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Let's assist in the war of away by community involvement hot. ――。Public viewing (PV) is achieved in 13 all public halls of Tendoshi in the home-town of monte by the Hiroshima war that Montedio Yamagata arrives at the enemy's territory on the 16th. The planned Tendo Incorporated is enthusiastic, "I want to bring up hometown love and the connection of the region through the assistance of monte". (Takeshi Fujiki)

It was entitled, "Public hall stadium of", and the city planning committee in the chamber planned as part of a regional causing through sports. Mr. (34) Norios Ito of the chairman who conceived it watched "Tohoku darby" with Sendai last June. "It was strongly actually felt that a connection with surroundings and it was Yamagata men though soccer was seen for the first time. "It thought about the assistance project by community involvement from the experience.

- To the connection of the region
 「There is a person who feels that the hurdle is high go to the stadium also in local. It wanted to see the game first of all, and to make the occasion that everyone assists in. 」With Mr./Ms. Ito. It was felt, "Importance was not noticed ..Aruka et al... rather so that the stadium was near" and "Other regions such as Higashine have risen to the club was in Tendo".

It was thought that it was possible to come readily regardless of the young and old man and woman in case of the public hall. It is expected, "Become a chance to revive a weakening regional community" though equipment is various from the big screen of the hall to small TV screen in the Japanese-style room.

That day is a practice of assistance during ..start.. 30-game minute. In each public hall, the member in the received Kio chamber teaches the assistance call to those who come in the hand of the monte supporter. Moderate that writes lyrics also prepares 2,000 pieces.
The sports inhabitants of the prefecture song is scheduled to be chorused greatly if it wins.
Handmade 1250 handbills
The chamber is chased by the preparation now. About 1250 handmade handbills are prepared, it distributes to the elementary school and sports boy scouts, and it asks for the circular.

Mr./Ms. Ito : to the event. 「 number of spectators in the home increases more, and the region becomes energetic, too. 」The desire is put.

Kicking off on the 16th is 4:00PM. Each hall is free in opening the doors at 3:00PM. Mr./Ms. Ito et al. call the Iwata war with ND soft a stadium July 19 that becomes the latter half opening game in each hall that it watches and assists together.



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