Nakamura kengoの最近のブログ記事

Great physical strength (28) of Nori Japanese representative MF Nakamura of World Cup (World Cup) Asian final preliminary contest A class becomes homemade Gerald.  Premier League and Liverpool MF Steven Gerrard.
(29) together..special..hand..calositas.
There seems to be a possibility of starting in advance for the Uzbekistan war done in this place on the sixth under Nori Nakamura top, too.
Kentsyoshi starts in advance by two games in the Giraffa camelopardalis cup under the top. The Okada supervision said, "It wants you to play with the image like Gerald" the intention. Gerald is a captain in Liverpool that was able to be known not saying. Everything at an aggressive position is ruled by the pitch with the strong middle management bullet as the weapon, and attacker existence also in representative England.
"..pressure.. considerably drive it . the joke. "Vrante is not doing a bad nature being expected Kentsyoshi so even though is a main vocation. One one score assistance in the continuing Belgium war under the top though the Giraffa camelopardalis cup Chile war missed the splendor machine of the score twice. The person in question also feels response from the Finland war in February to the tested position.
After entering of Tashkent, a special DVDing from which the scene that had occurred under Gerald top was edited was passed. The Nori great physical strength was pleased with the image of Gerald who was kicking out 16 scores of the third place in score rank in Premier League Sue now to be pleased with the team staff who received the instruction of the Okada supervision by the special edited one , saying that "I wanted to see". 「Uzbek's defense from Belgium to the inside must be firm. It is necessary to challenge. 」。The motivation of Kentsyoshi to which Gerald's image is printed out with DVD has risen further.
The Okada supervision asserted the starting lineup plan of the Uzbek war to be "Harden almost".
At the big day, it becomes a stand at the position where Gerald in Japan decides the match according to the language.


"Response is certain in the standpoint challenged at this position now. "The language was embodied on the pitch.

The scene of the preemptive attack quickly produces Nagatomo's score in the broad outlook through passing. Passing of Tamotsu Ohisa was received for 20 the first half minutes, it counterattacked sharply, and the goal was pierced by the right foot.


"Whereabouts" was not found the layer thick and middle easily.

The Australia war in February tasted the disgrace removed from the bench.

At last, it came into view the exit every day when "Player who should be able to use any situation" and oneself were stirred up.

- Passing from Kengo image Nakamura, and the capital of Tasuku Nagatomo is of the angle because it is not that dynamically raises the decision first score.


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