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TANAKA Marcus Tulio FW. It wins ..hill top legend 4...

The representation from Japan is "It attacks and win" -. Japan leaves two games if the Asian final preliminary contest of the World Cup Uzbekistan war on the sixth is won and the World Cup participation of four rally serial is decided. The decisive battle was declared and supervision (52) of Takeshi Okada had been declared to be "Went to win". It is assumed to pave the line of four tops that raise DF TANAKA Marcus Tulio (28) to FW in the last stage. In the enemy's territory Uzbekistan war on October 11,'97 that was the one's first campaign of the first Tsgiocata political power, decayed and filled Akita Yutaka caught up in the front and it caught up with the same point by infusion lingua "Four top of the legend". It decides it in the most in the world for South Africa in the turn ride attacking it as well as at that time to the last minute.

The World Cup is decided if it wins. The belly of the Okada supervision had hardened before the war of Uzbekistan of the match.

 「(World Cup)The participation right is the one that comes after the game. It thinks only the win now. It wins to Uzbekistan. 」。

Posture in which it stuck to victory repeating the phrase "Win" was shown. Large Kina whom supporter brought in from Japan to practice place
It hangs out the rising-sun flag, and local media are the febris visual lines to the practice of Japan. It coordinates in babel that the horn of the car rings because of a large sound (tendon aspect), and the time when it faces the hot match has come fast.

It attacks and it wins. It is assumed that DF TANAKA Marcus Tulio goes up to FW in the last stage where it goes to deprive of the score. The option of FW Tamada in the top to change from a basic line of "Three top type" that arranges Toshi MF Nakamura and Tamotsu Ohisa in the both side to "Four top". In Tatacatatacaou, the practice on this day is a confirmation lingua as for movement to take the point as it attacks, and the cross is matched from the swift attack by the head.
Hero Rivaldo in Brazil that belongs to the club of Uzbekistan chats being encouraged after it practices. Tatacatatacaou「The World Cup is the far world that doesn't come out in the dream when it is a child. It plays a game as being possible to go there. 」It asserted it.  
The Okada supervision returns to "Zero point" through years of 12 years, too. Enemy's territory Uzbekistan war of the first Tsgiocata political power on October 11, one's first campaign and 97 years. Decayed and filled Akita was raised to the front if defeated by a desperate war that the World Cup becomes hopeless for 35 the latter half when one point was chased minutes. FW Rohi is this Tentama in 44 minutes from the power play. "Four top of the legend" that ties the hope for the first World Cup participation in Japan. "Attack of the deep attachment. " of the Okada supervision exactly.

Location of TANAKA Marcus Tulio in Japan today as well as fighting spirit decayed and filled Akita at that timeRain forecast of the locale of match day. The power play from the tail is effective.
The situation is different the one's first campaign of the backwater and this time at the time of hang in the most in the world the turn ride. Still, it sticks to only victory this time because it has drawn to the home war in October last year for 97 years by this score of 1-1.

 「The other party of Uzbekistan can put it if there is no Seogwi or nor sweetness. The severity has come out in the player. 」With the Okada supervision. 4256 days from Uzbekistan war of legend.
At that time, it decides it for South Africa by "Ground of the zero point" in which a young supervision of 41 years old fought sweaty.
Yell/friendly game to the Marcus TANAKA Tulio mistake reflection and the hot match.

< international friendship game and Giraffa camelopardalis cup: ◇ is national on the 31st Japanese 4-0 Belgium >- .

DF Marcus TANAKA Tulio did not forget reflection of the mistake in the first half. It was urged from the trap mistake by the goalmouth at 31 minutes, and it was helped by the other party's shot mistake. It braced oneself up , saying that "The following do not want to do".

The left thigh that the turnover lingua hurts in 29 the latter half minutes is worry .. It got psyched up "No residue of a good consequence" and one important war though the Uzbekistan war of the preliminary contest of the World Cup would be received in one week.

22:57 May 31, 2009


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