Football Association of Japan announced 24 call members of the Bahrain war of the World Cup (World Cup) Asian final preliminary contest (March 28/Saitama stadium 2002) in 2010 the 19th.

Toshi Nakamura (cell tick) and four Matsui (St. Etienne) were chosen by the foreign countries class, and Inamoto (Frankfurt an der Oder) came off. Kawaguchi (Iwata) leaked from the member though Narazaki (Nagoya) returned in GK. Moreover, Kanasaki of 20 years old (Oita) is a lingua of ..representation.. beginning.
The foreign countries class is scheduled to be done on the 24th, and to join from the first day to the training camp, too.

The Okada supervision that attends the interview「I want to think the win at home, and to handle risk and to go to take the point. It doesn't think excluding winning. 」It solved and it talked about eagerness.

World place..apply.
 It holds a play-off between 3rd place, and, in addition, it ..intercontinental playoff with the first place in Oceania district.. fights.

The Gao Hombo supervision of a Chinese representative of just the assumption recently
The target was perceived that there was a difficult way in the presence on the 15th though set the target to 2014FIFA World Cup this rally participation.

Gao who had become a Chinese national team coach of the seventh person after 2000 said to reporters, "The end goal of my team is tried to this rally by participation in 2014 World Cups to be getatable".

"The duty and the responsibility made up to the one we representative team are special, it has the ability, and with hope are taken though China soccer is languishing now. "

Motoyohyou Stryker Corp. of just the assumption in the first ten days of this month is scheduled to face first challenge of Gao of 43 years in the preliminary contest of 2011automatic frequency control Asian cup rally.

Gao pulled the team that disappeared from the preliminary contest of the World Cup South African rally early and became severe, Serb person's Vlady Mir Petorovitti's successor.

Though power was shown off as a sports power in Beijing Olympics
The soccer China representative has not been recognized only the current advancement in 2002 to the World Cup this rally one time in the world stage yet.

China, Iceland, and Sierra Leone in 97th place are narrowing in the FIFA rank now.
Gao obtains the occasion that checks the player with the friendly game done to representative Germany and representative Saudi Arabia and All-Iran team in the vicinity.