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Great physical strength (28) of Nori Japanese representative MF Nakamura of World Cup (World Cup) Asian final preliminary contest A class becomes homemade Gerald.  Premier League and Liverpool MF Steven Gerrard.
(29)Drink..image..have..play..desirous..Nori..request..Takeshi..supervision..Gerald..top..play..bring together..special..hand..calositas.
There seems to be a possibility of starting in advance for the Uzbekistan war done in this place on the sixth under Nori Nakamura top, too.
Kentsyoshi starts in advance by two games in the Giraffa camelopardalis cup under the top. The Okada supervision said, "It wants you to play with the image like Gerald" the intention. Gerald is a captain in Liverpool that was able to be known not saying. Everything at an aggressive position is ruled by the pitch with the strong middle management bullet as the weapon, and attacker existence also in representative England.
"..pressure.. considerably drive it . the joke. "Vrante is not doing a bad nature being expected Kentsyoshi so even though is a main vocation. One one score assistance in the continuing Belgium war under the top though the Giraffa camelopardalis cup Chile war missed the splendor machine of the score twice. The person in question also feels response from the Finland war in February to the tested position.
After entering of Tashkent, a special DVDing from which the scene that had occurred under Gerald top was edited was passed. The Nori great physical strength was pleased with the image of Gerald who was kicking out 16 scores of the third place in score rank in Premier League Sue now to be pleased with the team staff who received the instruction of the Okada supervision by the special edited one , saying that "I wanted to see". 「Uzbek's defense from Belgium to the inside must be firm. It is necessary to challenge. 」。The motivation of Kentsyoshi to which Gerald's image is printed out with DVD has risen further.
The Okada supervision asserted the starting lineup plan of the Uzbek war to be "Harden almost".
At the big day, it becomes a stand at the position where Gerald in Japan decides the match according to the language.

Japanese representative GK Narazaki aims at the great achievement achievement by the Uzbekistan war.
The only existence that experiences all the World Cups in which German rally for 06 years and Japan-Korea (Japan) for France for 98 years and 02 years participated in present age table.
If four rally serial participation is accomplished, it is equal in ..Caen.. worldwide stars.  Pere and Maradona
The offered desire of a German rally is strong in a South African rally because it was contented with Kawaguchi's keeping from in France and 06 years of 98 years though the Japan-Korea rally was positive GK for 02 years for ten years. "Feeling more and more" and the decisive battle were put and the yell had been put.


Uzbekistan that fought in an Asian final preliminary contest of the World Cup on the sixth trapped team information Cac doing and Japan Okada to the bewilderment.

It turns out that Pyrrhula pyrrhula griseiventris's practice place was being told to a Japanese association by the Uzbekistan association this time though Japan often dispatches the technical staff to a prior practice of the enemy country for the data gathering.

The Japanese association affiliate floated the expression of perplexity , saying that "It is not made this time though other party's practice place was understood usually".

When the practice place was inquired of the Uzbekistan association, it is Iu when the clear response is not obtained and the practice facilities (7 and eight places) were taught.


Hiocata supervision interview (1/2) before it fights of Uzbekistan 2010FIFA World Cup Asian final preliminary contest June 5, 2009(Friday)
- If it is possible to concentrate on our soccer, the consequence follows.

It comes here playing a game in Kirin Cup before it comes to Uzbekistan two, it practices four times including today, and there is not a player of a defective condition either, and injured returned, and player's motivation has gone up. Did not what had to be done come in all?It is thought that the consequence follows if it is possible to concentrate to play soccer of we to put forth all the power that players can have completely in tomorrow's game, and to win.

――Do you think the most much growth though think that there is response that the team grows up to here?After that, is it thought to use it in the game about Keiji Tamada?

When you adjust doing of ten times even by the concept of the team in various meanings if the switch of offense and defense is made fast eight times to nine times.
It is felt that posture of not showing becoming empty and sweetness has improved very much so that it may be felt that such an individual step has gone up, and the team may win still compared with the match. It is said, 'It is playable without trouble at all' and he is not a situation that it is not possible to take part in the game at all because he is though he seems to remain a little the soreness for Tamada. It thinks as a war potential enough.

――How much was Uzbekistan examined?(Uzbekistan reporter)

The game of Uzbekistan is seen with all games and videos. Moreover, the game with Bosnia and Herzegovina also dispatches the coach and it checks it.
Most games are checked including the friendly game.

