Makino tomoakiの最近のブログ記事

Makino tomoaki player (Hiroshima):
「I will do a very good experience. It calls in such a place when ton ton current ton and coming, and, the way things are going, it will be taught should not here. The experience that I may be snubbed. Flatter case in all respects. I have already thought no Wanranctsuranc. It often learns even in case of being on the bench. The shade of meaning is different in the situation that cannot go out by the representative.  it is not possible to go out in the team」

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このページには、過去に書かれたブログ記事のうちMakino tomoakiカテゴリに属しているものが含まれています。

前のカテゴリはKONNO Yasuyukiです。

次のカテゴリはMF Honda keisukeです。