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Absence ..two games afterwards...  injured leaving doing with Cashiwa on the second HasegawaIt completely joined the practice on the 14th, and supervision (48) of Shinji Kobayashi also put out the green light.

The back and forth half total makes a full appearance to Hasegawa for 20 minutes by the intrasquad game on this day in the main force class.
「It was possible to do unexpectedly though Kitsu was driven in physical fitness. It still cures it while doing though it is painful. 」For ten ..yell.. minutes. The Kobayashi supervision revealed about three complete recovery weeks more heavily than the expectation at first after it practiced sleep.. ....sprain.....

Tatsuya Furuhashi (28) who was appealing for the sense of incompatibility in the back of the Uta thigh returns for the ninth and the Niigata war.
Hasegawa also returns, and two tops per four game monte originally revive.
Two defeats are divided into one and it is sluggish.  sound the absence of two people three games hereHasegawa「In addition, there is a team to which it suffers a series of defeats, and so anxiously. (The Hiroshima war :. )I want to hold out in a point near the goal. 」The volition is.  solve


< J1: ◇ Toyota S on paragraph 12 in Nagoya 1-1 Omiya >-  -  the 16th

Nagoya managed to draw to Omiya of the subordinate position. The lost point in easiness from the lapse of judgment of the decayed and filled formation at four the first half minutes.
It suffers from the counter of Omiya afterwards, and the first half ends though there is little showing place. Leading did not become, and Omiya and win point 1 were shared though it entered the latter half at last, the flow was gripped, and it made it to the same point in the goal of FW Dabi (25) at 36 minutes.

Gong Gan Stoikovic supervision (44) is not convincing to the contents in the first half and "We were not playing in the first half. "This supervision grieved for unpalatable of cooperation ..the defense formation where the stability was lacked.. ..touch.. , saying that "Communications did not go well today". 18:32 May 16, 2009

Let's assist in the war of away by community involvement hot. ――。Public viewing (PV) is achieved in 13 all public halls of Tendoshi in the home-town of monte by the Hiroshima war that Montedio Yamagata arrives at the enemy's territory on the 16th. The planned Tendo Incorporated is enthusiastic, "I want to bring up hometown love and the connection of the region through the assistance of monte". (Takeshi Fujiki)

It was entitled, "Public hall stadium of", and the city planning committee in the chamber planned as part of a regional causing through sports. Mr. (34) Norios Ito of the chairman who conceived it watched "Tohoku darby" with Sendai last June. "It was strongly actually felt that a connection with surroundings and it was Yamagata men though soccer was seen for the first time. "It thought about the assistance project by community involvement from the experience.

- To the connection of the region
 「There is a person who feels that the hurdle is high go to the stadium also in local. It wanted to see the game first of all, and to make the occasion that everyone assists in. 」With Mr./Ms. Ito. It was felt, "Importance was not noticed ..Aruka et al... rather so that the stadium was near" and "Other regions such as Higashine have risen to the club was in Tendo".

It was thought that it was possible to come readily regardless of the young and old man and woman in case of the public hall. It is expected, "Become a chance to revive a weakening regional community" though equipment is various from the big screen of the hall to small TV screen in the Japanese-style room.

That day is a practice of assistance during ..start.. 30-game minute. In each public hall, the member in the received Kio chamber teaches the assistance call to those who come in the hand of the monte supporter. Moderate that writes lyrics also prepares 2,000 pieces.
The sports inhabitants of the prefecture song is scheduled to be chorused greatly if it wins.
Handmade 1250 handbills
The chamber is chased by the preparation now. About 1250 handmade handbills are prepared, it distributes to the elementary school and sports boy scouts, and it asks for the circular.

Mr./Ms. Ito : to the event. 「 number of spectators in the home increases more, and the region becomes energetic, too. 」The desire is put.

Kicking off on the 16th is 4:00PM. Each hall is free in opening the doors at 3:00PM. Mr./Ms. Ito et al. call the Iwata war with ND soft a stadium July 19 that becomes the latter half opening game in each hall that it watches and assists together.

Kawasaki F encloses Iwata FW Juncus effusus var.decipiens by "..Oshiku et al... bun".
In the practice on the 14th for the Iwata war (Todoroki) on the 16th, two players who queued up sideways :.
The body was made to stick like "..Oshiku et al... bun", and the competed practice was done to the bowl that had been thrown out back for about ten minutes.

Satochi physical coach「It hit on because it got off in the pitch. Strength and the body contacting on the ball side are important. It is an aim to hasten the speed at which the reaction is recovered. 」With the clarification lingua.

 The instruction of twining came out in other party FW the decayed and filled.

This supervision : a good Juncus effusus var.decipiens. 「The speed that Gtsu, stops from top speed, and goes out of there is superb. The body is not blurred. 」With the high reputation titer.
It seems to be thought that the firm stickiness is a point of the defense even if competing with the Juncus effusus var.decipiens that has the speed and power.

Decayed and filled Ito with a thick forcing forerunner : while fracturing the left hand in a day. 「It is not good when there is a fear in sticking with the other party. A good confirmation was able to be done. 」Response was said solving.

Bun O ..< lyrics > Oshiku et al... is done and it doesn't exist ..the cry.. .... Can be made the Juncus effusus var.decipiens to be cried in Todoroki?

It was announced that it would temporarily return home to Brazil. It schedules it to revisit to Japan in the beginning of June.

Maginun is injured by Newcastle (Australia) war of the Asia Champions' League held on April 22.

It was diagnosed by right knee tibial collateral ligament () wound as six complete recovery weeks.