――Is there a player who destroyed the condition in Kirin Cup?(Uzbekistan reporter)

Because one person (Naoteru Yamada) injured, it has left it in Japan though no game. The brush is and, besides, there is no person.
――(From the supervision assumption. )World Cup (World Cup) participation is decided if it wins at the 27th game (To Uzbekistan). Does having felt that it is possible to fight in Asia because of this soccer : at one time?Moreover, does the concept's having penetrated to the team : at one time?

Which soccer does 'This soccer' show though it is difficult to turn around because it is a game tomorrow?Winning Absolutely : though I don't get it because we always aim on because That can't be it. When we try to win and continue the trie again as follows for the step-up. It repeats though there is Iu's as an image even if such soccer is done from this repetition and the beginning, that it Charengens every time every time and the step improves as follows.

The consequence on the surface is defeated ..the win.., wins a great victory, enters by four points, is drawn, and it exists variously.  Though the soccer is said to you the usual penetration
In short, what shape the team has advanced is thought that I am a very small step. Or, it hardly advanced occasionally.
However, the favor not advanced and the following advancement existed. It is thought Fuu of having advanced because it is thought that such a repetition ..holding for a long time ..step stock vice tetraethylpyrophosphate.. little by little...

――How will tomorrow's game become it in the future if it does and it is defeated?(Uzbekistan reporter)

Because I do not decide it. (Football Association of Japan)Because Inukai (Motoaki) chairman will come tomorrow, I think that the chairman judges it.

- The god decides which wins.

Japan is 【 sports Nabis ] that the World Cup participation at the velocity of the world is decided when winning Uzbekistan war――How much is and is it thought of the possibility that Uzbekistan wins though Japan and Uzbekistan fought several times?(Uzbekistan reporter)

We are not underestimating assessing the power of Uzbekistan. It is thought that a very powerful in spite of win point 4 now team.
In such a meaning, it doesn't become an easy game to play a game of tomorrow. I think that it becomes a tough game. I think which wins in that the god decides it.
――Will the frame of mind : please compared with Johore Bahru (It won the World Cup, an Asian final preliminary contest of a French rally, and the final match of the third representative with Iran in 1998 and the World Cup debut was decided) tomorrow though the preliminary contest breakthrough became the second if it won?

It doesn't remember well or the participation right of the World Cup : though it says to the player aiming at tomorrow's Uzbekistan war because you may take it even if it is not tomorrow when 12 years ago though it might differ considerably from now. However, it encounters painful eyes in Iu feelings if it wins somewhere among three remainder games.
When the power that we concentrate in such a meaning is not taken the participation right of the World Cup, and concentrates to win to Uzbekistan on doing what we should do ,in a word, our soccer. Therefore, where can the participation right of the World Cup put out our soccer very so in tomorrow's game as for oneself?If it does so, it wins, and the participation right is obtained, and such an idea is done if it wins. Such a sense : the team for a moment perhaps now even if Johore Bahru is asked now because it thinks that the method of such a concentration is done and it exists. ――。
It apologizes if it is possible to hear it though it is likely to understand later.

――How about the assessment of media though drawn in last year's game?(Uzbekistan reporter)

When the criticism was done, dismissing perhaps is thought (BG) though doesn't know perhaps .... too much well. However, I do not think that the game contents was bad at all. It was thought that naturally, that was in the game of skill, too. However, wasn't surroundings Caco perhaps?
Because it (Media related personnel :) comes a lot, the (BG) thought that you should hear.
(22) =F Tokyo ='s having secretly introduced the original training method the capital of Tasuku Japanese representative decayed and filled Nagatomo for the velocity World Cup participation decision in the Uzbekistan war on the sixth has understood the fourth.
It pays attention to "Body power theory" used by the martial arts field etc. , and physical strength is improved further.
I will suppress a left side.

To depress it to expert's region to reach South Africa at last, Nagatomo had started the body remodeling under utmost secrecy. 「That training is done every day. The body is losing temper of losing one's temper. 」Deep confidence was drifted with a smile.
'That training' about which Nagatomo talked was "Body power. "Peculiar training method that martial artist and Noboru Ito who had died at age of 55 in 02 advocated. Nagatomo paid attention to this book and perused it.
It is described, "If the body cannot be mastered well, moving ability of hands and feet etc. cannot be maximum used". Man's fuselage station is Iu when limited to three operation "It rounds and curve", "It extends and shorten it", and "Twist it". This operation is continued and a peculiar sensorium lingua training has been continued clearly for three weeks besides the team practice. The appliance is not needed, and "Before it sleeps before it practices after it gets up in the morning and", three degrees a day, and about three minutes of this operation that can be done alone. Was the yield of forging or playing a big roll of one score one assistance was shown in the Giraffa camelopardalis cup Belgium war on May 31.

