FW Kagawa Shinji/Dortmundの最近のブログ記事

Apparently, Kagawa Shinji seems to leave Dortmund. It can be said it is thick when the flow to here is seen though the conclusion has not been understood yet.

If a new challenge to You may depend on it is done, the risk is the attached one. A lot of examples have been fatally seen in making the turning point an extension one year ahead and the calositas if it turns around later ....turning.. privily...

However, the timing very regretted on the other hand. Dortmund was exactly a team like the mutual infatuation for Kagawa. It stuffed with suitable, and there was consistently Kagawa in the center of the style that continued a speedy deployment centering on the shot passing between each other.

Kagawa changed the play style in C Osaka age, and the role to apply acceleration to the attack of the team was performed though Dortmund won an ideal player.

Kagawa that had been accented in the dribble in the J League age drew out the ball when the position was moved to the center, developed efficiently by the unerring judgment, and, in addition, developed an Iu new stage in close relation to the goal.

Bayern reached the finals in a European Champions' League at this season. However, Dortmund suppresses the Bayern, and attains the Bun des leaguer's successive victories.

Moreover, the coming season wins Maruko Lois who is marketing from Bolu shear Menhengrardobahha, and is expected as for the recovery of Mario Gettse.


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