Winning eleven/kolokolo PKの最近のブログ記事

Japanese representative MF Yasuhito Endo's (29=G Osaka)"Felis colocolo PK" was perceived as "Technique in the world". PK that rolled the ball with the Felis colocolo in which Endo was skillful was included in latest work "PLAYMAKER 2009" of popular game "Winning eleven" of game software company Konami as "Technique".
It was put on the market domestically on May 14, and the early sale was done in foreign countries at the end on March this year.
It was equal that Japanese player's original technique had entered to Mr. former representative of France MF Zidane's "Marseille roulette" etc. for the first time.

The chance was a request voluntarily Endo. The project of the magazine and it is Iu in the beginning of last year when whether "I hope of ..following.. Felis colocolo" and the joke when playing are done and it said.
It is received and the person in charge of development is a confirmation gaping departure lingua many times as for the play image.
The title of "Roll penalty (kick)" in "Felis colocolo kick" and the overseas edition, and the affiliate is "I am English that falls under the Felis colocolo, and want to do to the roll (Roll) in a near image" and clarifications in a Japanese version. Endo「It is glad for my features to be taken. All are favorite games, and the occasion that I also do enjoys it. 」It is pleased.  

It is FW mesh of Barcelona where a European Champions' League was conquered to serve as the image character of merchandise. If Japan decides the World Cup this war participation, might the player in each country start Endo's research by "Uiire" with the mesh at the top?

The source is winning eleven play manufacturer 2009(Wii) official site


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