NAGOYA Grampus formula press release
Tokyo FW Hirayama Sohta(23) changes mentally and physically, and two game of the league game of Sehats serial starting lineup is accomplished now.
Hirayama who changed into whole hair at the beginning of the week and showed the sense of crisis dared 40 staying behind shot practices or more in Tokyo and the Odaira ground on the 13th. Gentle FW is transformed to the play attitude by coming out of the voice with "The look changed" of the team mate. The practice game with U-17 (17 years old or less) representation from Japan on the same day was exempted as a main force class, and the forerunner participation in the Yokohama war became thick on the 16th.

There was Hirayama of whole appearance in the center of the shot practice that had started naturally after the team practice had ended.
The cross was put out to Tokunaga and Nagatomo's both side reservoir formations, and Hirayama repeated the header one after another by a refreshing head. The number of shots lightly exceeded 40.
An inside, big sweat of the heat that exceeded the temperature 26 degrees was patted "(In case of whole) Where of the head the ball hit was understood well" and the head that had been beautifully cut short were patted though the sink.

Hirayama surprised the team mate and the Jofuku supervision by whole sudden hair on the 12th that became a practice restart.
It silently works on training without getting on even the banter of" "Because of not cutting by play and surroundings. The transfiguration of the attitude is transmitted to another player though gentle type, and "It is fiddled and post" in the team. Japanese representative decayed and filled Nagatomo who kicked a left cross to Hirayama also : on this day. 「Might the sense of crisis. The look has changed. That approach is 'It is. '」It welcomed it.  

The practice game with the U-17 Japanese representative who had been done on the afternoon of the same day was exempted Hirayama from participation as a starting lineup class. FW : only by two people (Akamine and Hirayama) by 14 exempted field player philtrums.
The return of FW Cabore withdrawing by the left knee bruise is thick the forerunner participation of the Yokohama war because it is opaque on the 16th.
The Jofuku supervision also「(Hirayama :. )Change in some frames of mind. It receives it when determining it it is necessary to do somehow. If it extrapolates the results because anything is good, even short kinky perm :. 」With a big expectation.
The tone that Hirayama to whom the hair style and the attitude change completely seems to accomplish the transformation by the pitch greatly.

The source is Tokyo Hirayama who transforms to whole appearances.
FW Hirayama sota(23) of F Tokyo was other party FW Chima Watanabe for Yokohama M war (the 16th and Nissan S)"Disregard" on the 15th (22) that was the junior of the height of Kunimi for one year, and burnt the fighting spirit the confrontation named Japanese representative decayed and filled Yuji Nakazawa (31).

Watanabe's having been showing confront the volition : Hirayama. 「It is separately unrelated. Hitting might be also few.  ..FW..」 acquisition of membership, the confrontation with Nakazawa is a division one victory 1 one defeat (one score) in F Tokyo 06 on the way in year.
It can be said the highest for deprive of the Sehats goal now other party.

The serial defeat none in league game to start in advance.  seven warsThe victory mark at three games is gripped in the goal from the leading figure of "I want to win as a team".
For G Osaka war (Saitama) on the 14th Urawa DF Marcus Tulio Lyuji Murzani Tanaka, and the 16th「It was defeated because of appeals and trials last year. I want you to choose a good person. 」The order of the exception was applied.
It is not possible to win, and the game contents rages with three defeat division into one last year. The judgment and the yellow card of misjudgment flew around, and both armies caused the commotion of fighting disorderly last May.

Only to the attractive programme of the ability club「I do not want to drag this. I want to throw power each other each other. 」It wished.  

The source is 
Tatsuya Tanaka (26) three Asian final preliminary contest of South African World Cup games' missing it for ten years of June became definite the 15th representation from Japan FW of Urawa under rehabilitation ..the hurt of the left thigh back tendon...
The adjustment at the running center still though one month passed from the injury turnover of the Nagoya war on April 12.
Volker Finke supervision (61) denied the return at the early stage , saying that "No stage in which it was able to play a game at once".

The ace of the glass cried again because of the failure. The left thigh back tendon is hurt in the Nagoya war on April 12, and one month is a lapse. The Finke supervision of Urawa opened a heavy mouth for the first time about FW Tanaka's et al. restitution situations.
「As you see, Tatsuya is not running by the cracking pace. Only the endurance is sustained, and the superquick system doesn't practice. No level that can play a game at once. 」
The return at the early stage was clearly denied.
Another menu adjustment at the jog center still, and the red signal is lighting to the participation of three Asian final preliminary contest of the World Cup games in June. It faces it in the South African ticket win, and "Another victory" and Japan Okada that approaches start training camping on the 25th in Osaka, digest two games in the Giraffa camelopardalis cup, and face the decisive battle.
However, Tanaka's et al. failures are definite in the member announcement on the 21st.

Dark clouds drifted as the easy victory mood to the World Cup changed radically, and the failure person followed. Long-run withdrawal of keeping from decayed and filled Terada (Kawasaki) on the 13th by left round parting. The absence of inside and ace FW from whom Toshi MF Nakamura (cell tick) in the conning tower also holds the failure in the right foot introvert muscle becomes a big matter of concern.
There are a restitution situation and a means to do an additional call, too. However, the Finke supervision expressed disapproval , saying that "Neither the person in question, the club nor the representative were benefited even if it returned early and it injured again". There is a possibility of losing Sue now, too and Urawa in which it aims at three Sue yellowtail's league title accompanies the risk if overworking.

