Endo and Emboma.. sports in Gamba Osaka selected best eleven.

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J1team Gamba Osaka announced the best eleven of successive in commemoration of the 20th club creation anniversary on the second. 
It is chosen in the fan balloting, and it is active player of the active service in the team of Sue now of seven of 11. Three people placed the name in a line to the foreign player. 

The member is as follows. 

- FW Emboma and Araujo

- MF Yasuhito Endo, Tomokazu Myojin, Futagawa Tacahirosh, and Hidero Hashimoto

-DF Satoru  Yamaguchi, Ryo Kaji, Tsuneyasu Miyamoto, and Sidiclei de Souza

- GK Fujigaya Yosuke 


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