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"Japan Okada that won".

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"Japan Okada that won".

In played soccer World Cup (World Cup) South African rally, the representation from Japan took down veteran Cameroon on the 14th (local time), and snatched win point 3.

The stand buried in Samurai blue shook like the wave in the [furi-sute-to] stadium momentarily of victory. "Often did" and "It is really glad. "Supporters have raised male [takebi] of rejoicing to dramatic victory.

Injury time was felt long in the supporter of the assistance seat for four minutes by me. longThe stand where Japanese cheerleaders took up one's position was wrapped in the shout of joy like rumbling of the earth momentarily at the time of having rung the whistle of victory.

To embrace each other, and to explode pleasure, "[Bubuzera]" is played. The flag of the rising-sun flag was lively shaken.

Company employee [takahashimakoto] (38) who came to assist in four families「The whole team had concentrated terribly. It often did. 」It shouted. Eldest son [kana] size (11) of Mr./Ms. Takahashi who had been assisting in Kei Honda [**] player who had taken the winning point (there) called repeatedly hero's name by the smile of "[Honda] and [honda]" and whole faces.

At the moment when player Honda won a goal, Yohei company employee Tanioka (28) who had come from Chiba Prefecture Urayasu City jumped with joy. 「I am really glad to do activity the same as the expectation. He is absolutely necessary for Japan's playing soccer. 」The face was flushed and spoken.

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TAKUYA(38) of former JUDY AND MARY known by the soccer expert of a top class takes charge and the rally also takes charge of the witness's account of the soccer World Cup by sports information also in the spectacle society now. The representation from Japan is analyzed while making the best use of friendship with the member of the representative ..Junichi MF Inamoto and Kei MF Honda [**].. by an original aspect.

It might be honest of times how many. Even if victory is obtained, it is feeling finally. The best result is [hama] [rimashitane] in the [kuso] importance though there is a game, too until coming here. Because there was only here if it gets win point 3.
It is feeling returned to manage to go to best 16 at five minutes.
When eating with Mr. Honda, "Three points can be taken" was sent off last month. The hit was felt when it was important and I felt the closed aura. The person in question : though "Is there such [gen]?" seemed to be mysterious.
The decision of two at a dash here because of the attention of the world as for the game against the following Netherlands and transfering the register to Premier League colorfully are the scenarios of the ideal.

FW is . ..the criticism.. if it doesn't defend. JapanAnd, if the point cannot be taken, it is complete and a war crime treatment.
However, I think that only the guy who can extrapolate the results by shouldering it can become a first class. When FW uses physical strength to defend, power to shoot in an essential goalmouth is lost. The scene of the score was at that position because Honda had thought only about the attack, too and it was decided calmly. I think that I turn in the character top.

It watched it with the club of Tokyo in the convenience of the schedule this time though the stadium was watched by three continuous rallies it in the past. Cameroon was not better at all than it thought. Eto'o arrived at the place like volante, and the system did not function for a moment the day before. There is not a settlement of the team that wins absolutely either.
The high ground measures seem not to have been done, and it feels it. from there was a difference of the preparationWas there "Effect of Nakatsue-mura" because it had been made easily by the Japanese, too?It was lucky that Cameroon was not too good rather than goodness in Japan.

It is likely to come as follows to win because the Netherlands wants to decide the 1st place street early. If a long ball is thrown in like Japan Denmark because it bends forward, the chance is certain though it is thought that it ..dingdong.. invades.

The source is

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Tokyo Olympics canoe representative

It is great-uncle sized Saburo Honda (75) to keisuke Japanese representative MF Honda [**] activity of (24) = CSKA Moscow = to which the game-winning goal of 1000 value money is decided by the game against Cameroon to narrow eyes.
What are Honda's strength that [moieru] [daisaburou] points out Honda's master by the canoe representative of the Tokyo Olympics in 1964 and the problem for the game against the Netherlands the 19th?。

[Daisaburou] is managing the canoe school by Honda's grandfather and the younger brother of full (78) in Miura-kaigan in Kanagawa Prefecture now.
It is the most familiar, for Honda top athlete, and it has advised on the practice method etc. in the elementary school age.
It is a person who receives a big influence Honda aims at the world by soccer.

「(game against Cameroon)You should have settled down very much keisuke [**]. It won a goal to there was in overcrowdedness only there though it was nervous before it sank a shot if it was not offside. Elder brother uncivilized sake is surely drunk. 」

[Daisaburou] that watched the game against Cameroon at home nodded greatly to the goal of Honda who had answered the expectation.
However, it is said to Olympics participation experience [noaru] [daisaburou] that a big problem to the game against the Netherlands was noticeable, too.

「The play of keisuke [**] is seen and it is not a type that felt most in the level of the world piercingly and with the agility. How does keisuke [**] cover this?Hereafter, I will think the world to be related how it is possible to take an active part top-level though rally of course now, too. 」
[Daisaburou] is always completely watched by severe eyes for Honda who became a national hero.
[Daisaburou] has been being guided to make the self-analysis of the practice note every day putting it for Honda a daily work.
Honda's cousin Olympics three-degree is pro wrestler, and multi [ki] Honda of participation.
It is said that strength of the body axis is lineage.

「There seemed to be strength of the hit. Honda family's body axis is strong though it is thought that it is lineage. There is strength when tangling, too. There is stickiness that puts out the foot even if falling down though it is thought that the upbringing does so. 」

Honda was brought up by full married couple until entering junior high by family matters for two years in the elementary school.
In life away with parents, the person level acquired the shifting endurance. It is said that physical strength is [daisaburou] heirloom.

「Whether it is possible to finish fighting to the last minute by strength of the body of inborn of that or not?Especially, how much muscular power does have with the body twisted in knocking against with the speed each other?Do you forge?Can you go without breaking down?(Run short. )If the strength is had instead of the agility, keisuke [**] will be able still to be taken an active part. 」

The victory mark to Japan again ....
[Daisaburou] believes Honda's activity by the game against the Netherlands.

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