Hidetoshi Nakataの最近のブログ記事

of a soccer former representation from Japan participates in the World Cup South African rally in 2010 and the watched Japanese supporter. It turns out that this Mr. connects the Coca-Cola Japan Co. Ltd. company with the image character agreement.
Local information for the World Cup will be sent in cooperation with this company in the future.

Mr. Nakata does "Participation" to the South African World Cup. Local information obtained by an own foot is sent in cooperation with the Coca-Cola Japan Co. Ltd. company that connects the image character agreement. The clarification of the plan to back up all aspects as for Japan Okada and a Japanese supporter.
"It is thought that the World Cups of a Japanese and people all over the world are seen comfortably if accurate information on local can be firmly passed on. "Mr. Nakata who was visiting South Africa showed a strong volition for the ball distribution by earnings of the charity game.

The anxiety on the public peace and the infrastructure side is specified as for a South African rally that becomes the first World Cup in the African Continent, and a lot of voices to worry about holding come out. However, the affiliate describes, "Valuing what not information through the net etc. , actually goes to the locale, and is seen philosophizes of Hide".
Cooperation with Coca-Cola Co. with a lot of information networks because of World Cup Organizing Committee it serves as formula sponsor of the World Cup from Argentine rally for 78 years there. The local report that voluntarily proceeds to the locale through the formula Hypersensitivity pneumonitis 'Coca-Cola park (http://c.cocacola.co.jp/)' etc. and is not caught in the stereotype "South Africa is a hazard" is done.

After it retires of the active service, reports of the hotel, meal by this Mr. who visits 100 cities or more of the world, the transportation, and the crisis management, etc. can be exactly said, "Information where it lives". Player..World Cup..for..pitch..supporter..assistance..concentration..environment..achieve..valuable..one..become.

The Confede cup final done in the Coca-Cola park in the World Cup hall is watched on a local night of time the 28th.
Mr. Nakata who spoke with "The 22nd (MF fail hay bar) United States is a good player" etc.
"King" that supports the team by three rallies in the past this time supports Japan from the aspect.

The source is http://www.sanspo.com/soccer/news/090630/scg0906300504004-n1.htm.

Japan is good country!
PLEASE come here!
The price unpaid riot has surfaced to Hidetoshi Nakata (32) of a former representation from Japan.
Italian paper Gazetta Dero Spolt dated the 27th reported.
When the state that the report doesn't attach with this Mr. who is wandering in every country in the world continues, it is Iu though dress manufacturer "Marital" to open the headquarters on the base ground in Perugia that belonged before has requested the disbursement of 250,000 euro (about 33 million yen) from this Mr. since April, '07.
There is a report that there was no answer though disbursement was requested in part through the legal relations person, too.


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