MF Honda keisukeの最近のブログ記事

Japanese representative MF Honda Keisuke(24) in a Russian league and CSKA Moscow appealing for the sense of incompatibility to the thigh, and having received the inspection in the Moscow city have understood the 12th.
The team affiliate revealed it. An Asian cup that shines to the Mitral valve prolapse is finished, and it joins the Turkey training camp of the team on January 31. Three games afterwards postponed participating though it participated and it did to the practice game by one game.

The overburdened schedule is digested while owing the pain in the left ankle in an Asian cup and it contributes to the victory. On the other hand, the weariness seems to have been also terrible. However, the practice by another menu is restarted in the practice place of Moscow suburbs Batstinki on the 11th.
when participating in the Greece Tessaroniki training camp for the first the first European league final tournament round war and the PAOK war (away) on the 17th. Participation in this war is supposed not to have arrived importantly now though it is fluid.

The source is

Japan is good country!
PLEASE come here!
Leaves, (Competed), and the wristwatch was applied to the both arms, and sunglasses in the breast.  white T-shirt
Other players showed up in lodgings in an original fashion that the inside and Japanese representative MF Honda keisuke of the suit wearing had that Hidetoshi Nakata resemble it.

A big suitcase also attracted attention. A sense of existence was shown in similar play of Lefty that scored one's first goal by the Chile war. Soccer of the main vocation was seriously spoken, "(The Uzbekistan war :) It is correct in the match of one point difference with the bird clapper".

The source matches to T-shirt & jeans of the white and is Kei lingua Honda Tasuku \undf\ with lodgings. 


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