonderful player's entering. I want to hold out both to make a new page in the soccer life. 」It spoke. 

This club aims at the JFL promotion at the next season. MF Yoshida who was on the register in Shimizu at six seasons by Tokai University 1(present Tokai University Hiroshi) coming from「It is proud to play soccer again by Shizuoka also that is the adopted home.
It holds out to be promoted to J League. 」A hot decision was said.

Japan is good country!
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The promotion financial resources forehead to the sports promotion business in fiscal year 2009 that made earnings of toto a radical announced the lock-in lingua for the highest 12.7 billion yen (1.5 billion yen in fiscal year 2008) ever.
The promotion business at two billion cyclotomies is adding recruited in addition for the highest 6.1 billion yen ever as for the promotion allotment such as sports associations decided informally.

1/3 paying tax to the national treasury among the earnings 18.3 billion yen of toto in fiscal year 2008.
Remain..fiscal year 2007..earnings..carry

3.6 billion yen was allocated in the business such as billion yen and the anti doping businesses that had to be promoted continuously and stably as savings to the large-scale International Convention held domestically as the Olympics and the World Cup, etc. besides the promotion to each group.
The promotion business in an additional offering doesn't reach two billion yen, and the same center is scheduled to do the third offering in August.

Japan is good country!
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