For this person in question, this day is the expert lingua as for the silence. It is inarticulate recently no matter what it is asked , saying that "Do not understand". The German World Cup owed severely injuring of the right ankle dislocation fracture at the previous year, and drank tears for 06 last years. The god of soccer keeps giving the trial with one goal in four international A match participation games this year though it was good.

The source is 
NAGATOMO YUTO(22) of Japanese representative decayed and filled Nagatomo in FC Tokyo was nominated to "Clouser" that concluded the winning formula on the 14th. In the match-practice for the Yokohama war (Nissan S) on the 16th, the secret plan reshuffled to a right side of the second row from the left side reservoir of the main vocation for the first time in Sue now was tested. Nagatomo「It is happy. The latter half if it does. Gangan lives in offense and defense. 」It spoke.  

After it practices, the Jofuku supervision :. 「It wants it later as Clouser (The ball). The player who can move at the time zone in the last stage is limited. 」With the clarification.
The amount is bad in the last stage if becoming a height match in Yokohama and the goalmouth that has Nakazawa and money.
The strategy that is sent decayed and filled Fujiyama to the second left row, and thoroughly seals off the cross supply from the both side, and avoids the height match similarly.

Nagatomo watches Wasedadaigac (4―1) of the alma mater and Meiji University on the 12th and is "Stimulation was received. "
It is known as an expert of the assistance drum, and the game of the junior is an instinctive participation participation lingua in the school days.
The skill「Caztatszumi was done for a long time. The African Triplochiton scleroxylon now. The offer was received from the supporter of Kashima in the school days. 」..unpicking.. .「Please see and give to me. Rhythmical movement. 」。
The attention at C Rosa.  Nagatomo's sea weed sea weed

The source is 
After it is defeated at Bahrain because of the third preliminary contest away, the player who embodies his soccer is mainly chosen March 26,'08 though the Okada supervision valued the player who draws Mr. Oshim's flow at first.

The..probably because a game.
Individual player's ability might be a low in the certainty comparing the member at 06 year German World Cup.
It is obedient, and not an individuality sect overall. However, I think that the percentage of completion as the team far has a team today.

The player is playing earnestly so that may understand the concept of the supervision, and may exert his play by 100% by he or she.
It doesn't depend on one person, and sensorium "My team" is terrible and strong one by one.
There is not a player who complains, and either it is terribly settled as the team.
Zba has come off this respect in Troussier, Gaco, and Oshim that I have experienced.

This team thinks of "It is ..strong.." though the won catarrhus war was good in 3-0 in the away in November, '08
It is at least stronger than the team at the German World Cup. It can speak with assurance though there is a person of "It is not interesting" who criticizes, too.
No simple sports that it is possible to win because soccer gathered 11 good players. ・・・ It becomes the supplementation with each other any more each other, and important playable in the team and Iu feelings though the talent the ability is important.
In the Okada supervision, it is good at the steer. Communications are often taken with the player, and it concentrates on the clarification Shite exerting also of the player power taking confidence Shite and the ship because it grows dark.

It is very good raising player's motivation. ・・・ It is made to do, and it has the language piled up in the player Osono nature.
It knows scary of the preliminary contest of the World Cup, and the language sounds directly in the breast because the interpreter is unnecessary. I feel strength of a team today from such a point of an environmental making and player's sensorium.

I think that I can surely go to South Africa in case of this team.
Football Association of Japan announced 24 call members of the Bahrain war of the World Cup (World Cup) Asian final preliminary contest (March 28/Saitama stadium 2002) in 2010 the 19th.

Toshi Nakamura (cell tick) and four Matsui (St. Etienne) were chosen by the foreign countries class, and Inamoto (Frankfurt an der Oder) came off. Kawaguchi (Iwata) leaked from the member though Narazaki (Nagoya) returned in GK. Moreover, Kanasaki of 20 years old (Oita) is a lingua of ..representation.. beginning.
The foreign countries class is scheduled to be done on the 24th, and to join from the first day to the training camp, too.

The Okada supervision that attends the interview「I want to think the win at home, and to handle risk and to go to take the point. It doesn't think excluding winning. 」It solved and it talked about eagerness.

World place..apply.
 It holds a play-off between 3rd place, and, in addition, it ..intercontinental playoff with the first place in Oceania district.. fights.

Former representation from Japan FW Naohiro Takahara (29) in J1 Urawa dared the shot dog race of application in the Ohara soccer place in the Saitama city on the fifth. It participates in four Sue league game games now, and Norgorl still.
The starting lineup was very removed in war (1-0), and a former ace who expressed a sense of crisis shot a shot near by 100 for about 40 minutes and appealed for existence the fourth the day before.

1 and 1. There was no room that enjoyed the season in the plateau that kicked a ball by the pitch of cherry blossoms full-bloomed.
"The shot was going to be asked and to be stricken. "
The cooling down lingua dares in the cheerfulness of spring to the forerunner class of the war very much riding on the bicycle and the plateau of participation dares a shot dog race near by 100 for about 40 minutes on the way in the latter half about the day before.
It keeps looking up at the cooperation of the Tanco coach of GK Yamagishi and representative former Ghana FW, correspondence and the situation to the dribble and the cross being changed, and a right and left foot being shaken. The Finke supervision that had returned from the cycling also sent the febris visual line.

The Sue league game and six games now in the Nabisco cup are finished and the scoreless. The stricken shot is six.
FW Edmilson enumerates two totaling goals, and Haraguchi of 17 years also gains power two to the opening game though it started in advance in a top corner.
Only the goal : the assessment of FW though the plateau contributes by a devoted defense. Time to warm the bench has increased.

