IENAGA Akihiro/Real Club Deportivo Mallorcaの最近のブログ記事

Alberto Zakkerorni supervision (57) of the representation from Japan is a New Zealand war (national) on the Montenegro war (Ecopa) on March 25 and 29, and the possibility of calling out MF IENAGA  Akihiro (24) in Mallorca first has come out.
Kagawa (Dortmund) and there is Matsui's (Grenoble) injury, too and the IENAGA  is listed as a new war potential of the second row.
When it is discussed to dispatch the staff to Mallorca, it is Iu.

The possibility that Dori Blur in eminent Japan is called out to sack Japan first has risen. When the Zakkerorni supervision in sabbaticals listed the IENAGA  to the call member of two friendly game games in March in home country Italy, it is Iu according to the Japanese association affiliate.
The difficulty for the future has not been forgotten though the Zakkerorni supervision won the championship in the first formula rally Asian cup after it assumes the position.
Necessity of new war potential excavation of the second row where commander's having been felt strongly includes backup. Matsui of MF in the right is a 1 primary league Syria war and an Uta thigh parting in an Asian cup. Kagawa appointed in left MF is a semifinal South Korea war and a left foot fifth metatarsal bone fracture. Two regulars withdrew. The power gap is obvious . though Kashiwagi and Fujimoto were appointed as a substitute.
It was ..thinness in the layer of the second row.. exposed though it was possible to win the championship consequentially. The commander also was leaking it , saying that "(The second row :) Substitution is a position in whom no Kika".

The forcing call of the Europe class has the policy of seeing off in two games in March. There is a possibility that the call of Okazaki transfered the register to Stuttgart to say nothing of Kagawa undergoing rehabilitation in the second row is put off. Then, it is a IENAGA  whom having chosen as a new war potential put in 50 preliminary registry members in an Asian cup.
Spain debut of IENAGA  who transfered the register to Mallorca because of G Osaka in this winter by away Osasna war on the fifth.
It participates on the way at 22 the latter half minutes, it enters under the top, and the participation lingua to the attack from a left side of good positively.
The Zakkerorni supervision is high and an assessment as for the breakthrough power. After an Asian cup, it is spoken, "A lot of games will be inspected in Europe such as Spain in the future", and it is a under discussion and Iu to be going to dispatch the staff to Mallorca by the beginning of March done on the reappearance day.

After the cup of the Giraffa camelopardalis on June in the age of Oshimujapan'07 if it is called out. After Peru the war of the debut game on March 24,'07 if you participate. The Lefty that keeps growing up in Spain ..full.. makes a raid on ..possession.. sack Japan. The source is

Japan is good country!
PLEASE come here!


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