FC Gelsenkirchen-Schalke 04 e.V.3-1 Stuttgart uchida and Okazaki

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FC Gelsenkirchen-Schalke 04 e.V.3-1 Stuttgart
1-0 Joel Matip(three first half minutes)
- First half..Benedict..injury..turnover..fractured zygoma..withdrawal..Papadopoulos..latter half..Draksler..latter half..Okazaki..Shinshi..latter half.

Playing a game about paragraph 18 on a local time the 21st six was done to the Germany Bun des leaguer, and 3rd place Schalke by which Atsuhito Uchida belonged won a sweeping victory to 8th place Stuttgart where Okazaki Shinshi and the Sakai eminent virtue belonged by 3:1, and queued up with head position Bayern and win point 37.
Restitution lingua Okazaki stood in the pitch for 62 minutes, and enumerated one goal from the injury owed while training camping. Reuter is reporting.

Matip succeeds in the preemptive attack the start driving it in as for Schalke to receive Stuttgart in the home by the hit dawning winter first match at the end because of Changsu of CK at three minutes.
Papadopouros seizes CK at 57 minutes and the second pushing point in the head is seized.
Draksler shakes the net and the decision puts the game for 80 minutes in addition at this ..times small feeling Yoi passing cervine.. in one-touch ends.

The sunday punch is so much though Stuttgart where it wanted to repay the tactical victory pushes driving back the shot of a high null for 87 minutes to the post by Okazaki, and enumerated the goal eyes of oneself of this season 4.
Schalke of which it wins a sweeping victory queues up with head position Bayern and the win point, and has surfaced to the second tentative place in the winning margin.
Uchida accomplishes the full appearance, and Sakai of Shincairi is managing to enter the bench.

Havedes captain Schalke, the fractured zygoma, and http://headlines.yahoo.co.jp/hl? to withdrawal by two weeks. a=20120122-00000021-ism-socc

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