The last season transfered the register because of Bun des leaguer Frankfurt an der Oder was betrayed with only six goals.
The ace who can worry is an independent tray of bringing forward in foreign countries as for year end and new year. , saying that "This shows play of plateau only this year" at fan Thanksgiving in January though confidence was shown to the rally ....
Still, it boasts of results of 57 representative totaling game &23 goal, and there is persistent "Plateau expectation theory" in Japan Okada of the decision power deficiency, too. 29 years old in whom the crucial moment was faced before cherry blossoms scatter, too is already desperate with the person Hanasaki skein way.
The policy of refraining from the FW reinforcement in the future was decided so that Urawa might promote FW Haraguchi genki(17) to big Stryker Corp. of the scale on the 26th. The official game of professional A agreement promotion condition cleared participation for 450 minutes, and did the negotiation that started placing a contract in the Saitama city of this day to Haraguchi by the Chiba war on the 25th. The nova where "Promotion" was accomplished young of the 16th month of 11 17 years old and a second eyes of J in history is raised as an ace of the team in the actual combat.

「Good situation for Haraguchi. The reinforcement of FW is not thought. 」With the club executive. 1―0 both of the score though Urawa that rises to the top by four successive victories. The decision power ..the 13th place.. deficiency of the league is incontrovertible though a lot of score machines are making from passing soccer that the Finke supervision introduced score 8... One foreigner frame is left two war serial forerunner Nakanoharu entrance in FW is not deprived of the participation occasion though the situation of ..corroborating.. Ban'ishi strong FW can be built for the transfering the register period of summer.

Representation from Japan that is grieved for decision power deficiency and is long. The decision power deficiency is common trouble in J League as for passing though the number of team that take time Shite initiativeness has increased. Finally, it is a club executive , saying that "Then, the Japanese doesn't grow up" though it often relies on an individual technique of foreigner FW. Haraguchi who has the uncommon one in the dribble and the shot is made to acquire the experience, and it wishes to grow up in the point removing shop that can resolve the situation by the power of piece of the Japan expectation.

17 years old who with ambition .."The quality of play is more important than that of money though it may be early (A promotion)" and the potash...
The club firmly maintains the way to a large ace in Japan.

Japanese representative MF Kagawa in C Osaka told the team mate. When you finish two practice on the 17th of ten Miyazaki camp Hime「It is necessary to practice severely more. The representative has the feeling tense. It is possible to grow up if it is possible to do so. 」。The cutlet was put in colleagues that there is sweetness in the play under the practice.
For foreign game of Sehats Japanese sentence Cotowaridai on the 18th and now「If I do not do severely either. When it is possible to try variously」It spoke.
The second camp of J1 Urawa starts on the 17th in Kagoshima and Ibusukishi, and Tatsuya Japanese representative FW Tanaka (26) is a participation lingua to a whole for the first time practice of this year.
The short run of a vivid goal in the shot practice on this day though another menu adjustment was continued ..relapse of the lumbar pain.. cautiously the Australia war later of the final preliminary contest of the World Cup the 11th. Volker Finke new supervision (60) also has instinctively raised the groan voice.

「Wahooo!」。Shocking goal in which it surprises it at Finke supervision. FW Tanaka et al. are suddenly charm in the Ibusuki camp first day. Shot practice of pulling out DF2 person. The middle management bullet was first shot from the distance of 20 meters, and it thrust it into right corner of the goal.
「It only lost one's strength by chance. The number was also a little, and loads were fewer than the natural practices. I want to raise it gradually. 」
The left foot was shaken from the place without the angle when a left side was dribbling continuously exceeded, and, this time, right corner of the goal and a soft track were drawn. Eulogy of "Tanaka and ..terrible.." from DF Tatacatatacaou of this family name. The art bullet continues by as much as two degrees and the surprise.
In the full menu digestion of Tanaka et al. though Urawa that started on January 12 of J the velocity, this day is the first time. It takes to the Japanese representative training camp before the new year, and it participates in three games.
The sense of incompatibility was appealed to the waist between those, and after Australia the war on the 11th, another menu adjustment was continued.
Two of these days is a business card taking the place of the Finke supervision belatedly. The language is already unnecessary.

Tanaka et al. lead a plateau, Edmilson, FW formation and powerful and Haraguchi et al..., and corners top two with results and two art bullets in Japan Okada the camp now though it fights. It is at a position that is the nearest the starting lineup of the J1 opening game (Vs Kashima and away) on March 7. Passing soccer out which the new supervision hangs is only understood.
"A pitch and a young player want to take communications, and to pass a remark also in places other than soccer each other. "

The 18th is P'ohang Steelers of South Korea K league and a practice game. The ace returns, and the team starts in full scale aiming at J beginning.

The source is 
Sendai 2-2 Tokushima  10242 Miyagi S people Akira Toshi 0-1 Haneji (3 minutes first)  1-1 Marcelo Thor loess (16 minutes first) The flat in ⇔ Sendai is injury turnover (21 minutes first)  2-1 Isami (41 minutes first) Akiradai 2-2 Sato. (15 minutes in back)

Sapporo 3-0 Gifu  10371 Sapporo Do people Hiroyuki 1-0 Nishijima (28 minutes first)  2-0 Okamoto wisdom (0 minutes in the back) 3-0 Kamisato Kazumasa. (20 minutes in back)

Tochigi-Kumamoto Tochigi G 13:00 Okayama-Ehime Okayama 13:00 Tosu-Yokohama FC Beasta 13:00 Kofu-Mt. Tomisan Ose 14:00 Tokyo V-Fukuoka taste Sta 16:00 Shonan-Kusatsu Hiratsuka 16:00 C Osaka-Mito Staying long 16:00

Yahoo J2 game preliminary report: Http:// J 'S GOAL J2 order table: Http:// J' s GOAL preview & comment: Http://

SKY PerfecTV!:Http://!e2:
The Gao Hombo supervision of a Chinese representative of just the assumption recently
The target was perceived that there was a difficult way in the presence on the 15th though set the target to 2014FIFA World Cup this rally participation.