It turns ahead , saying that "That is not the highest" , saying that "Is the performance of the highest life put out here and very do it do?" though it was praised by the joke by Toshi Nakamura who holds in high esteem.
As for the impregnable defenses body that runs one game 15 kilo that becomes highest Japan Okada, I feel the response depressed to a new dimension.

The enrichment is announced as the highspeed cross is fired in rapid succession from a sharp shooting out by the shot practice even on the fourth.
It is absent due to initial symptom of the locked bowel ..the Giraffa camelopardalis cup Chile war on May 27... Movement that antibiotic is taken, and predicament that keeps the pain down doesn't feel it in not a bit. New Nagatomo will decide the World Cup velocity participation in the enemy's territory decisive battle on the sixth due to the large explosion more than the Belgium war.

The source is Nagatomo http://hochi.yomiuri.co.jp/photo/20090605-092588-1-L.jpg who exchanges GK Kawashima by the http://hochi.yomiuri.co.jp/soccer/japan/news/20090605-OHT1T00060.htm shot practice jumping. 
The training camp (Tashkent on the fourth) immediately before an Asian final preliminary contest of the South African World Cup the soccer Japan representative MF Hasebe (Wolfsburg) withdraws the practice on the fourth on the way.

Though immovable vrante seemed that a big deal
The Okada supervision「Become tired..gather.It is not painful somewhere. 」The countermeasure was stressed to take importance.

Hasebe also「It will be possible to do at all tomorrow. Feeling to which putting is, and is tired」Mere weariness and clarification.  make it
However, the practice withdrawal is told not to be able to start in advance by two games in the Giraffa camelopardalis cup in the self-assessment lingua one, and to take a nap while moving to Uzbek, and worry remains.

- Source
The representation from Japan is invited to Copa America.

The possibility that the representation from Japan participates has surfaced to the Copa America held in Argentina in 2011.
The one that each association of 10countries in South America that had been opened on the second was announced after meeting of participation lingua South America league (CONMEBOL).

It was spoken that chairman Julio Gondorana of an Argentine association told the purport of a Japanese association and the invitation.
When Mexico besides Japan is scheduled to be invited, it is Iu. The representation from Japan is invited to as many as 1999 annual conferences, and participates.

The this university association is scheduled to be done by Buenos Aires, La Plata, and the Santa Fe and others in 2011.

The soreness in the right trail root is not pulled. 「It becomes a lie if it is said that there is no soreness. The soreness raises the condition as it is. 」。Still,「I do not think that it feels it while playing a game. It thinks only doing by one's best. 」。
..ace who offers it.. in the hot match from MF Shunsuke Nakamura's (cell tick) whole body ..consciousness...

It is at the 26th of last month to return home from Scotland. It appears in Kirin Cup and the Belgium war on the 31st in the forerunner though it is said, "It returns from the other side and best coming". Changsu was produced many times on a right side, and a sense of existence that did not change was shown off.

"It is important to assume what we can do. "After entering of Tashkent, communications are positively taken with a middle player. How is the safe defence destroyed?The case where the mark takes side with oneself is assumed, it enters the center by Nori Nakamura (Kawasaki) and two people, and the space of Uchida of right Saidobacc (Kashima) is made. Endo (G Osaka) also enters the center, and the ball is turn- also in the lean space. When talking about the strategy, power stays further in the eyes.

「The place where all stiffen stiffens. Piripiri Shite is not strangely good either. 」。It satisfies it with the atmosphere of the team.
The soreness and the fighting spirit are kept secret in the inside, and uniform number "10" in which it calmly aims at victory to the end is seen the symbol of the representation from Japan at the enrichment.

TANAKA Marcus Tulio FW. It wins ..hill top legend 4...

