January 2011アーカイブ

The top under was left to Kei Honda.
The representation from Japan practiced the second from Shite with the venue and the catarrhus of an Asian cup on the fifth.

In the strategy practice on the fourth that was the closed-door, Catasc MF Honda (24= CSKA Moscow) entered under the main force class ..the top...
Confidence from Alberto Zakkerorni supervision (57) was won, and the position duel named MF Kagawa Shinji (21= Dortmund) was controlled.
It shines from the Jordan war of the first match (the ninth) again as "Ace".

The strongest line that the Zakkerorni supervision draws has come to the surface after it enters of Doha by the first practice.
It was Kei Honda under the top noteworthy according to affiliate's story to be arranged though the closed-door after 15 minutes opening.

Though Kagawa in a domestic training camp is aspired ..top.. the under
The Zakkerorni supervision entrusted an important position to uniform number 18 again following the Argentina war and the South Korea war in October last year.

In the practice of about two hours, physical training and the strategy menu separately for two groups of the attack formation and the defense formation were digested.
In the practice of the strategy of the attack formation where 4―2―3―1 systems were assumed, Kagawa is put on left MF of the main force class, and Kei Honda plays by "Orientation".

At last, it became the same group though two people were an intrasquad games, a mini games of a domestic training camp, and always another teams.
Kagawa : in a domestic training camp. 「Feelings that want to do the top under are strong also in the team because it does (Even the representative :). )Fog kipper」It ..Doha.. enters and, at last, the position duel is settled shape though "Challenge" was thrown at Kei Honda.

Only the top under is a position "Sticking to is strong" for Kei Honda though requested uniform number 10 is shape transferred to Kagawa.
Center of team that makes not only score and assistance but also flows of game. Last summer in belonging CSKA Moscow.
The appointment amendment is directly petitioned to the Sur Tsuki supervision that keeps appointing vrante many times, and there is details that decline the game participation, too. Only the desire that was not able to be transferred was defended to the last.

It turned out local that strong reinforcements also were sent though it got onto a bus by the silence after the practice on the fourth.
A running Japanese exclusive beautician will enter in the World Cup South African rally in last summer and Doha enter before and after the Saudi Arabia war of league Final Race of the 1 primary (the 17th).

I will activate the final tournament that starts on the 21st by straightening the personal appearance the similar World Cup this time though it is Kei Honda who decides two goals in the World Cup and led to 16 or more.
「It satisfies it. Because all players became complete for the first time」。The Zakkerorni supervision stressed in order of the attack mode with laughed.

Representation from Japans that foreign countries class of ten the greatest people in the past concentrates. There is Kei Honda in the center.

Japan is good country!
PLEASE come here!


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