Gao who had become a Chinese national team coach of the seventh person after 2000 said to reporters, "The end goal of my team is tried to this rally by participation in 2014 World Cups to be getatable".

"The duty and the responsibility made up to the one we representative team are special, it has the ability, and with hope are taken though China soccer is languishing now. "

Motoyohyou Stryker Corp. of just the assumption in the first ten days of this month is scheduled to face first challenge of Gao of 43 years in the preliminary contest of 2011automatic frequency control Asian cup rally.

Gao pulled the team that disappeared from the preliminary contest of the World Cup South African rally early and became severe, Serb person's Vlady Mir Petorovitti's successor.

Though power was shown off as a sports power in Beijing Olympics
The soccer China representative has not been recognized only the current advancement in 2002 to the World Cup this rally one time in the world stage yet.

China, Iceland, and Sierra Leone in 97th place are narrowing in the FIFA rank now.
Gao obtains the occasion that checks the player with the friendly game done to representative Germany and representative Saudi Arabia and All-Iran team in the vicinity.
The stadium bumper movement was started to the ACL P'ohang war that Kawasaki F offered the 1st place breakthrough.
The hot match on the 19th is a night game on Tuesday when the spectator doesn't gather easily.

"The supporter brings it alone a lot" and "Three guests every two people" campaign of three legged race not to become it are developed though about 15,000 pieces sell by the advance sale.

20,425 of the G Osaka wars to which the other party supporter also ran a lot the 26th of July, '06 is most in the attendance of the home in the past.

Only three away supporter seats sold this time and the team affiliate called for coming , saying that "18,000 people want you to come".
In a new influenza to which a domestic infection is affirmed in Kansai, the Finke supervision of Urawa is calm and collected manner.

Nabisco..cup..very..war..concretio..airplane..move..inhibition of infection..Japanese..careful..know..specialist..comment..especially..countermeasure..lecture.

I felt temperature gradient with the home country , saying that "The topic has not come out especially in Germany though the Internet was seen".
Tami full bringing Dipterocarpus tuberculatus full countermeasure and the face mask are prepared for the Beijing expedition.

NAGOYA Grampus takes the influenza countermeasure of thorough aiming at the Asia Champions' League and the Beijing war (Beijing) on the 20th and it goes on an expedition. Full Tami and the face mask for the entire staff are prepared by 18 enrollment players.
The Fukushima director executive director serves to prevention , saying that "Specially, do within the range that can be done though it is not nervous".

Grampus has already decided the second-round berth by the league head position of the 1 primary, and the digestion plays a game with Beijing where the defeat is decided. Only most main forces are not kept to the expedition, and the expedition period is a lingua of the cutback.

South Korea in the rally now is an amendment to the Beijing entering before it plays a game on the day on the 19th in the Australia expedition in two game Hikuma this time though a local entering, the formula practice the day before, and it was a flow of game. Because a prior site investigation, and the player the bad environment like the air pollution etc. have the hazard that influences harmfully, it will ..league Final Race of 1 primary.. fight by the tour on the third two night stay.

The ACL Beijing Kuniyasu war on the 20th of Nagoya is a young man center.

Nagoya practiced about 1 hour and 30 minutes in Toyotashi of Aichi in preparation for the league Beijing Kuniyasu war of Asia Champions' League (ACL) 1 primary (Beijing on the 20th) on the 18th.

Nagoya has already decided the league breakthrough of the 1 primary in 1st place, and the defeat has been fixed to other party's Beijing Kuniyasu.
Expectation of becoming digestive game, and facing China expedition on the 19th one war by away on the 20th by organizing young man center.
Gong Gan Stoikovic supervision (44) to have had an interview after it had practiced was declared to be "The young man is taken".

All members are scheduled to take it to six Sue acquisition of membership lingua rookie people now. Decayed and filled Takeuchi (25) of the main force class that participates in in such and 31 last season league games is thick as the leader case for China. A hot decayed and filled to which great expectations hang : as a organizer of the team. 「It is necessary to win because it plays a game. It is not significant, and not a digestive game if it doesn't win. 」
The yell is.  solve
The Okada supervision to which the war of J2 was inspected as deeply sat on VIP seat, and thrown one's head back bent forward at the moment. It thrust lacking between the decayed and filled formations of the Kagawa edge water door by force when the stone god of C Osaka put the low cross from a left side for 42 the latter half minutes and separately, and it pushed it into the goal by the right foot.
It slipped out with PK at 37 the first half minutes on the back side of the decayed and filled line at 32 the latter half minutes, and Kagawa where the left foot shot had been decided ..professional.. entered and decided the first hat trick. 「You bet it is, and it aimed. It is obediently glad. 」The voice is the bullet precocious Kagawa.

Kagawa was praised by a short language and "Goodness had gone out in the latter half" Okada supervision was filled.
Four.  two wars in "Presence game" of Sue and representative commander now together with Sapporo war (April 19)It appealed hard aiming at the Giraffa camelopardalis cup (the 31st the 27th) and the member announcement of three continuous fights of an Asian final preliminary contest of the World Cup (the 21st) in June.