The representation from Japan is "It attacks and win" -. Japan leaves two games if the Asian final preliminary contest of the World Cup Uzbekistan war on the sixth is won and the World Cup participation of four rally serial is decided. The decisive battle was declared and supervision (52) of Takeshi Okada had been declared to be "Went to win". It is assumed to pave the line of four tops that raise DF TANAKA Marcus Tulio (28) to FW in the last stage. In the enemy's territory Uzbekistan war on October 11,'97 that was the one's first campaign of the first Tsgiocata political power, decayed and filled Akita Yutaka caught up in the front and it caught up with the same point by infusion lingua "Four top of the legend". It decides it in the most in the world for South Africa in the turn ride attacking it as well as at that time to the last minute.

The World Cup is decided if it wins. The belly of the Okada supervision had hardened before the war of Uzbekistan of the match.

 「(World Cup)The participation right is the one that comes after the game. It thinks only the win now. It wins to Uzbekistan. 」。

Posture in which it stuck to victory repeating the phrase "Win" was shown. Large Kina whom supporter brought in from Japan to practice place
It hangs out the rising-sun flag, and local media are the febris visual lines to the practice of Japan. It coordinates in babel that the horn of the car rings because of a large sound (tendon aspect), and the time when it faces the hot match has come fast.

It attacks and it wins. It is assumed that DF TANAKA Marcus Tulio goes up to FW in the last stage where it goes to deprive of the score. The option of FW Tamada in the top to change from a basic line of "Three top type" that arranges Toshi MF Nakamura and Tamotsu Ohisa in the both side to "Four top". In Tatacatatacaou, the practice on this day is a confirmation lingua as for movement to take the point as it attacks, and the cross is matched from the swift attack by the head.
Hero Rivaldo in Brazil that belongs to the club of Uzbekistan chats being encouraged after it practices. Tatacatatacaou「The World Cup is the far world that doesn't come out in the dream when it is a child. It plays a game as being possible to go there. 」It asserted it.  
The Okada supervision returns to "Zero point" through years of 12 years, too. Enemy's territory Uzbekistan war of the first Tsgiocata political power on October 11, one's first campaign and 97 years. Decayed and filled Akita was raised to the front if defeated by a desperate war that the World Cup becomes hopeless for 35 the latter half when one point was chased minutes. FW Rohi is this Tentama in 44 minutes from the power play. "Four top of the legend" that ties the hope for the first World Cup participation in Japan. "Attack of the deep attachment. " of the Okada supervision exactly.

Location of TANAKA Marcus Tulio in Japan today as well as fighting spirit decayed and filled Akita at that timeRain forecast of the locale of match day. The power play from the tail is effective.
The situation is different the one's first campaign of the backwater and this time at the time of hang in the most in the world the turn ride. Still, it sticks to only victory this time because it has drawn to the home war in October last year for 97 years by this score of 1-1.

 「The other party of Uzbekistan can put it if there is no Seogwi or nor sweetness. The severity has come out in the player. 」With the Okada supervision. 4256 days from Uzbekistan war of legend.
At that time, it decides it for South Africa by "Ground of the zero point" in which a young supervision of 41 years old fought sweaty.
Yell/friendly game to the Marcus TANAKA Tulio mistake reflection and the hot match.

< international friendship game and Giraffa camelopardalis cup: ◇ is national on the 31st Japanese 4-0 Belgium >- .

DF Marcus TANAKA Tulio did not forget reflection of the mistake in the first half. It was urged from the trap mistake by the goalmouth at 31 minutes, and it was helped by the other party's shot mistake. It braced oneself up , saying that "The following do not want to do".

The left thigh that the turnover lingua hurts in 29 the latter half minutes is worry .. It got psyched up "No residue of a good consequence" and one important war though the Uzbekistan war of the preliminary contest of the World Cup would be received in one week.

22:57 May 31, 2009

FW Morimoto Takayuki (21) of Catarnya is a interview that makes the bologna war of league Final Race (away on the 31st) and a setting lingua in the norm of year of Serie A fourth on the 28th , saying that "The shot mistake is lost, the decision rate is raised, and reach a goal more at the next season" as for exceed of the Sue totaling now by six scores.

It participates in Sue 22 game now, and the full kick in the result of 6 scores , saying that "It is large to be able to acquire the experience by fully taking part in the game even if it keeps taking part in the game and it becomes accustomed to the calositas and knocking against each other".
It was spoken of the representation from Japan, "Because I did not have results still, it is not thought that ability was put more".

