Gamba Osakaの最近のブログ記事

J1team Gamba Osaka announced the best eleven of successive in commemoration of the 20th club creation anniversary on the second. 
It is chosen in the fan balloting, and it is active player of the active service in the team of Sue now of seven of 11. Three people placed the name in a line to the foreign player. 

The member is as follows. 

- FW Emboma and Araujo

- MF Yasuhito Endo, Tomokazu Myojin, Futagawa Tacahirosh, and Hidero Hashimoto

-DF Satoru  Yamaguchi, Ryo Kaji, Tsuneyasu Miyamoto, and Sidiclei de Souza

- GK Fujigaya Yosuke

Japan is good country!
PLEASE come here!
For G Osaka war (Saitama) on the 14th Urawa DF Marcus Tulio Lyuji Murzani Tanaka, and the 16th「It was defeated because of appeals and trials last year. I want you to choose a good person. 」The order of the exception was applied.
It is not possible to win, and the game contents rages with three defeat division into one last year. The judgment and the yellow card of misjudgment flew around, and both armies caused the commotion of fighting disorderly last May.

Only to the attractive programme of the ability club「I do not want to drag this. I want to throw power each other each other. 」It wished.  

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The Okada supervision to which the war of J2 was inspected as deeply sat on VIP seat, and thrown one's head back bent forward at the moment. It thrust lacking between the decayed and filled formations of the Kagawa edge water door by force when the stone god of C Osaka put the low cross from a left side for 42 the latter half minutes and separately, and it pushed it into the goal by the right foot.
It slipped out with PK at 37 the first half minutes on the back side of the decayed and filled line at 32 the latter half minutes, and Kagawa where the left foot shot had been decided ..professional.. entered and decided the first hat trick. 「You bet it is, and it aimed. It is obediently glad. 」The voice is the bullet precocious Kagawa.

Kagawa was praised by a short language and "Goodness had gone out in the latter half" Okada supervision was filled.
Four.  two wars in "Presence game" of Sue and representative commander now together with Sapporo war (April 19)It appealed hard aiming at the Giraffa camelopardalis cup (the 31st the 27th) and the member announcement of three continuous fights of an Asian final preliminary contest of the World Cup (the 21st) in June.

Kagawa stood in the J2 score rank head position with Sue 10 score eyes at the same time as bringing teamed the victory that queued up with Shonan and win point 35 of the head position now. 「Because the sensorium to the goal has risen, the judgment is fast. There were feelings in it before the supervision of Okada. Please give my best regards to the Okada supervision the player in C Osaka. ..saying..」Mr. (37) C Osaka Ambassador Hiroaki Morishima in the limit of last year who retired spoke with a smile.

Sue and uniform number 8 were inherited from Mr./Ms. Morishima who sank a shot by the Tunisia war of the Japan-Korea co-sponsoring World Cup for 64 international A match game 12 goals and 02 years now by a brave, resolute shooting out from the 1.5th row. Goals of the 3 on eyes on this day were play to make the assumption of "Mr. Cerezo" exactly vivid. The score power improves to C Osaka and the representation from Japan drastic when "There is even a representative who has made my play" Kagawa reaches "Morishi level".

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