Atsuhito Uchidaの最近のブログ記事

Player Atsuhito Uchida (Kashima):

It ..".. embarrasses it if it comes here and it doesn't penetrate. It is done because it penetrates even though it enters of whom. The done thing doesn't change. Iu thing Hanai very because it came here. I want to hold out when going out though it was not decided that it went out for the next game though it doesn't take part in the game by a reason different from Mr. Tstsshisan (Goro), Yoshit, and Mr./Ms. Nagatomo.

(The Chile war absence :. )Because the way of the heart rate the fall was later than usual when you do the yoyo at the first day. The following do not understand whether I go out without being amused go out by whoever.
The thing of the heart rate is not understood well. However, it sleeps because work, and is safe.
No thing of biorhythm upset. The game of J and ACL have come up to now while cheating even if it is tight and are though there is going out.
Oh dear, I think it is good. ..taking part in the game fully...
However, May still. Though it is not time when says such a thing.
The mail of worry comes from the friend because it does so and everyone says.
Parents also worry and the (BG).

Mr. Yamada (Urawa) is a terrible juvenile face. I am neither nor ..saying.. proportion.
It is lovely though I was said. If the popularity in the future concentrates there, the (BG) that I can also concentrate on soccer.
(Yamada :. )It is possible to put it out by handling it well even if a tight to some degree passing is put out. It goes out in Reds.
I think it is good. For a moment..speak..trueborn.

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