The source is http://hochi.yomiuri.co.jp/soccer/world/news/20090530-OHT1T00014.htm. 
Japanese representative MF Yasuhito Endo's (29=G Osaka)"Felis colocolo PK" was perceived as "Technique in the world". PK that rolled the ball with the Felis colocolo in which Endo was skillful was included in latest work "PLAYMAKER 2009" of popular game "Winning eleven" of game software company Konami as "Technique".
It was put on the market domestically on May 14, and the early sale was done in foreign countries at the end on March this year.
It was equal that Japanese player's original technique had entered to Mr. former representative of France MF Zidane's "Marseille roulette" etc. for the first time.

The chance was a request voluntarily Endo. The project of the magazine and it is Iu in the beginning of last year when whether "I hope of ..following.. Felis colocolo" and the joke when playing are done and it said.
It is received and the person in charge of development is a confirmation gaping departure lingua many times as for the play image.
The title of "Roll penalty (kick)" in "Felis colocolo kick" and the overseas edition, and the affiliate is "I am English that falls under the Felis colocolo, and want to do to the roll (Roll) in a near image" and clarifications in a Japanese version. Endo「It is glad for my features to be taken. All are favorite games, and the occasion that I also do enjoys it. 」It is pleased.  

It is FW mesh of Barcelona where a European Champions' League was conquered to serve as the image character of merchandise. If Japan decides the World Cup this war participation, might the player in each country start Endo's research by "Uiire" with the mesh at the top?

The source is http://www.nikkansports.com/soccer/japan/news/p-sc-tp2-20090530-500658.html winning eleven play manufacturer 2009(Wii) official site http://www.konami.jp/we/2009/pm/
The 28th that dawned at night is not practiced from the Giraffa camelopardalis cup Chile war, and ten players of a Japanese representative of the Okada supervision and MF Nakamura et al. attend 30 time in Giraffa camelopardalis cup commemoration party held in Tokyo.
Football Association of Japan presented the commemorative gift to the killing loop that kept being supported for a long time.

Decayed and filled Imano that the language of tightening was done in "Recklessness" : from the Okada supervision to greet. 「I always get a delicious juice from Mr. Giraffa camelopardalis. We wish to express our gratitude. 」It spoke and the hall ..laughter.. was encompassed.

The source is http://www.sponichi.co.jp/soccer/news/2009/05/29/07.html. 
Urawa FW Haraguchi genki of 18 years old showed the expression of the surprise to the full representative debut of MF Yamadanao that was the team mate from the use age.
Television watching of Chile war on the 27th in dormitory in Saitama city. The turgescence of Yamadanao by the debut was understood or "There was passive play since the time in Reds with, too" and a word.

Still,「It is terrible ..So help me... Assistance is shrewdly decided and. 」The activity of "Mate" was pleased.  

The source is http://hochi.yomiuri.co.jp/soccer/jleague/news/20090528-OHT1T00384.htm. 
Nakazawa is satisfaction/friendly game to two war serial shut-out.

< international friendship game and Giraffa camelopardalis cup: ◇ is national on the 31st Japanese 4-0 Belgium >- .

Decayed and filled Nakazawa whom the defense became because of two war in Giraffa camelopardalis cup serial shut-out turned around in an expression that seemed to be satisfactory. "Very good including Chile war contents. "
The captain mark is put, it arrives at the enemy's territory finally, and it faces the Uzbekistan war (June 6).
It spoke with "I want to decide the World Cup participation by the next Uzbekistan war in this vein".

21:58 May 31, 2009
The talk by a former representation from Japan, Hiroshi Nanami in TV Asahi ' F.C as soon as' (..broadcasting on the 24th..) as "Old and new game Mei car talk", and GAMBA OSAKA and Yasuhito Endo was broadcast.

Second step following "nanami-Shunsuke Nakamura talk". It was spoken, Naha was "It hung whether the third bounce continued to Yat", and, at the beginning of that, put pressure on Endo.

However, Endo who withers in says, "Anyone also has the defeat confidence, and think of "It stops and kick" because it comes to want to be defeated at this fellow and to sleep if Pasar that looks alike comes out", and, in addition, : sticking to to passing when getting down to business.   To attract the decayed and filled, Endo of putting out passing reveals the desire to passing, "Big Changsu can .."Comes and ..saying.. is passed".. be fully made if coming off though there are some risks ...." to a narrow quarters on purpose without regretting it.