Kagawa stood in the J2 score rank head position with Sue 10 score eyes at the same time as bringing teamed the victory that queued up with Shonan and win point 35 of the head position now. 「Because the sensorium to the goal has risen, the judgment is fast. There were feelings in it before the supervision of Okada. Please give my best regards to the Okada supervision the player in C Osaka. ..saying..」Mr. (37) C Osaka Ambassador Hiroaki Morishima in the limit of last year who retired spoke with a smile.

Sue and uniform number 8 were inherited from Mr./Ms. Morishima who sank a shot by the Tunisia war of the Japan-Korea co-sponsoring World Cup for 64 international A match game 12 goals and 02 years now by a brave, resolute shooting out from the 1.5th row. Goals of the 3 on eyes on this day were play to make the assumption of "Mr. Cerezo" exactly vivid. The score power improves to C Osaka and the representation from Japan drastic when "There is even a representative who has made my play" Kagawa reaches "Morishi level".

The source is 
Kobeshi that shakes by a new influenza practices (J1) Kobe of one J League in the hometown in the Kobeshi internal ground on the 18th.

Captain Tsuneyasu Miyamoto said "Because there was a person who was the layoff, too it was able to know Kobe won by the newspaper and news and it to be energetic" and eagerness.

Players threw the sweat with a smile though the alternating current with the fan like the signature etc. had been discontinued and the visitor was sparse.

The turnover of Miyamoto on the way.  feel odd in the left introvert muscle by the Niigata war on the 17th
Though the Kyoto war of the Nabisco cup the 20th is an absence schedule
「It is tomorrow that the inspection result goes out. It is not bad as next day's state. 」It was positive aiming at the return at the early stage.  solved
J1Gamba Osaka where the league head position passage of the 1 primary has been decided with ACL is faced to the FC Seoul war (Expo) on the 20th in the keeping from class. There is an accumulation alert countermeasure carried over to the final tournament, too and Japanese representative MF Hashimoto et al. are kept.

The Nishino supervision is a clarification lingua , saying that "The young man is and there is a grapple ..something.., and is a player who receives stimulation in a stage different from always, too" as for the intention. (Expo)
Nagoya practiced about one hour in Toyotashi of Aichi in preparation for the Omiya war (Toyota S on the 16th) on the 15th.

The tie of 2-2 finally : the propodus Kobe war (Homusta on the tenth) in an odd contents. The overburdened schedule from the gold week has completed the first stage, and a strategy and a technological practice have been piled up deliberately for about one week afterwards.

Gong ..Gan.. Stoikovic supervision (44) excluded confidence , saying that "It was possible ..steady.. to prepare it by putting in for the game with Omiya".

The reporter who received the birthday of this day leaves, and has improved the comment that "Tanjoubi and Omedetougozaimas" and smiles are ..showing.. chic when it is heard from others that it is , saying that "It will present win point 3 tomorrow" in ..this supervision.. reporters. 16:52 May 15, 2009


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Ikemen MF Suganuma of the oak declared the goal of the birthday of the series of defeats proptosis with (oak on the 16th) on the 14th.

Event "Ikemen voting finals" ..match day.. is held. 1st place (145 votes) is won from about 1000 votings by a prior primary meeting, and 2nd straight victory following last year is exact. That day is a birthday of 24 years old.

To Kashima decayed and filled Uchida who does the match improvement「He is Ikemen, and the speed is a Japanese toplevel. However, it is absolute goal decision Masuyo in the birthday. 」It solved and the challenge was thrown.
Masukawa and two remainder wars at disruption period that one's best throw and is sworn

There was putting in the back of a left thigh, and Tacashihiroshi decayed and filled Masukawa (29) of NAGOYA Grampus that coordinated it by another menu returned to a whole in Toyota sportscenter in aichi prefecture Toyotashi practice on the 14th on the 13th.
Masukawa who spoke, "Tiredness was able to be taken, and the body lightened" swore also for the overburdened schedule to complete the first stage, and to throw one's best to the league game that had become two another games until the disruption period.

Energetic Masukawa returned to a whole practice to refrain from the Omiya war (Toyota S on the 16th) in two Higo. When putting is told to be on the back side of a left thigh before the practice on the 13th, the Stoikovic supervision is an instruction lingua in immediate as for another menu adjustment.

Masukawa「You may take a rest yesterday though I wanted to move by a whole practice. The body lightened. 」
It solved and the smile was shown. It makes a full appearance from beginning to denary league game all games, and the team has been supported as a center of the decayed and filled formation.
In the overburdened schedule to which ACL came in succession, too and the goodness of the physical condition was able to be actually felt by having taken a rest as the weariness had collected during inconsiderate, too.

Results are left with J2, and "It is troublesome when putting it" and the fear lingua of Shincairi lingua Ishihara and Fujita's FW2 people from the set play fighting (NACK) Omiya on April 2 last year for Masukawa though it is an other party with good effect that decides the goal. However,「I have not thought it is weak to the speed by myself though it is thought the slow because it is big. It is safe if making to fast and dealing with the switch of offense and defense. 」Confidence was shown to top highspeed 2 sealing off.

The league game became it until entering the disruption period ..only leaving the Omiya war and the Iwata war (Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. on the 24th)...
「The team also is good the condition, and gets on there also by me. I want to face the disruption pleasantly in this vein. 」。
Masukawa who restored one's spirits by the rest runs fast in the game without the layup only the first of the practice.

