In the enemy's territory the 16th, it became three games in the done Hiroshima war ..doing the forerunner return.. ..the expectation.

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Absence ..two games afterwards...  injured leaving doing with Cashiwa on the second HasegawaIt completely joined the practice on the 14th, and supervision (48) of Shinji Kobayashi also put out the green light.

The back and forth half total makes a full appearance to Hasegawa for 20 minutes by the intrasquad game on this day in the main force class.
「It was possible to do unexpectedly though Kitsu was driven in physical fitness. It still cures it while doing though it is painful. 」For ten ..yell.. minutes. The Kobayashi supervision revealed about three complete recovery weeks more heavily than the expectation at first after it practiced sleep.. ....sprain.....

Tatsuya Furuhashi (28) who was appealing for the sense of incompatibility in the back of the Uta thigh returns for the ninth and the Niigata war.
Hasegawa also returns, and two tops per four game monte originally revive.
Two defeats are divided into one and it is sluggish.  sound the absence of two people three games hereHasegawa「In addition, there is a team to which it suffers a series of defeats, and so anxiously. (The Hiroshima war :. )I want to hold out in a point near the goal. 」The volition is.  solve






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