Moreover, to Endo that Naha was surprised to ask, "Toshisuke is ? ..the desire that I was controlling.." , saying that "Do I do?" if it became speaking the combination with anxious Toshisuke It was added, "It was thought that it was I that controlled Hide".

However, Endo :. 「The bean jam ball. Because Toshi is devoted to the team, too and it exists」..solving.. about ..the present representation from Japan team answering..「All members see the same direction, and a strong cohesiveness. The team is united. 」Confidence is.  solve

And, when the topic moves to the representation from Japan and the Okada supervision「The player is lifted, and it supervises it ..Takashi.. always good. With shall not the clever person after all it. There is only wearing glasses good ..university.. ..putting out.. though it is made to do though it is made to do. 」With the highest praise.

Naha added" "Though it was a failed student well and an extra word to such Endo, and it laughed by two people.

triker..soon..middle..front rank..center..goal..assistance..distinguished..play..announce.

"Response is certain in the standpoint challenged at this position now. "The language was embodied on the pitch.

The scene of the preemptive attack quickly produces Nagatomo's score in the broad outlook through passing. Passing of Tamotsu Ohisa was received for 20 the first half minutes, it counterattacked sharply, and the goal was pierced by the right foot.


"Whereabouts" was not found the layer thick and middle easily.

The Australia war in February tasted the disgrace removed from the bench.

At last, it came into view the exit every day when "Player who should be able to use any situation" and oneself were stirred up.



- Passing from Kengo image Nakamura, and the capital of Tasuku Nagatomo is http://www.jsgoal.jp/photo/00047000/00047082-B.jpg of the angle because it is not that dynamically raises the decision first score.

The soccer Japan representative moved the training camp ground from Osaka to Tokyo aiming at the Giraffa camelopardalis cup and the Belgium war (national on the 31st) on the 28th, and MF Shunsuke Nakamura also joined lodgings in Tokyo also cell tick (30) == of the conning tower. naoki MF Yamada (18) who accomplished the representative debut by Chile war (4-0) on the 27th the day before = Urawa = is nominated for "Expanding type" and the successor candidate. It meets together with "2 generations in Toshisuke" first by the practice on the 29th.

I felt an infinite expansion furnace in height one-meter 66 small soldier.
Toshisuke speaks very highly of the play of a minimus representative and Yamada of 18 years old. It began to talk about the impression of the Chile war that joined lodgings, and watched the television.
「It is wonderful at the time of the lingua at ..representation.. beginning 18 years old. It is seen, and I think the comment to be an expanding type modest and objectively. 」
The conning tower in Japan arranged the successor nomination and the language that was able to be received. Yamada debuted the representative young in the fourth successive place of 18 years old every 39 first half minutes 327 days, and decided assistance that gave birth to the fourth point to the game near the end. Precocity more than oneself who debuted at age of 21.
Advice was added because it grew up to "2 generations in Toshisuke".
"(Yamada :) It is thought that the more it hits the wall, the more it has the ability to absorb. "

Diatheses are the fault none. It is necessary to experience. There is a mountain and it is on the road where it walked the valley though it is Toshisuke who is called "Genius" at the people. It defeats though the use promotion cannot be accomplished from the junior use of Yokohama M in the junior high school age, and the Japan-Korea World Cup this rally member was considered highly probable for 02 years regrettably.
When such a hardship brought up an indispensable "Modesty" and "Objectivity" to the team event, it is Iu.

It is Yamada and the first meeting in the practice on the 29th. After it plays a game of the day before, 18 years old switches feelings. 「Challenging even if it is not possible to do is important. There want to have been a lot of parts not good, and improve it. 」It commented admirably solving. If the posture exists, the uptake ability like the sponge is sure to be shown.
The Okada supervision also suggests appointment by the Belgium war , saying that "It is possible to do enough". Direct guidance of Fantagesta presses a further leap.

The source is Yamadanao . that strives by the Chile war on the http://www.sanspo.com/soccer/news/090529/scc0905290506006-n1.htm 27 day. Http://www.sanspo.com/soccer/images/090529/scc0905290506006-p1.jpg that receives "Successor nomination" from Toshisuke
Nagatomo yuto who had withdrawn temporarily due to initial symptom of Giraffa camelopardalis cup 2009(Tokyo and National Stadium on Japanese 4-0 Belgium and 31) locked bowel showed 1 goal 1 assistance and a sense of existence.