From space on the CHUNICHI Web 2009 May 15, year


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Three remainder games of an Asian final preliminary contest of 2010 South Africa FIFA World Cup rally concentrate in June and are done (Australia fight away away at home on the catarrhus war and 17 on the Uzbekistan war and ten on the sixth).

The worry about the representation from Japan and the supervision of Takeshi Okada is deep aiming at the June that becomes the last match.
It is because the condition of a center player of FW is not satisfactory.

The front of the representation from Japan played with 4-2-3-1 or 4-2-2-2 systems
The left leaves Shunsuke Nakamura of MF (cell tick) right, and is Daisuke MF Matsui (St. Etienne) it or Tamotsu FW Ohisa Yoshihito (Wolfsburg).

And, shape named Keiji FW Tamada (Nagoya) and Tatsuya FW Tanaka (Urawa) was almost fixed to the center in a current Asian final preliminary contest that had started last September.

However, fear that the game is not faced from three people (Tamotsu Ohisa, Tamada, and Tanaka) by this average in the state of thorough has come out.

Tanaka et al. and Tamada are injured all together on April 12.

Tanaka who became "Ace" case by faithful that often practices the concept "Defense from the front" of the decision power and the Okada supervision shown by a sharp breakthrough by the front and the catarrhus war (away) in November last year from whom et al. hurt a left thigh in the Nagoya war of J League paragraph 5 done on April 12, and are not participating in the game thereafter.

Though it joins the practice of the team
The Finke supervision might be careful, and it still comes off from the member of the game.

Tamada who occupied the center of FW with Tanaka et al. in the same game that Tanaka et al. had hurt its left foot was made to do the turnover through necessity at the half-time, too.

It is ..four J League game thereafter.. absent due to distortion of the right ankle.
The turnover participates in automatic frequency control Champions League (ACL) on May 6.
It was not possible to score though it participated in the Kobe war on May 10 by the forerunner after an interval of about one month and it played until 36 the latter half minutes.

- Tamotsu Ohisa worries about the condition without the participation occasion.

It secretly hides oneself, and Tamotsu Ohisa who transfered the register to Germany Bun des leaguer's Wolfsburg at the beginning of this year because of Kobe has little turn about FW Grafite (Brazil) by which the Bun des leaguer performs the top scorer duel in the same team and FW Jeco (Bosnia and Herzegovina) recently though the start was good.

The position named FW takes part in the game and is the one to raise the condition by shooting the shot, and enumerating the score as for a severe mark. It is difficult for the game feeling to become duller, and to keep conditioning if the participation occasion decreases. Does it return to the representation from Japan, how much is the state raised, and the anxiety remains. 

FW Michael Owen

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The rumor that FW Michael Owen who belonged to Newcastle retired because of the limit at this season was refused.

The intention Hanai way of the Owen win to the Benites supervision though whether this player from whom the agreement with the club became a termination at this season thought about the return to the Riva pool was said.

Then, his management group has put out the following statements though a retirement report this time when it seems that it surfaced.

"The report that Michael Owen leaves from football is quite groundless, and article on a complete lie. "「Michael concentrates on own career up to now, and feels irked as a professional. Michael is a posture that consults with the attorney tonight (Thursday), and institutes an action to the article that gives the reputation adverse effects as his professional. 」


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 FW bug flannel love of PFC CSKA Moscow seems to end and ..consequence of 2nd place.. to end Ibitsa Oritti of 1st place and Hamblgar SV.

Ranking epistatic
The top scorer at the UEFA cup end is love to have enumerated 11 goals and an almost decision.
Oritti of nine goals is sure to defend the seat in 2nd place.

Because two team that have turned from UEFA champions league and the group league are advancing to the final in the rally now, a lot of players of the team that has already been defeated are included in the score ranking epistatic.

Only, it was not possible to participate in the final because of the accumulation alert though Geego of Beldar Bremen was applied to 4th place Thailand in six goals (One goal also in UEFA champions league).

I want to expect even here of Claudio Pissarro in five goals (Two goals also in UEFA champions league) in Bremen.
On the other hand, Judson and Felnanganyo to contribute to the final advancement of FC Shaftarl Donetsc both record three goals in the rally now.

Cup score ranking of 2008-09 seasons UEFA

11 Bug flannel love (PFC CSKA Moscow) nine Ibitsa Oritti (Hamblgar SV) eight fa biot Cariarerra (Udinese Calcho) six Mario Gomez VfB (Stuttgart) six Lewes Agial ( SC Braga) six Albert Meyon ( SC Braga) 6 Geego(Beldar Bremen)


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After all, it was only Dutch fan Malwaic to appoint Ono to vrante in the club team, and to make the talent exerted by the pitch without reserve.
And, it shows specificity at the position "Central MF" that Ono sticks to.

Ono who owed the severely ill is working hard at rehabilitation on ground in Japan now. The agreement with Bochum : until the summer of next year.
He has decided the resolution to fight by the Bun des leaguer at the next season. And, it thinks so.
When there is still his way of life. However, he is duly assessed for that, and the commander who constructs the system that makes the best use of him is necessary.
And, Ono should improve the existence value because of perceiving of the commander.

It worries about neither painful rehabilitation nor the unfamiliar environment. The smile is floated, played at the pitch, and it plays with the loved soccer ball.
However, the internal surface shakes intensely now. Where does he try to head really?

"Play soccer to enjoy it. "

The alive externals go in apart from others.

Urawa-G Osaka war

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Live coverage in NHK of Urawa-G Osaka war (Saitama stadium) that had been scheduled on the 16th was changed secondarily from the synthesis in the satellite (1.30- in the afternoon). It is because broadcasting the relay of the representative election of the Democratic Party done on the same day was in haste decided, and the recording broadcasting is done in the synthesis at 1:40AM.

