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It is reported that the Goal.comUK version approaches the win of Catasc CSKA Moscow MF Honda of the representation from Japan by the Milan. It is assumed that an affiliate near the Milan revealed it.

According to the UK version, it seems to have increased the CSKA side to 12.5 million pounds (about 15 million euro) compared with this though 10.9 million Milans (about 13 million euro) were offered.

The UK version cites the affiliate's comment.

「We are approaching the agreement with Honda. It is expected that it will approach mutual agreement very much. 」

"(Masshimiriarno of the Milan supervision) Arregri wants to like Honda very much, and to see play to Pat and Ronaldinho. "

Honda is a log as for two goals of the score etc. done by FK of the blur ball in the World Cup.
Though it is reported that the Big club shows interest ....name.. information at a dash.. ....

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Kei Japanese representative MF Honda Tasuku (24) in CSKA Moscow suddenly became outside the bench.
It came off from the Maedomari expedition member after it had practiced the day before of the Spaltac Naritic war (home) on the 25th (before dawn of the 26th in Japan standard time). The person in question left a message, only "No injury", and came straight home.
Appointment at an aggressive position of the front has been strongly demanded before the World Cup South African rally though Honda is a main shaft of the team, and there are Leonid Sur Tsuki supervision (39) that keeps appointing vrante and a confrontation lingua possibility.
After transfering the register CSKA Moscow, Honda's becoming outside the bench becomes the first time.

Honda suddenly became outside the bench. It came home by driving the private car apart with the Maedomari game member in this facilities after it had been practiced to be done in the club facilities in Moscow suburbs in preparation for the Spaltac Naritic war.
It wound down a car window and Honda corresponding to coverage answered the question of "Is outside the bench?", "It is so".
It was said, only "It is not an injury to be able to say one" though it took care not to commit oneself about the reason.

When it mixes with the member from whom Honda alone doesn't participate in the game after the whole done by the closed-door is practiced while the main force is repatriating it, and the sweat was thrown in the mini game etc. , it is Iu. It rounds it up before it usually plays a game though it is ardent practice Honda by the menu with a light inclusion of the condition adjustment. It is supposed to have been told, "Outside the bench" while practicing before this day was practiced.

There are a supervision and a confrontation lingua possibility over the appointment law. Honda has put out the vrante appointment of the Sur Tsuki supervision to "NO" and the language before the World Cup. Propodus that had become own league return wars started in advance in vrante and were played at three positions in total though enumerated two scores in the World Cup and led the representation from Japans up to 16 or more. After it had played a game, feeling was revealed in the tone that enclosed" "Feelings, it was complex etc. After it settled down, I wanted to do the supervision and the talk.  as thought that anything was able to be supervised and dissatisfaction.

"This is one wall" and it expresses it ..continue the vrante appointment declared to be "There is will being not to do" over and over...
About the breakthrough on the 23rd「Feelings..honest..act..become..think.Anyway, I only think about the best choice for myself. 」It spoke. 
It is to Honda who stresses, "Myself" and the team circumstances seem not to have like this by the alternative to accept that vrante very either. It is thought that the discussion with the commander who grasps the plenipotentiary of Honda who doesn't bend an own insistence for a long time when it is small and the player appointment becomes complicated, and it developed into the countermeasure outside this bench.

This game was to have become Honda's home first match after the World Cup. The talent in each country becomes complete at an aggressive position of the front in CSKA Moscow. The veteran in each country of the world is high and an assessment as for Honda's score power. It is reported that distinguished family AC Milan etc. aim at win. It stands to reason even if you accelerate a noisy attitude problem outside this bench.
The source is http://www.nikkansports.com/soccer/world/news/p-sc-tp3-20100725-657775.html.

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It was defeated at the Spaltac Naritic war on the 25th to which CSKA Moscow of the Honda absence was done at home by 1―2.
Kei Japanese representative MF Honda Tasuku (24) became outside the bench by the confrontation with Leonid Sur Tsuki supervision (39) over the appointment law etc. , and did not show the stadium the appearance. The team to lack the axle of the attack did not function, and the Honda expectation theory already gushed from the local paper on the 26th that had dawned at night.

The echo to the defeat that made Honda outside the bench was larger than the imagination. Each local newspaper dated the 26th that dawned at night is severe and is a criticism from the Spaltac Naritic war as for the order of the Sur Tsuki supervision. The tone of argument that it is necessary to appoint Honda has become complete. The electronic version of the Spolt express is grandly reported by the heading with "Naritic cannot be won with the samurai and Hondanu". 「Honda is an ace to be very worthy. CSKA will lose the player in the standard world if it transfers the register. 」It continued. 

The voice to expect Honda rising did not have impossibility either. CSKA Moscow doesn't function though paves the line of 4―2―3―1 by the Spaltac Naltic war, and arranged Crashitti, Jagoef, and the mark Gonzalez to aggressive MF. The goal ended only in one point that had been obtained because of other party's mistake twining. The shot came off on the frame ..greatly.. though mark Gonzalez aimed at FK directly of about 35 meters in the right of the goal at 13 minutes in the latter half.
Kick mistake from similar position to FK that the first World Cup Honda decided by Denmark war of the third league war.
The sighing leaked from the stadium, too.

Honda is outside the bench the opinion's with the Sur Tsuki supervision over the appointment law differing. It kept being appointed by vrante and the calositas was a cause though it applied for participation at an aggressive position many times. However, it makes an excuse for the Sur Tsuki supervision in the interview after it plays a game , saying that "Honda was also the tiredness of the World Cup and had it take a rest". Honda participates in the team practice on the 26th that dawned at night. 「Is there tiredness?It is opposite. Feeling that tiredness should drive in it is possible to take」It was negative in the forehead.  solved

Honda will continuously have the discussion with the Sur Tsuki supervision in the future. 「A professional each other is not bent why. Because it is not a child each other, the insistence wants to be steady, and to solve it on the pitch. 」It solved and power was put.
It is not in the head, and it shows one's ability by the practice and the position of aggressive MF is scheduled to be won the stand in the pitch in the compromise Shite vrante.

Place where discord with commander is hoped because it has kept growing up because wall is got over in boyhood such as there is experience that was not able to be promoted to G Osaka use. There is a mentality made the raw material of the motivation improvement. Lefty that applied the public opinion in Russia to the ally burnt to the orientation of aggressive MF recapture by the Spaltac Moscow war on the next paragraph August 1.

The source is CSKA Moscow and Honda http://www.sponichi.co.jp/soccer/news/2010/07/27/images/KFullNormal20100727118_l.jpg who throws the sweat with http://www.sponichi.co.jp/soccer/news/2010/07/27/01.html physical tray.

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