August 2010アーカイブ

An Urawa leading absence ... It fights in 18 emperor cup very limit people.

Urawa was leading players' a large amount of absences, and the possibility rose compelling the war in 18 very limit rosters the second round on September 5 in the emperor cup.

Decayed and filled Mattew Spiranobitti (22) and MF Will friedo Sanu (26) were called out by each representative Burkina Faso in representative Australia on the 24th. the register..definite..become.
MF Yamadanao right leg and MF Umezaki withdraw, and in addition, a right knee and MF Suzuki hurt its right calf, and FW Tanaka also is withdrawing the injury by the right shoulder luxatio.
27 person enrollment member inside at present with and minimum have the possibility of lacking seven people. This other party is a victor of the saitama prefecture representative and the representative of Tochigi Prefecture done on September 3.

Hashiratani GM : because it has been defeated at Yamamiyabi Matsumoto FC by the same the second round last year. 「Do not become the dance of two of last year. It can do nothing but do by the member who is. 」It spoke.

Japan is good country!
PLEASE come here!


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