In the aspect that has been dispersed with the medicine according to the person in question「Safe. Toward good direction. 」Clearly.
A left side was announced, and it ran many times, and abundant momenta of inborn was announced.
To the first score that became the second score in representative「(Nakamura)Mr. Kentsyoshi's passing was good, and there was thinking time. It aimed at Nia (near side). 」The smile.  


- Player of capital of Tasuku Nagatomo (F Tokyo):
「The goal is feelings in complete. It is unrelated though might be morbus though might be what. When Hashiri is defeated, I do not have the meaning that comes out. It went for the shot because GK was seen for center of gravity to move reading it though it tried to raise the cross. It boldly aimed at Nia. It is also large that Mr. Kentsyoshi's (Nakamura) passing is good, and there was room that firmly sees GK.
(The activity of player Imano of the first war :. )It terribly became stimulation. I thought that I put out my good part though there was a part that saw on the television and served as a reference, too.
(The locked bowel :. )The anxiety should be lacked and be erased on the done inside. It prepares it without relaxing one's guard. Meal refrains from. The ball neatly comes to a reverse-side because only the person to whom the former player can turn the ball has a broad outlook as for this team. The quality is being required even of the representative more. It is necessary to give the cross of Don Pixia more more though it was possible to assist. It is not thought that satisfy it with the current state. 」

Decayed and filled Nagatomo (right) is Nori decision MF Nakamura and high touch http://www.sanspo.com/soccer/images/090531/scc0905312340013-p4.jpg in the first half as for the preemptive attack goal. 
The Okada supervision started the body remodeling of the representation from Japan. Eleven improved at the practice start of this day by the pose that raised the foot.
「A new attempt. I begin to have knit it. 」The commander floated a fearless smile, and revealed the plan to make the player continue for one year after the decision of the World Cup participation.

The Okada supervision spoke the aim with "Tone who made truncus strong for a moment". There is a purpose to make the axle of the body strong, and it is hardened by considering the muscle when making a posture. It went by about five poses on this day. It is Iu usually when there is an effect when doing for 10-15 minutes.

It will fight against South America, Europe, and the Africa power in the World Cup this rally. Japan Okada ..world.. works on the sensorium lingua body-making to cover a physical disadvantage.

Makino tomoaki player (Hiroshima):
「I will do a very good experience. It calls in such a place when ton ton current ton and coming, and, the way things are going, it will be taught should not here. The experience that I may be snubbed. Flatter case in all respects. I have already thought no Wanranctsuranc. It often learns even in case of being on the bench. The shade of meaning is different in the situation that cannot go out by the representative.  it is not possible to go out in the team」

The source is http://www.jsgoal.jp/news/jsgoal/00083557.html. 
Player Atsuhito Uchida (Kashima):

It ..".. embarrasses it if it comes here and it doesn't penetrate. It is done because it penetrates even though it enters of whom. The done thing doesn't change. Iu thing Hanai very because it came here. I want to hold out when going out though it was not decided that it went out for the next game though it doesn't take part in the game by a reason different from Mr. Tstsshisan (Goro), Yoshit, and Mr./Ms. Nagatomo.

(The Chile war absence :. )Because the way of the heart rate the fall was later than usual when you do the yoyo at the first day. The following do not understand whether I go out without being amused go out by whoever.
The thing of the heart rate is not understood well. However, it sleeps because work, and is safe.
No thing of biorhythm upset. The game of J and ACL have come up to now while cheating even if it is tight and are though there is going out.
Oh dear, I think it is good. ..taking part in the game fully...
However, May still. Though it is not time when says such a thing.
The mail of worry comes from the friend because it does so and everyone says.
Parents also worry and the (BG).

Mr. Yamada (Urawa) is a terrible juvenile face. I am neither nor ..saying.. proportion.
It is lovely though I was said. If the popularity in the future concentrates there, the (BG) that I can also concentrate on soccer.
(Yamada :. )It is possible to put it out by handling it well even if a tight to some degree passing is put out. It goes out in Reds.
I think it is good. For a moment..speak..trueborn.

