The stadium bumper movement was started to the ACL P'ohang war that Kawasaki F offered the 1st place breakthrough.
The hot match on the 19th is a night game on Tuesday when the spectator doesn't gather easily.

"The supporter brings it alone a lot" and "Three guests every two people" campaign of three legged race not to become it are developed though about 15,000 pieces sell by the advance sale.

20,425 of the G Osaka wars to which the other party supporter also ran a lot the 26th of July, '06 is most in the attendance of the home in the past.

Only three away supporter seats sold this time and the team affiliate called for coming , saying that "18,000 people want you to come".


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前のカテゴリはjubilo iwataです。

次のカテゴリはmontedio YAMAGATAです。