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< J1: ◇ Toyota S on paragraph 12 in Nagoya 1-1 Omiya >-  -  the 16th

Nagoya managed to draw to Omiya of the subordinate position. The lost point in easiness from the lapse of judgment of the decayed and filled formation at four the first half minutes.
It suffers from the counter of Omiya afterwards, and the first half ends though there is little showing place. Leading did not become, and Omiya and win point 1 were shared though it entered the latter half at last, the flow was gripped, and it made it to the same point in the goal of FW Dabi (25) at 36 minutes.

Gong Gan Stoikovic supervision (44) is not convincing to the contents in the first half and "We were not playing in the first half. "This supervision grieved for unpalatable of cooperation ..the defense formation where the stability was lacked.. ..touch.. , saying that "Communications did not go well today". 18:32 May 16, 2009
It was announced that it would temporarily return home to Brazil. It schedules it to revisit to Japan in the beginning of June.

Maginun is injured by Newcastle (Australia) war of the Asia Champions' League held on April 22.

It was diagnosed by right knee tibial collateral ligament () wound as six complete recovery weeks.

NAGOYA Grampus formula press release
Tami full bringing Dipterocarpus tuberculatus full countermeasure and the face mask are prepared for the Beijing expedition.

NAGOYA Grampus takes the influenza countermeasure of thorough aiming at the Asia Champions' League and the Beijing war (Beijing) on the 20th and it goes on an expedition. Full Tami and the face mask for the entire staff are prepared by 18 enrollment players.
The Fukushima director executive director serves to prevention , saying that "Specially, do within the range that can be done though it is not nervous".

Grampus has already decided the second-round berth by the league head position of the 1 primary, and the digestion plays a game with Beijing where the defeat is decided. Only most main forces are not kept to the expedition, and the expedition period is a lingua of the cutback.

South Korea in the rally now is an amendment to the Beijing entering before it plays a game on the day on the 19th in the Australia expedition in two game Hikuma this time though a local entering, the formula practice the day before, and it was a flow of game. Because a prior site investigation, and the player the bad environment like the air pollution etc. have the hazard that influences harmfully, it will ..league Final Race of 1 primary.. fight by the tour on the third two night stay.

The ACL Beijing Kuniyasu war on the 20th of Nagoya is a young man center.

Nagoya practiced about 1 hour and 30 minutes in Toyotashi of Aichi in preparation for the league Beijing Kuniyasu war of Asia Champions' League (ACL) 1 primary (Beijing on the 20th) on the 18th.

Nagoya has already decided the league breakthrough of the 1 primary in 1st place, and the defeat has been fixed to other party's Beijing Kuniyasu.
Expectation of becoming digestive game, and facing China expedition on the 19th one war by away on the 20th by organizing young man center.
Gong Gan Stoikovic supervision (44) to have had an interview after it had practiced was declared to be "The young man is taken".

All members are scheduled to take it to six Sue acquisition of membership lingua rookie people now. Decayed and filled Takeuchi (25) of the main force class that participates in in such and 31 last season league games is thick as the leader case for China. A hot decayed and filled to which great expectations hang : as a organizer of the team. 「It is necessary to win because it plays a game. It is not significant, and not a digestive game if it doesn't win. 」
The yell is.  solve


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