Http://www.jsgoal.jp/news/jsgoal/00083421.html that excerpted source
Okazaki in which it had introduced oneself to a new ace by the Chile war completely won ace's seat by the Belgium war that had been faced on a day the third grade of junior high-school.
15 minutes in the latter half faced by 2―0. Right cross that Tamotsu Ohisa raised. Okazaki where uniform number 9 was applied jumps into Niasaid from the head without the hesitation.
Diving head of good. It is in the vicinity of a left shoulder (Public Record is a heading) desire Kiya and to hit.
" "Though it might have been pleasant if neatly hitting. Mud's this stinking brought the 3 on eyes of Japan though the person in question laughed embarrassed.
Two scores are marked by the Chile war on May 27. The representative war continues 11 game six scores and marvelous mass production in the goal of the day of two game serial and the bird clapper.
Supervision..May..representative..member..announce..J League..participation..game..half..point..take..gon..Iwata..plateau..Iwata..Urawa..representative..ace..name..enumerate..score..Kotono..accident..Shisa..speak.
However, it is necessary to have cut the name of the third person to the mind. Tanaka (Urawa) et al. are lacked in the pain in Hidariftoshitai, and Tamada is far to the normal key in the pain in the right ankle.
And, Tamotsu Ohisa also hurt my left knee and it fell voluntarily on the bench on this day. FW formation of horse deficiency. The existence of Okazaki is too large.
The person in question also feels the nominal size of pump of the expectation. There is consciousness with "The standpoint has changed even into Shimizu fast though it is so", too.
Every day not put from Sasiiri of 05 years in the bench continued long.
It was said that it was not possible to score in a top team to do every game goal in the practice game of the satellite.
In the last season, the opening game in Shimizu is a bench. However, it is an ace in Japan from there the Olympics representative, the representation from Japan, and at a dash who earns six scores of single top Japan Okada now as for the stairs.  runStill, Okazaki was laughed at, "There is no lost one".
"It takes in a preliminary contest of the World Cup or an important point and .... trow" and Okazaki though the World Cup participation at the velocity of the world hangs.  the Uzbekistan war on the sixth
A new ace takes Japan to the World Cup with three game serial bullet.

The price unpaid riot has surfaced to Hidetoshi Nakata (32) of a former representation from Japan.
Italian paper Gazetta Dero Spolt dated the 27th reported.
When the state that the report doesn't attach with this Mr. who is wandering in every country in the world continues, it is Iu though dress manufacturer "Marital" to open the headquarters on the base ground in Perugia that belonged before has requested the disbursement of 250,000 euro (about 33 million yen) from this Mr. since April, '07.
There is a report that there was no answer though disbursement was requested in part through the legal relations person, too.
The left knee that had been hurt in the Giraffa camelopardalis cup Belgium war on the 31st did not arrive importantly.
Tamotsu Japanese representative FW Ohisa hits the ball that other party GK kicked at 32 the latter half minutes and is injured.
It did not go to the hospital only by the icing lingua of the one "Awoke because it was painful" on the morning of the first.
It tries for refreshing in the evening with Mrs. Ei of (Rie).
When arriving at Bath for lodgings「Safe. It has recovered when walking. 」I was going to shake its left foot with a smile.
Doctor Shimizu talked about the outlook for the participation of the Uzbekistan war , saying that "It is thought, "No bones broken! perhaps"".

- Source
Leaves, (Competed), and the wristwatch was applied to the both arms, and sunglasses in the breast.  white T-shirt
Other players showed up in lodgings in an original fashion that the inside and Japanese representative MF Honda keisuke of the suit wearing had that Hidetoshi Nakata resemble it.

A big suitcase also attracted attention. A sense of existence was shown in similar play of Lefty that scored one's first goal by the Chile war. Soccer of the main vocation was seriously spoken, "(The Uzbekistan war :) It is correct in the match of one point difference with the bird clapper".

The source matches to T-shirt & jeans of the http://www.sponichi.co.jp/soccer/news/2009/06/02/03.html white and is Kei lingua Honda Tasuku \undf\ with lodgings. 
The representation from Japan of soccer arrived at Tashkent for the Uzbekistan war of World Cup (World Cup) Asian final preliminary contest A class in a charter plane on the second.

The temperature inspection was received upon player and the staff's entering a country because of the infection enlargement of a worldwide new influenza, too.
It is scheduled that it moves to the city and the first practice is executed.

This rally line daily life ..Japan in which it aims at the World Cup participation of four rally serial.. ..(.. is originally decided in the world excluding South Africa of the host nation when the Uzbekistan war at Japan standard time) is won on the sixth. It fights against Australia away at the catarrhus and home on the 17th on the tenth, and the final qualifier is finished. (cooperation)



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