Orange card

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Movement of taking the rule of other sports to soccer like two chief umpire Sei and the video referee system, etc. has gone out.

Having been especially paid attention is "Orange card. " though the international soccer council that revised competition rules became a conference Shite topic by the annual meeting in February.

This "Orange card" is intermedius of the yellow card (alert) and the red card (leave) in the color of orange as understood somehow.

The one of temporarily making player who did foul from which it is judged that less than leaving more than alert in a word leaving disposal.
The leaving system : temporarily in the rule that has been introduced in Rugby, hockey, the ice hockey, and water polo, etc.

It temporarily becomes leaving disposal from bifid in the ice hockey at five minutes or more in hockey of ..Rugby.. ten minutes about ten minutes.
However, why has the talk come out from the orange card however though this introduction was put off?

There is an idea of first making soccer a fairer game there.
For instance, the number of fouls every year increases in the Serie A of Italy, and when it increases by about as much as 10% compared with the first half, the number of fouls in the latter half of Sue now is Iu.

Therefore, it is especially positive, and the test introduction is a under discussion in the Italy soccer association to the introduction.
Correna former appeals and trials in this country that blew the whistle of the Japan-Korea World Cup final in 2002 also : , saying that "There is sometimes a scene of sweetness in yellow though red is too severe".

It agrees with the introduction. Moreover, the score scene increases because the leaving player goes out temporarily.
It is said that there is an aim that plays a game being interested, too. Actually, in Rugby in which the leaving system is located temporarily to make it to a fun game seeing

The rule is always revised at the next fiscal year of the World Cup.
The rule is not originally perfect. Moreover, there is an error margin by the appeals and trials though appeals and trials are absolute existence.

The rule of soccer might have to be changed as Major League introduces the video judgment of the home run, and the quality of the game was changed by the new grading method with a technological point with a detailed figure skating from which the order had been controlled with judge's impression before etc. in the age.
It might be a rashness to assume that soccer of Italy subsided by this even though only the epistatic advancement in Europe CL was missed. The competitiveness is in a still high level, and may be said by you that it will hold fast to the position of 3 Europe or more as usual as potential.

The problem is a spectator mobilization.

Playing in the stadium in Italy before the age was a lot of dreams for the soccer player.
The existence of Calcho that the level is high (soccer) and passionate Tiforge (soccer fan) called in the star players all over the world.

It is why.

There is one's being said due to the fixed race event that occurred before a German rally of the World Cup. There is an opinion of the fan of the considerable amount parting from soccer in that case, and not coming back still. However, the spectator mobilization of Serie A has dropped even to the level not put in order only by it. It is pulled out by attendance even by the England championship that hits the inferior part of the vestibular ganglion league to say nothing of Premier League finally.

Is inferior part of the vestibular ganglion league in England or the Bun des leaguer in Germany providing soccer of a level that is higher than Serie A?Therefore, is the fan done to bury the stadium and to attach?


Why do people visit the stadium?Do you go out purposely spending time and money so that the television may watch why?Then, are not you to enjoy the excitement that can be tasted only in the stadium?

In the stadium where championship is held, all are football exclusive use places. As for the Bun des leaguer, the rate of the exclusive use place rose far compared with before.
Italy : please in the on reflection. Of course, there is a wonderful exclusive use stadium like Sanshero, too. However, it is also true that the rate of the athletic field is considerably high compared with another country, and the Orin pico of Rome where a next Europe CL final is held is a athletic field.

Deficiency of stadium power.
I think that it is a cause of the spectator mobilization setback of Serie A.

Then, Japan : please.

You may say to Italy for Japan in case of being because the stadium power is insufficient that they are fatally insufficient.
Hiroshima Carp had a new stadium. Soccer might be not able to have a new stadium as long as there is no event like the Olympics and the World Cup, etc. why.

Though the absence of an attractive stadium might become fatal for Japan soccer.
 the player who embodies his soccer is mainly chosen March 26,'08 though the Okada supervision valued the player who draws Mr. Oshim's flow at first.

The..probably because a game.
Individual player's ability might be a low in the certainty comparing the member at 06 year German World Cup.
It is obedient, and not an individuality sect overall. However, I think that the percentage of completion as the team far has a team today.

The player is playing earnestly so that may understand the concept of the supervision, and may exert his play by 100% by he or she.
It doesn't depend on one person, and sensorium "My team" is terrible and strong one by one.
There is not a player who complains, and either it is terribly settled as the team.
Zba has come off this respect in Troussier, Gaco, and Oshim that I have experienced.

This team thinks of "It is ..strong.." though the won catarrhus war was good in 3-0 in the away in November, '08
It is at least stronger than the team at the German World Cup. It can speak with assurance though there is a person of "It is not interesting" who criticizes, too.
No simple sports that it is possible to win because soccer gathered 11 good players. ・・・ It becomes the supplementation with each other any more each other, and important playable in the team and Iu feelings though the talent the ability is important.
In the Okada supervision, it is good at the steer. Communications are often taken with the player, and it concentrates on the clarification Shite exerting also of the player power taking confidence Shite and the ship because it grows dark.

It is very good raising player's motivation. ・・・ It is made to do, and it has the language piled up in the player Osono nature.
It knows scary of the preliminary contest of the World Cup, and the language sounds directly in the breast because the interpreter is unnecessary. I feel strength of a team today from such a point of an environmental making and player's sensorium.

I think that I can surely go to South Africa in case of this team.


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