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 FW bug flannel love of PFC CSKA Moscow seems to end and ..consequence of 2nd place.. to end Ibitsa Oritti of 1st place and Hamblgar SV.

Ranking epistatic
The top scorer at the UEFA cup end is love to have enumerated 11 goals and an almost decision.
Oritti of nine goals is sure to defend the seat in 2nd place.

Because two team that have turned from UEFA champions league and the group league are advancing to the final in the rally now, a lot of players of the team that has already been defeated are included in the score ranking epistatic.

Only, it was not possible to participate in the final because of the accumulation alert though Geego of Beldar Bremen was applied to 4th place Thailand in six goals (One goal also in UEFA champions league).

I want to expect even here of Claudio Pissarro in five goals (Two goals also in UEFA champions league) in Bremen.
On the other hand, Judson and Felnanganyo to contribute to the final advancement of FC Shaftarl Donetsc both record three goals in the rally now.

Cup score ranking of 2008-09 seasons UEFA

11 Bug flannel love (PFC CSKA Moscow) nine Ibitsa Oritti (Hamblgar SV) eight fa biot Cariarerra (Udinese Calcho) six Mario Gomez VfB (Stuttgart) six Lewes Agial ( SC Braga) six Albert Meyon ( SC Braga) 6 Geego(Beldar Bremen)

It might be a rashness to assume that soccer of Italy subsided by this even though only the epistatic advancement in Europe CL was missed. The competitiveness is in a still high level, and may be said by you that it will hold fast to the position of 3 Europe or more as usual as potential.

The problem is a spectator mobilization.

Playing in the stadium in Italy before the age was a lot of dreams for the soccer player.
The existence of Calcho that the level is high (soccer) and passionate Tiforge (soccer fan) called in the star players all over the world.

It is why.

There is one's being said due to the fixed race event that occurred before a German rally of the World Cup. There is an opinion of the fan of the considerable amount parting from soccer in that case, and not coming back still. However, the spectator mobilization of Serie A has dropped even to the level not put in order only by it. It is pulled out by attendance even by the England championship that hits the inferior part of the vestibular ganglion league to say nothing of Premier League finally.

Is inferior part of the vestibular ganglion league in England or the Bun des leaguer in Germany providing soccer of a level that is higher than Serie A?Therefore, is the fan done to bury the stadium and to attach?


Why do people visit the stadium?Do you go out purposely spending time and money so that the television may watch why?Then, are not you to enjoy the excitement that can be tasted only in the stadium?

In the stadium where championship is held, all are football exclusive use places. As for the Bun des leaguer, the rate of the exclusive use place rose far compared with before.
Italy : please in the on reflection. Of course, there is a wonderful exclusive use stadium like Sanshero, too. However, it is also true that the rate of the athletic field is considerably high compared with another country, and the Orin pico of Rome where a next Europe CL final is held is a athletic field.

Deficiency of stadium power.
I think that it is a cause of the spectator mobilization setback of Serie A.

Then, Japan : please.

You may say to Italy for Japan in case of being because the stadium power is insufficient that they are fatally insufficient.
Hiroshima Carp had a new stadium. Soccer might be not able to have a new stadium as long as there is no event like the Olympics and the World Cup, etc. why.

Though the absence of an attractive stadium might become fatal for Japan soccer.


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